Generation 7 Chapter 6: Ahoy

“Get up, we’re going out.”

Getting up that morning, I felt odd. You ever get those moments where you’re thinking about something, and you feel like it will happen? I woke up, with something bad was going to happen. Mencil and I were engaged, into 4 months of dating. Was it quick? Yes. Were we rushing into it? Yes. But I felt so safe, so protected, so wrapped up in warmth and love. Mencil gave me everything and anything I wanted, and as a person that loves getting everything I want when I want it I couldn’t ask for more. Well, I could but it’s the sentiment that counts.“Mmm! What’re we doing?”

“Does it matter? I said get up, so get up.”

“Yes love.”

I was about to announce to the island my engagement. As an heiress and with such influence in this place, I had to let the people know that I was moving forward and they could expect little Fangs sometime in the near future. I planned to hit the beach, the mall, one restaurant, a daycare or two and then the park. Mencil would be by my side making sure I was safe and be showing off my ring for me by holding my hand, his precious wife to be.Everyone congratulated me, congratulated the Fangs and us as a couple. They asked the token questions, when’s the big day, would it be televised, how many kids, and where would be taking our honeymoon. One man from my family’s Evil connections, thanks to my Great-Great-Grandfather Flake Fangs, stopped us with a proposition.

“So as your husband, Lady Fangs, will Mencil still remain as your body guard?”

“He will.”

“Then, how about this? We set up some stronger security systems for your land, let this guy train our new guys, and continue to serve your family like we have for generations?”

“I’m not interested. You guys are last resort, you know that. The Fangs aren’t…angels ugh thank llama, but to have openly seen ties to the Evil Organization would definitely frighten a ton of monsters away. Monsters I need to build the family name up and stronger.”

“Hey, hey! Your relative, Flake Fangs, was our emperor until his death. Then Maris took over and used us to get your family here. They used us for good and benefits, come on, we’re built into your blood. We’re the claws of the Fangs!”

“I don’t know if you’re just stupid or stubborn but my answer was no and when I say no, it’s no. Do I need to brand that onto your forehead!?”

This guy, he had some nerve. So what if my family and the Organization were interconnected? I was leader now, my word is law, and my law was no more of it. He was getting ready to try and persuade me, Mencil was getting ready to shove this guy into a tree, but then I turned my head and they both vanished.I saw this guy. This guy was just staring me down, like drilling holes into me. It was getting really annoying when he didn’t seem to notice that I noticed him. I know I’m gorgeous, powerful, and getting a glimpse of me was getting a glimpse of history in the making, but right now wasn’t a moment that I wanted attention. I loved attention, I loved having it all, but arguing with this guy wasn’t the best time. I examined him. He looked dirty, tired, he was wearing a pirate outfit, and he looked like someone that had seen too much of the world too soon. He looked like a…like a…
“Brute.” I huffed.

I clamped my hand over my mouth. Brute! Harnish! Oh my llama, plumbob! That was Harnish, my old friend, my first love, my first heart-breaker, Harnish Ledger! His eyes lit up as mine watered, and he came dashing towards me.“Momo!”

“Ha..ha!” I breathed, amazed that this man was Harnish.

“Uhm, Mammon, love…who is this man embracing you?”

“Oh my, how touching. Your future wife look mighty friendly.”

“Shut up!”

“Oh Mencil, this is Harnish! Harnish Ledger from so long ago! I’ve missed you!”

“Uhm, that’s nice. But…people are looking.”

“Oh! oh of course, let’s go somewhere. Let’s go to my home! We’ve so much catching up to do. Come on, come on!”

I rushed my fiance and old friend away from the park and quickly towards my home. Mencil kept protesting, Harnish just kept laughing.“Well, congrats on your engagement Momo!”

“Yes, thank you, we both thank you, now get out and leave us to plan our wedding?”

“Mencil stop being rude or we won’t have a wedding.”

“But Momo!”

“Don’t call me that! Harnish, how’ve you been? How’s life?”

