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Image“She’s taking too long!”

“Yea. She’s a blabber mouth Kaela.”

Boo! Anyways, those red-heads are Kaela and Birgitta Lennox. Cousins. They can be found under my Islander tab on my simblr. Kaela’s also for download here : D

Here’s some images of her in CAS and in game.ImageImage

Enjoy your new red-head cutie pie : D


End of a Dream

The laptop could not be saved. The chips, motherboard, all of it was too far gone and the laptop was “too old” to be bothered with in my opinion. The Fangs thank you for having followed them, loved them, hated them and watched them grow.

I will continue of course but without images. The last 3 gens had been planned out in my head long before Linger’s own creation. This will be incredibly long, but only because there was so much to see before it was over.

Mammon Fangs (Gen 7). Mammon would cheat on Mencil once she was again reunited with Harnish. Her two daughters from Mencil, would find out that Mommy’s friend was to become their new daddy. Enraged, torn and hating their mother, they begged their father to take them with him, they didn’t want to live with Mommy anymore. Mammon, enraged as usual when anyone tried to defy her, would force her two children into their room and deadbolt the door, it could only be locked from the outside. She’d force Mencil to sign away his rights, she’d burn the history, and make it appear in records that she was never married to Mencil and that Mencil was never a father. She’d have 1 child with Harnish, and deeming that child as the “true heir” because she came from the man she loved, Shansa would become a princess in status almost. Mammon would treat her children equally, but keep an overly watchful eye on her previous children. The moment they set foot in the house, they were deadbolt locked in their rooms and essentially trained to be “servants” and “protectors” for Shansa. Mammon would eventually drift from Harnish. She’d have no time for him, she’d ignore him and didn’t even notice when he began sleeping in another room.

Shansa Fangs (Gen 8). Having grown up thinking her mother was the ultimate woman, perfect in every way, it nearly killed her to learn she was the product of something that caused her beloved sisters a ton of pain. She refused to believe them, but having found a picture of Mencil and Mammon the girls managed to save from their mother, she learned her mother wasn’t as perfect as she’d thought. Sheltered in the love of her two older sisters, Shansa learned what Mammon couldn’t truly teach her, kindness and selflessness. On her older sister’s 16 birthday, she found them sobbing about how their father was missing such a moment in their lives. Shansa, wishing to help, found her father Harnish and convinced him he had a duty as a fellow dad to see to it that her sister’s had Mencil again. Harnish had loved all of the girls equally, but seeing the heartbreak his own daughter felt, he tracked Mencil down and snuck him into the house. Shansa felt proud but went into shock when Mammon burst into the reunion and threw both Mencil and Harnish out. Now no one had a dad, and Shansa blamed herself. She saw her heartfelt act, as a type of treason that the upcoming leader shouldn’t do, and Shansa began to find out she too could be selfish. The day after the event, Shansa discovered her two older sister’s missing. She found a note, “I love you, thank you Sha” and smiled, that her older sisters had run away to a paradise Shansa wished she could go to. Now alone with only her mother, Shansa began to resent Mammon. She had no father, no sister and no control in her life. One day she met an “odd, out casted yet popular guy”, Hucksin (This was going to be a mosterfied Mortimer Goth). Hucksin noted she stared at him a lot, and that it creeped him out. Embarrassed and put on the spot, she blurts it’s because he’s so ugly. Irate over such an outburst, he retorts that her nose is too big for her tiny face full of stupid.The two have a play fight relationship for awhile until they grow into friends, then more. Mammon, find out and is enraged because she was going to reveal how she’d paired Shansa up with a man of a proper status for an heiress. The biggest catch, the man was 50 while Shansa was only 17. Enraged at her mother, SHansa hits her breaking point and the two have a large falling out. Feeling trapped and pushed to the edge, Shansa climbs to the roof and threatens to take her own life if Mammon didn’t sign her rights as heiress over that very moment. Mammon, dismayed and out of options, does so and Shansa becomes heiress. Worried she may never again reunite with Hucksin after her mother chased him away, Shansa becomes and actress. She hopes that her face all over the media will attract him to her again. It helps attract her sisters and father again, and Shansa feels complete once more. In a turn of events, Shansa winds up in an acting part as Bella Goth in “Dawn” with an actor who looks very much like Hucksin as Mortimer Goth. She learns he is indeed Hucksin and had the same idea as her in going into acting to use the media to find her. He soon reveals in his dismay at everything, he ended up with a daughter. Shansa takes to the girl as if she were her own, having seen her own father be a wonderful step-dad to her sisters, she was confident and loving. Shansa married Hucksin and has two boys with him.

