Heir Vote

Time is here, yet again! The poll is at the bottom! Go, go, go! : D

Kyrie Fangs

Kyrie Fangs

The slightly “eccentric” one and the eldest. She marches to the beat of her own drum, and if you try to change that, she becomes a one woman drum line to plow you down. Loves children and wants to have them, but hates the idea of losing her freedom and being a mother. She envisions herself as more of a sisterly friend than a stern, over-bearing, hovering mother type. A happy go lucky type of girl, until something gets in her way.

Xana Fangs

Xana Fangs

An intense daydreamer. She often zones out, often confuses reality with reality. Terrible at responsibility, she either leaves things to crumble into dust or let someone else pick up her slack. She often gets an idea into her head, no matter how outrageous, and works towards it. That’s the only time she ever has a hint of motivation.

Shansa Fangs

Shansa Fangs

Only thinks about those she likes. She cries when she sees little old monsters eating alone somewhere. She’ll gladly take a bullet for those she cares for. For those she dislikes, she’ll gladly hit them with a car, then set them on fire, and then send them into the vacuum of space. She has a hidden selfish side, when she really wants something and feels she couldn’t be happy otherwise, she goes for it until the steam driving her wears down and she thinks about the people involved.


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