“Well, as good as can be? My parents took me back and we fought the Brute community, but Brutes, well Brutes are Brutes. My parents went in, teeth bared, but they never came back. So I ran, how could I defend myself when I was as good as a Sim? I hid in a box, and when I came out the box was on a ship! A pirate ship! Jelly Beard was his name, and he took me in. He taught me everything I needed to know to survive both on land and on the waters.”

“Oh you’re a pirate. Big whoop.”

“Mencil! You know Harnish, Mencil’s a brute too.”

“Oh?”“Yea, I’m a reject brute. I served as a bodyguard for Sims. Goths, Landgraabs, you know the big names?”

“Wow. You’re not like any Brute I’ve ever met.”

“What do you expect? I’m a reject.”

“True. Well, where you from? Brutasia? Burskia? Brustania?”


“Oh…you are. I heard it’s lovely there. What do those purple birds with the red flowers for eyes do in the summer again?”

“They just swim…they get hot…so they swim.”

Styra came in, she stared at Harnish. Mencil looked at her, I felt him twitch.

“Mencil! I need your help lifting some heavy machinery. Come do that for me please, ok, thank you!”

“Excuse me.” Mencil left the room.

Harnish looked at me, and I felt something surge through me. I felt safe…warm…everything Mencil made me feel, I felt stronger with Harnish. He’d really grown into something…wonderful?I stood up from the sofa, my eyes never leaving Harnish. He mimicked me, a small smile caressed his face. I thought about when we were children, when we were so close and happy. I wondered what our lives would have been like had he never went away. It felt like he never left. It felt like all of the years without him were just bad dreams when he was standing here with me. Somehow, we were embracing each other. His hands were playing in my hair, my chin was resting in the warm crook of his neck. I thought about Mencil, what would he think if he saw us now. My heart twisted.

“Come with me Momo. Let’s run away, let’s go live on a ship.”

My heart quickened. I thought about that, about leaving everything, about just being with him and only him, just us. The Fangs!

“I have a responsibility, a duty. I can’t leave. I’ve a fiance, whom I love. Old friend, I still care about you, but Mencil and I are to be wed. I hope we can still be friends. I’ve missed you.”

“You’re in danger.”


“Bruskia is fake. I named random gibberish off of the top of my head. There’s no way Mencil’s a Brute. Even a Brute is a Brute, and he’s definitely not. He’s the same scent as the woman that took him away. I fear his plotting something, Momo, you’ve got to get away from them.”

“No! Styra’s been with me for years. I trust her as much as I trust you. Mencil’s in love with me, he’d never let anything hurt me.”

“Something’s wrong! You’ve got believe me, what would I have to gain by lying to you!?”I quickly let go of him and pried him off of me. I took a step back from him. I felt a pang in my head, it shook me a little bit. But how could Harnish say such things!? How could he accuse me of living in danger when he left me? And why was I still bitter!?

“You’ve got me.”


“You’ve got me to gain! You leave me, at 14. A young, impressionable age where I’m full on attached to you and run away to the sea!? You’re a pirate for llama’s sake. I know they loot and they plunder, how many females were there? Can you even remember?”

“No! No! There were…some but not many and I swear if I could, I wouldn’t never have left but that’s too late to change! Forgive me for that Momo, I wasn’t there. But I’m here now and I’m back to protect you!”

“Your place has been filled, you’re not needed! Get out of my house!”


“It’s too late to come back and try to fit into my life! There’s no room.”

“Mammon! Please, I promise you. I love you, I never stopped I swear. I just…I’m a man of my word. I promised to stay and protect, I’ll uphold the protect part! Please! Listen to me!”

He reached for my hand, pleading, begging. I yanked my hand away in disgust, I wished so badly for Mencil to return and see this, to save me.

“I am Mammon Fangs, and you need to get the llama out!”

I turned on my heels, evading his attempts to grab me, and stormed to my room.“I was a fool to trust you! You let another man in this house? And her old flame no less! Her first love! You idiot, I will kill you.”