Yult Fangs (Gen 9). With two major acting parents, the heir to a legacy, and a buttloa dof money, you’d think Yult would the more like the Hollywood children on TV. But Yult was not. He was attractive, funny when he felt like it, but he was very disconnected. Yult saw beauty but he didn’t feel it. He had a life, but he didn’t live it. Yult felt he was just drifting, with no place or purpose to go to, just sort of useless. He had no motivation, didn’t see the point of anything, but Yult could fake a smile and vitality like a pro. One day Yult was sitting on a bench before school, but he never got up. He remained there from 7 am to 10:45 pm, staring at the ocean. Yult decided he’d just end his life in the water, he felt no reason to live, he had no reason in his eyes. He was busy stripping down to nothing and was walking towards the water when a pale figure in black and red scared him. Yult realized, he felt fear. He thought he was going to die, and even though he was just about to do so, he realized he wanted to live. He wanted to know why he felt so disconnected, he wanted to know how to live and was relieved that the figure frightened him to make him see this. The figure turns out to be Siohan. She was a creepy girl that everyone avoided. Her skin was white as moonlight, her eyes were black as tar, her hair covered most of her face and had a red sheen to it. She always wore red and black. She always had on dark eyeliner and gold eyeshadow, and black and red lipstick. She liked to speak to nothing, liked to draw on walls and desks, and often shared vast knowledge on topics no one cared about, like the history of playing cards. She was taking a stroll on the beach, counting the stars when she scared Yult. Yult, quickly puts his pants back on and thanks her for saving him. Siohan takes note about how he feels lost and meaningless and assures him everything has a reason, even if that only reason is to disappear. Yult asks how she lives, how she does so many things people find pointless and things without reason but yet she’s content. Siohan shrugs, saying she takes solace in that there is a reason for her to do it, to make people wonder, to get them thinking and make them aware of their own actions. Yult is curious about Siohan and this strange outlook on life, and begins to follow her after school. Eventually he annoys Siohan, causing her to lash out at his sudden clinginess and demand he find his own life to leech from. Shocked, because she’s never displayed such an emotion or acted like that in a long time, she reciprocates the interest Yult has in her. She wants to know how he managed to make her feel like that. The two explore who they are and who the other is, together and eventually find themselves agreeing they’ve a deep bond and deep connection, yet with no reason they can find. Yult finally becomes comfortable and feels a drive, to continue to explore life with Siohan. They both love not knowing the reason, and while they don’t actively seek out the answer, they hope they can find out one day. The two marry and have one daughter.

