Ghoulish Downloads

Legacy Forum Post (:

Also look here on my simblr for things I use and feel free to ask questions!

The first world, Ghostlight created by cllvett, in my story, has the purpose of a sanctuary. It’s an island where monsters and ghouls rejected by their own kind come to be accepted. Be it lack of a demon tail, lack of fangs and pointy ears, or even having bright colors they flee here with other rejects and misfits.

The second world, NeVeRLaNd 2012 created by EMX2007 is where the Fangs reside now after their move. It has the same purpose as the old island, it’s just for the newer generations.

Female Skin Face+Body V2b. Male Skin Face V2b + body MTS Hair v2b. Child Universal Default.

Monster skin colors

More Monster skins!


Ear Sliders

If you want to know what hair, clothes, etc. I use please ask here or here



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