“Styra please, please! Just give me one more chance! I’ll marry her, we’ll have a kid and I’ll have him sign over the Fangs to our family!”

“My family! Mencil, I hereby declare you disowned, you no longer have the rights or access to the Yipperky name.”

“No! Please, just one more! Please, please!”

“Idiot! I’ll charm her. I should’ve done that from the get go. Charm her and have her sign it over. Then, kill her. I’ll kill her in-front of you, that’ll teach you to ever disobey orders again! How could you let yourself fall in love with such a low form of life!?”

“I…I…I love her! Ok there I said it! We can do this without violence! We can work it out, maybe we can join the families!?”

“You admit it!? Ugh that’s sick. You’re sick. Do you even know the woman you’re marrying? There will be bloodshed to make the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s blush before she ever willingly signed a joint agreement or any sort of contract that took some power from the Fangs!”

“I can get through to her, I know her, the real her!”

“Does she know the real you!? You know she only fell for you through the charm. You idiot, llama, fool! How much in love is she? Had you never fed her that charm to speed things up, you think you’d have the rings? Ha! Pathetic! Oh..she’s coming. You, trap her in her room. I’ll handle it myself, as I should have.”


I was standing in my room contemplating everything. Not even 10 minutes ago, I was happy and fuzzy. Harnish had come back and I was thinking about how life was wonderful, how complete I felt, and how we had so much catching up to do. But here I was, throwing him out of the house because he was bad-mouthing my fiance. It felt so odd, considering…I loved him. I still loved him. I was pacing around, trying to make sense of it all when Mencil ran in.“Mencil?”

“We’ve got to go, and I’ll explain. Grab everything important, we’re leaving!”


“I’m not a Brute! I’m a reject warlock. My sister, Styra, is a witch. Our plan was to come in and take over the Fangs because…Styra hates rejects and hates that a reject family has so much power. She’s going to kill you now, come on!”

“Oh my llama. Harnish was right! Who the plumbob are you!?”

“I’m still me! I’m still Mencil, sworn to protect you and love you! I’ll die before she gets to you, I won’t let her get to you! Please, let’s go now!”

“I don’t want to die!”

“I know, please! I’m sorry I lied to you, I’m sorry we charmed you into the loving me. And that drink, no accident. I’ll repent another time, now we’ve got to go!”

“I…I trust you. Ok, help me!”I looked into Mencil’s eyes. There was nothing but truth in them. I couldn’t believe it, all this time I really was in danger. Harnish was right…he was still protecting me…but Mencil…

“I love you. On my own, I know I do.” I stated.

Mencil turned to me, a look of relief on his face. My heart twitched again. I searched myself as fast as I could while I ran around gathering papers, Mencil helping me. The charm…I don’t care if I was still under it or not, Mencil was here and I needed him now. I needed him to get me out and safely. I still had feelings for him but I’d weigh that against the pros and cons when I wasn’t worrying over my life. I’d look at him now and again, and he’d look at me. I trusted him, I had no choice. I loved him, I had no choice, but it wasn’t because of the charm. I promised myself that.

We were just about ready to make our escape, when Styra burst in.“Oh my plumbob, really!? Yet another betrayal? So I guess he told you everything?”

“He told me everything. You’d better give up on your path of power.”

“Oh? Guess that means I’m fired now. Oh well, I’ll kill you either way. It would’ve been great to have whatever power and wealth your pathetic little family managed to gather. But as long as the Fangs end here, I really don’t care!”

My heart quickened. If Styra was the witch, then I really had to watch myself. Logic and magic were eternal foes, and one always trumped the other in certain situation, it was like the flip of a coin. I wasn’t in the mood to find out which one got tails today. I heard Mencil yell as she waved a finger.

“No you cursed witch! Kill me, spare her! You’re mad at me! I’ll die before I watch Mammon be harmed by you, I’ll kill you before you harm her! Sister, dear.”

“Big words, tiny mouth. Don’t forget your place, maggot. And do not forget who I am.”