Ranstamel Fangs (Gen 10). Ranstamel, Ran for short, was a spritely girl with a vast hunger for learning. She learned to love learning from her parents and also to be open to everything and anything so long as she was comfortable. Ranstamel had many friends, dated and felt happy most of the time. She soon grew jealous that her friends could have drama, while Ranstamel could only find good points in any fight she had and was excited to learn about things in her scuffs. Sitting herself down every day to lament on her jealousy and find the root of it, she discovered she wasn’t jealous of the situation, she was jealous because the problems always involved boys. Ranstamel became alarmed at her sitatuation and began to write it down to make sense of it all, carrying the book of notes with her wherever she went, even if it was to the girl’s bathroom. Ran soon learns from her self notes, that she is a lesbian. She never really connected with her previous boyfriends beyond a friendship, and was jealous that her friends had guy problems. She wished she could cause such a stir of emotions in girls as strongly as guys could. She found some of her friends attractive, she realized she had crushes on some. Terrified at not having known this, and that she had to unlock many doors in her brain to figure it out, Ran cries in a corner leaving her book unattended. Some guys find it, and comfort her. They insist that girls are a huge trouble. Where guys will apologize, and forgive and mostly forget, girls will never forget and will at most times hold a grudge. Having only ever been a girlfriend, Ran learned about girls from a boyfriend’s perspective. She slowly, and sadly, drifts from her females friends and integrates herself into the male group that comforted her. While not trying to be one of the guys or see life form a male perspective, she enjoyed living vicariously through them and their girlfriends. She graduates and gets a job as a florist, making enough money to support herself. She never had an interest in the Fangs’ fortune and felt that since she was going to only ever be with a woman, keeping all that money was useless. One day she catches a woman picking all of the petals off of the flowers. Enraged by the woman destroying the beauty and the merchandise, Ran slaps her. Startled, the woman begins to hit her with the stems and scream about her life. Ran apologizes for hitting her and her life but begs she not destroy beauty as a means of compensations. The woman returns the next day with flowers of her own to give to Ran, thanking her for listening to her woes. Ran invites her to come to her whenever she felt the need. Florist life was slow and dull, and Ran had a ton of time. The woman’s name is Jussana and Ran learns she is bi-sexual. The friendship of the women blossom and grow until they find themselves calling each other soul mates. The two marry and Jussana insists Ran be able to carry on the Fang’s name. After much flip flopping on how she felt about the idea, Ran agrees but wants Jussana to be able to enjoy pregnancy with her. Jussana says she will also be pregnant then, and the two can be pregnant together. Ran had meant that Jussana not feel squashed be her own maternal insticts and resent Ran, but Ran loved her idea as well. Learning, however, that Jussana would never be able to carry a child to term, Ran refuses to be pregnant and sacrifices producing and heir. She couldn’t do it, knowing how Jussana would feel, and that if she couldn’t do it with Jussana than she wouldn’t do it at all. The two latched onto the idea of being parents and remedy the situation with adoption. they adopt a half-sim, half-mermonster girl and name her Girgle. Much time passes and Ran is seen as an old woman. She hears the door open and smiles, saying she’d only go if thy could promise she’d be able to see her family grow. The person who came in replies they will and that even though Girgle is not of Fang’s blood, she is a Fangs by love and therefore, will continue the name. Ran smiles, reassured, and mutters how she’ll miss Jussana but knows she’ll meet her again one day. She gets up and the person who came in, is Linger Fangs. Linger reveals that when each of the leaders die, along with the spouses, Linger comes and takes them back with her to a home where they live in the after life to forever watch over the Fangs. Ran takes her hand, thanks her for her love and showing her the way, and calls her Mother Fangs.

The House is filled with previous leaders, all in their Young Adult years. It is shown that any parent of a leader is also present, as seen by Jostle Murk who is busy smoking in the back and away from the Fangs. They’re all dressed elgently, and Ran runs to meets her ancestors and join them. Linger smiles to the readers and waves her hand, saying the deal is done but our love goes on.

And that is the end of Fangs.

Oh Dear!

My laptop. It’s dead, broken, whatever laptop’s become when they cease the correct function.

I’m really hoping I can recover my files if my laptop gets fiddled with. I’ve tried all I could, it will not load, will not boot up, just loops in shutting down and turning back on but never getting past the black screen of a shut off laptop.


It may be some time before I can update the Fangs again, if they’re still here at all D:

Heir Vote

Time is here, yet again! The poll is at the bottom! Go, go, go! : D

Kyrie Fangs

Kyrie Fangs

The slightly “eccentric” one and the eldest. She marches to the beat of her own drum, and if you try to change that, she becomes a one woman drum line to plow you down. Loves children and wants to have them, but hates the idea of losing her freedom and being a mother. She envisions herself as more of a sisterly friend than a stern, over-bearing, hovering mother type. A happy go lucky type of girl, until something gets in her way.

Xana Fangs

Xana Fangs

An intense daydreamer. She often zones out, often confuses reality with reality. Terrible at responsibility, she either leaves things to crumble into dust or let someone else pick up her slack. She often gets an idea into her head, no matter how outrageous, and works towards it. That’s the only time she ever has a hint of motivation.

Shansa Fangs

Shansa Fangs

Only thinks about those she likes. She cries when she sees little old monsters eating alone somewhere. She’ll gladly take a bullet for those she cares for. For those she dislikes, she’ll gladly hit them with a car, then set them on fire, and then send them into the vacuum of space. She has a hidden selfish side, when she really wants something and feels she couldn’t be happy otherwise, she goes for it until the steam driving her wears down and she thinks about the people involved.

Mammon wins!

Mammon Fangs

Mammon Fangs

Mammon, nicknamed Momo, is the middle child. She’s grateful for Leviathan having picked up when their parents weren’t always available. She helped him in taking care of their youngest brother. She dreams big but has promised she’ll be their for her own children 24/7, just like she wants. She wants what’s best for herself and wants what she thinks, no matter what it costs. Some say she’s a very greedy monster.

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College and Building

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