Get to Know Them

Gen 1- Linger Fangs: One of the first monsters to settle onto the island. Switches from a regal, elegant Vampire to a childish, whiny, brat but in either case she’s afraid of being alone. She always gets her way, one way or another. When she harps on an idea, she can’t let it go and acts as if it’s already happened. Such as the case when she thought she was going to die, she nearly gave up due to over thinking it.

Gen 1- Panic (Attack) Fangs: Linger’s Goblin husband at first terrified of marrying the vampiress who had no idea her husband to be was a goblin. Relies heavily on others, be it family or friends. Everything frightens him, but when it involves those he loves he’s willing to do more than stand screaming.

Gen 2- Seether Fangs: A free-spirit that’s easily confused. While he sees the beauty in everything around him, he can’t see things as they are. He’s unsure of himself  so when someone gives him the time of day, every day, he’ll latch onto them. Something of a people pleaser, putting his wants on the back burner. Feels that if things are meant to be, then they’ll fall into place on their own. Rarely ever has the push to take matters into his own hands.

Gen 2- Snowelle Royal: A terribly hurt, confused and manipulative woman. Her parents smothered her by holding onto their traditions and giving her an arranged marriage. Rebelled in her teen years by going after Seether. When found out and punished, she became broken, unable to give her entire being to Seether and ended up hurting him and herself, and the next generation. She’s a snow being, relation of General Winter and royalty.

Gen 2- Tinsel (Elf) Fangs: An aggressive, assertive and powerful woman. Seether dunked her hair into paint as a child, and Tinsel’s mother attacked Seether. She wanted to apologize for that and was drawn in by his meek nature, in comparison to her’s. She put her foot down for him when Snowelle displayed aggression towards them both. She didn’t hate Snowelle, just what she’d done to Seether. She’s a Christmas Elf that severely lacks the holiday spirit.

Gen 3- Zora Fangs: Shy, quiet, blunt and in love with writing. Is unsure of herself and has poor self esteem. She’s intelligent but can’t take a hint or see what should be blatantly obvious so in a way, she’s naive. Hates being in crowds, more so with people she doesn’t know. Not a fan of meeting new people and would much rather never do so. While she does love her family, she’s perfectly fine not knowing her extended family’s business, doesn’t really like her cousins. When she feels her loved ones are threatened, she’ll do everything she can to help them, like biting Snowelle and fighting Ricardo and Flurry.

Gen 3- Flake (Royal) Fangs: A caring and curious individual. Took an interest in Zora’s sincerity for keeping his identity secret as he hates only being known for being part of the Royal family. He wanted to know more about her, even more so when she spoke her mind. Having been used to lying girls and people that fawn over him for fear of his family’s power and wealth, Zora was his breathe of fresh air. Only wants to keep her happy and protected, even continuing in the career he hates, to do so.

Gen 4- Maris Fangs: A party girl. The responsibility of keeping the Fangs name in power and clean frightened and overwhelmed Maris. She ignored her responsibilities in fear of messing up and ruining the family.  She’s a selfish and mean woman who desperately wants to change that and pay for her mistakes. She started off weak and going with the flow until she found her spine, eventually doing what was right for the Fangs. She’s now made peace with her past and smiles to the future.

Gen 4- Jostle Murk: The father of Midge, Betty and Roxanne Fangs. He’s a pure imp, created from pure malicious thoughts that gathered for many years. He’s been watching the Fangs since Linger’s near death experience. He helped Zora overcome Flurry, and gave Maris the chance of redemption by playing the role of evil father. Unable to love and hated by all, Maris is the only one able to understand why he does what he does. He’s left them all to go and float about the universe again and do what imps do.

Gen 5- Midge Fangs: Hardly speaks but when she does, she loves to keep her words short. She aspires to be a doctor and loves to garden. She loves her mom, even if it took 15 years to find her, and is grateful she helped her and her sister escape the music career and their dad. Feelings of hurt have arisen now the Midge is a mother. While she still loves Maris, she won’t allow her to get a “do-over” with her children and is a fierce mama bear when it comes to Daemon and Leeta. She only wants the best for her children, sometimes she thinks about them too much and not what they want.

Gen 5- Carlos (Hundhausen) Fangs: A water dragon from Africa, he came to live with the Fangs as a foreign student. He was obese and afraid of dying, he’s fancied Midge ever since he laid eyes on her. Now he’s a healthy, active, and fit dragon thanks to Midge. He’s an easily worried, second guessing, selfless, clumsy fellow that adores Midge as much as she adores him. He has a slight tendency to mess up things and victimize himself, invoking the wrath of Midge.

Gen 6- Leeta Fangs: Born Inter-sexed. Leeta went through a period of being a Lee, a boy, in hopes of finding what path was right for her. Always sees the good, she rarely stands up to people. She’s something of a doormat, being easily steam rolled by Maris when she tried to make her own version of what Jostle had done with Midge and her sisters. A stubborn girl that worries over everything and prefers to be told what to do, as she’s just too afraid of being wrong and making people unhappy. Cries when frustrated and over thinks on everything.

Gen 6- Gingorts (Duffler) Fangs: A sim who was bitten during a Zombie Apocalypse. A fully functioning vegetarian, he ended up on the island as a reject of zombie society. He’s a no-nonsense man that often has a stern expression but a gentle side, insisting on taking Leeta somewhere to cheer her up when he saw she was down. Not afraid to speak his mind, he often gives explanation on his thoughts, whether anyone asked or not. He loves to test people to see what they will do, he was aware Leeta had been searching for him for a few months, but hid to enjoy seeing how far she would go. He’s a terrible planner and somewhat forgetful, often forgetting to make appointments to have his rotting skin taken care of until it begins to peel off of him.

Gen 7- Mammon Fangs: It’s her way, or the high way.



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