“I’m making a new place, and it’s right by her side. You’ll have plumbob to pay if you hurt the one I love, I swear it!”

“Oh shut up. I’m tired of you. All of you. Rejects should just be killed at birth. I’d never have had this problem had you never fallen in love, let alone existed!”

A flash came from her finger tip and struck Mencil dead in the eye. He froze, standing frozen in rage. She paralyzed him!? He didn’t blink, flinch, breathe or squeak. It was as if she put him on pause.

“Mencil!” I cried.

Styra turned her glare to me. A smirk graced her lips, fear surged through me. I willed with all of my might that Mencil break free of her spell and jump into action.

“Why!? He’s your brother! I’ve done nothing to you!”

“Oh you’re one to preach about freedom, especially the freedom of family members. Think of it as me bettering my family. To kill you, both of you!”She flicked her finger and a terrible fire ran through me.

“Stop it! You’re not bettering anyone. You’re vile, evil!”

“You flatter me! Scream some more, scream! It makes me feel stronger, I love when insects cry!”

I bit my lip, if I were to die, then I’d not give her that satisfaction. I looked over at Mencil, my heart broke for him. I wouldn’t let him see me in agony, if he was able to see at all. He fell in love with a strong woman, a powerful woman. That’s who I would die as, a strong woman. I closed my eyes and hoped for it to end quickly.When I opened them again, the pain was gone. Styra was knocked out on my bed, and Mencil was holding me. I looked around, wondering if I was alive or dead. I saw Harnish, I saw his eyes were red.

“Hey Mammon, it’s ok now. It’s all over.”

“Mencil? What…what happened?”

“Harnish broke in. It was terrifying! I thought you were gone when you feel over, I thought I’d lost you! He took her down, he saved you, me, us! Mammon, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!”

I reached a hand up to stroke Mencil’s face. I was still in my daze, terrified as I began to remember that searing pain. I stared at Harnish, amazed.

“I’ve called the cops. Styra will be deported and dealt with by the magical organizations…but they told me that they’d been informed already…Mencil will explain.”


“Mammon, love. My sister anticipated something going wrong. She informed higher-ups that if she were to be called in for, that a Brute would be going with her as well. Since that’s what I’m registered as…I have to go…”

I clawed at Mencil’s shoulders. What the plumbob! Why did it seem like every man I fell in love with, that promised to forever stay with me, was ripped away from me!?

“Don’t go! Don’t go! I’ll get you out of it…I’ll use the Fangs, the Evil Organization even!”

“Mammon, you’re only powerful in the reject world. The normal monsters will ignore you. I wish I could stay…I swore it…”

He leaned his head on mine and we began to cry, holding onto each other.“What’re you two goofballs crying for?”

I raised my head. Harnish. He saved me, he was right all along, he loved me and in my mind I felt like it should be him. I should be embracing him, thanking him, holding onto him, but I was with Mencil.

“I only see one Brute here. I’ll go.”

“Harnish! No!” I gasped.

Harnish, go in Mencil’s place!? I shook my head, trying to find a reason he shouldn’t go, but I couldn’t. I didn’t come to me.

“It’s ok Momo. I promised to protect you, that includes your heart. You love him, so he should stay.”


Generation 6 Chapter 6: Milk

“Heeey sexy lady! Op, op op! Oppan-”


“Yes dear?”

I found Gran in the library. She was happily bouncing away watching Monstertube videos and singing along. Frankly, that pissed me off even more. Here she was creating havoc and was blissfully sitting away from it all, probably unaware. That still was no excuse, I had to lay down the law. Leeta wouldn’t. You could hit Leeta with a bag of bricks and she’d be the one to say sorry to you then come up with some excuse how it was her fault to provoke you or something.

“Back when I was your age, this dance would’ve been a great hit. What is it? A horse riding dance? I wish my hips were better, I’d do it in a heartbeat.”
“Get out of this house.” I seethed.

“Pardon moi?”

“Get out of here. Move back under your slimy plumbob rock where everything is the Maris station 24/7. Cancel that llama subscription to that llama site you signed my sister up for and learn what it is to be normal.”

“Normal’s a relative statement. And watch your language, so foul. You also cannot kick me out or speak for your sister. She’s the heiress.”

“Then why’re you acting like the heiress is you? Coming in here and telling us what’s going to happen, like we’re going to answer to you.”

I was shaking mad. We had the same eyes, but were on two different planets. Maybe back in my Gran’s prime, doing all of this was normal. But it was pure common sense to see she was intruding and stepping on toes, no not even stepping on toes, more like stomping on them in solid iron spikes. She furrowed her brow at me and clicked something, she took her attention and put it right back on the computer.

“Answer me!” I snarled.

“I see your mother’s temper was not lost on you. I wonder if that comes from the imp genes.”I moved and slammed myself into the chair beside her. I shoved my foot under the desk and yanked all of the cords out, her computer screen blinked to black and she glared at me.

“Boy, I’ve had my fair share of jerks. Don’t you start up.”

“You’re not my plumbob boss or the plumbob heiress. You had your reign, you don’t get a do over at it. The Fangs don’t need your llama input, Leeta doesn’t need your input, she’s capable of leading on her own.”

“What? What’re you talking about? Respect your elders! I’ve been alive longer than you, I know life, I have wisdom to pass along! Of course I’m needed! What did your mother tell you?”

“Not a thing. She told us you moved here and then one day, Grandma stopped coming around. That’s why you’re here isn’t it? You feel you’ve missed out, you messed up and now you’re worming your plumbob way back into the leading house to silently take the control you want from the sidelines! You messed up with Aunts and mom, so you were hoping Leeta and I would see you as a surrogate mother and push our own mom into the darkness! I bet you’re even hoping you live long enough to see your great-grandkids and replace Leeta as the granny so you can get a shot at that too.”

She lowered her eyes into tiny slits and I saw the muscles in her face contract and twitch.

“Your mother certainly has poisoned your mind, fess up. You know, if it weren’t for me you wouldn’t be here. How about you show a bit of that family love and move past what was? I have messed up, I have done wrong, but I’m going to atone for it all. How can I grow and rebuild myself if none of you but Leeta are giving me a chance?”

“You certainly don’t do it by moving in without consent, you certainly don’t do it by making dating profiles without consent, and you certainly don’t do it by acting like you know us inside and out.”

“It’s not my fault! I love you guys, you’re my babies!”

“Like plumbob we are! I am not your baby, I’m the child of Carlos and Midge Fangs! You’re not either of them, never refer to me as such again!”

“What is the matter with you Daemon!? Why’re you so cruel and shut out?”“Excuse me!”

Gran and I stopped glaring daggers to each other and looked up. Raquel had walked in and was nervously shifting her weight around on her legs.

“Oh, Raquel.”

I sank in my seat, I was really showing off my bad side here. I wondered how much Raquel had heard, or seen. I wasn’t a knight in shining armor, but I was totally acting like a punk. I had reason to, but that’s probably not what it looked like to Raquel.

“I-it’s time Ms. Fangs, to check your blood levels.”


Gran lifted herself up and quickly left the room. Raquel stood there for a few seconds, fiddling her fingers before she nodded to me and left. I really wanted to just hide myself.I was sitting on my bed staring at my shoes. They were the only things I wanted to look at, I hated this room. Originally Misty was supposed to have this room, she designed it, but that plumbob Harpy decided she didn’t like it anymore and sadly I was stuck with it. It was up to me to change how it looked, I wanted to use my own money. The family money really belonged to Leeta, being heiress and all, and I didn’t want to so much as borrow 1 simoleon.

I kicked my feet on the bed, listening to the ticking of the alarm clock. I wondered, had my mom never kept Gran away from us, what would life be like? I heard how she spoke, condescending and full of pity, like it was such a chore for her to look down her nose at people. With Leeta and how she was born, I could see Gran either breaking her or having helped her grow into someone that wouldn’t give a llama about others. With me, we’d either be clashing like right now or I’d be the doormat of the family. I wasn’t happy when Leeta told me she’d contacted Gran, and I certainly wasn’t happy now. I loved Gran, in a weird way. She was my Grandmother, that’d never change. But she was a stranger and a person of not so wonderful qualities.

“I have to call mom, to figure this all out.” I murmured to myself.

My door flew open. A blur of yellow and red flew past me as a weight shifted next to me.“I don’t know why I’m here.”

I smiled. Raquel had just whisked into my room like she was being chased, but she had no clue what she did that for. I didn’t either but…well I didn’t mind.

“Me either.” Dumb!

“Y-your Gran’s very angry. She’s a woman that feels like she’ll never do anything right…”

“You heard what happened in the library?”

“Y-yes…I didn’t mean to! My ears…they…”

“I understand. Mine hear the tiniest of sounds.”

“S-she said she wishes things has been different. Apparently this all started for her bad in high school. It was just one bad decision after another…”

“It’s been like 5 decades since then, how hasn’t she learned what’s right or how to fix any of it!?”

“I don’t know. She’s pissed off t-that you “have the nerve” to tell her what to do. She’s the pot calling the kettle black…”

“I have to call my mom. You know her better than we do, and my mom knows the story. Gran’s old and so far selfish, I don’t think I can believe her.”

“She misses her children. She told me everyday, she has this picture of three girls in blue, green and pink dresses with ribbons in their hair. She cries at how she messed up, she’s carried this burden forever since then…”

“Don’t tell me to go easier on her.”

“I’m asking you to sympathize with her. I understand what you’re doing, but this woman does have emotions.”

“I don’t know. I’m not one to sugar coat. Gran maybe needs a swift kick in the llama. Maybe she was too coddle.”

“Coddling? That sounds nice…and tension is high…”“Hey Daemon! There’s this guy- yi yi yi! Gotta go!”

My door closed as quickly as it had opened.

“Well, she runs fast in heels.”


Gen 3 Chapter 10: Passing

I don’t know how I did it. Maybe it was fear, maybe I went into Mama Bear mode, but I managed to put the bookcase back and hide my children. I’d come back later, I decided, I’d come back and take them out and escape with them. We’d tell the world of the terror of a jealous half sister. It was just as well as I did put them back into hiding, when I looked away, there was Ricardo.

“You’re too close to me…” I choked. Had he seen? Did I he know now that I was aware my children were still alive? His eyes bore straight into mine.

“You should’ve stayed with me Zora.” His voice was flat.

Llama he knew! What to do? What was my move? Run, scream, fight?!

He lunged for me, arms stretched out and reaching for me. I slammed up against the bookshelf, was this it? The fight for my life?

“Let me hold you! Just once more, like the old days! When we were young and so in love. I wish you stayed with me!”

I threw my hands up. Was he kidding me right now? I just knew I had to get away.

“No one wants to touch you Ricardo! The old days are dead!”

He dropped his arms and huffed at me, shaking his head from side to side, his eyes never leaving me. He stepped back and away from me, still facing me, still watching me. And I was watching him, anticipating his move to come at me yet again.

“I’ve only been with Flurry to see you. When I saw you pregnant, I imagined that they were our kids. Why didn’t you listen to me? Why’d you go and meet Flake? All of this could’ve been avoided if you just hadn’t gone and met him!” He bellowed. I could feel his anger in his voice.

“You know his name?” I barked back. “Everyone knows who he is now huh? You’re not the only one with secrets!”

I saw the tears welling in his eyes. My chance!

I lunged forward, bringing my palm to his face with all of the force I was able to muster. The tears flew with the impact, his eyes wide and his mouth slack. I darted past him.

“I know! That’s why it won’t happen!” I yelled as I bolted for the stairs. Oh to be on the third floor running for your life. I heard thunderous foot steps. He was back and coming after me, he caught me. he yanked my wrist and spun me around.

“I’ve never wanted to kill you but if I can have the last moments of your life, I’ll take it! It’ll be mine, the last few breaths, the last words, mine! You’re mine!”


The brawl ensued.

So many things whirled through my mind. How when I was very little and my heart fluttered for this man. How Flurry was the reason we even were able to be together, how now she was the reason he was trying to kill me. How I met Flake and expected a happy and easy life. I was so wrong. My children had suffered, Flake was dead and I wasn’t sure at this moment where I stood. Was I toeing the line of the living and the dead? Had I been poisoned? Was I doomed?

I managed to think these thoughts while clawing, biting and fighting. I dodged his horns, I avoided his hands and I went for the eyes. I just knew I had to live. My children had been kept behind a bookcase for 2 years. Their mother had been a pathetic vegetable feeling for only herself and neglecting the world. I had a duty, I had many duties, and I failed each of them. To think, if I’d only just kept my spirit then maybe none of this would’ve happened. If only I’d been strong. I felt Ricardo getting angrier.

He pushed me off, I was exhausted but not done with the fight, no never the fight. I was going to lunge towards him again when suddenly he dropped backwards, over the railing and tumbled down the stairs to the first floor. I smelt fire, I smelt something burning and then I heard running. My heart stopped when I saw my hero. I picked myself off, limbs feeling sore and my face showed it.

“Where have you been?” I whimpered.


“Trying to find my way back home of course.”

Flake! I couldn’t believe it. It was true, he was there. He was a ghost. Was he? No. Maybe. I wasn’t sure. I was frozen. 2 years passed and I had thought that he was dead this whole time. He smiled at me, his purple eyes dancing in the light. I saw every emotion possible to sim.

“You’re safe now Zora.”

Was I really? I ran to him, arms wrapping around the body I’d missed for so long. My heart had gotten caught in my throat. He rocked me back and forth.

“I…they told me you were dead.”

“Shh. I know. I know. My Aunt, Snowelle. She shipped me off to the far corners of the earth. I’m so sorry. I didn’t know anything before it was too late to even stop it.”

“Where have you been? What’s going on with your side of the story?”

Flake looked at me, holding me the whole time. He told me how Snowelle plotted to get back at my father for picking my mother over her by turning Flurry against the Fangs. Snowelle held up her end by putting Flake as far away from the family as possible, and in the criminal business it was easy work. So now I finally knew what he did for a living. Flurry left for many days to meet with her mother and report on what she was doing and her latest victory in destroying me. He told me how he’d been suspicious but didn’t want to believe that they were capable of such things and when Snowelle thought they’d already killed me, she told him everything, 2 years too early. He also told me how he and a few other Royals had pyro powers, the pro of being a reject snow being. I made up my mind, if he said it then it was so. I quickly summarized what had happened and that currently our children were behind a bookcase.

“You tend to our triplets.” I said. “I’ll tend to my sister.”

While waiting outside, as Flake had managed to unlock the door, I came up with my plan. As a writer I could create a story on the spot, so I cooked up one to get Flurry to believe me. But that wasn’t all, I thought of how I’d do her in, and the air fizzled. It sparked, it popped and it surged. I looked around, I could only think now of how amazing this was.

“Zora?” I heard a gasp. There she was, the star herself. Flurry. I smirked at her but quickly wiped it off of my face. Yes, while Flake took care of our babies, I’d take care of her.

“Ricardo got angry with me so he threw me out here.”

“Oh did he now?”

I couldn’t do this. It was too much work. She’d already made me feel like I was truly insane and now I was going to go along with it. While the plan had sounded great at first, it wasn’t in the end. In the end, right now, I wanted to be Zora. If she managed to do me harm, I wanted to be Zora. Not Zora the insane.

“No I’m kidding. I know all you were planning and what you’ve done. Ricardo’s dead. Flake’s back.” I stood my ground, prepared for a fireball. Instead she shrugged.

“I’m tired and my day was long. Let’s go inside.”

The first thing that Flurry did, was show off her fire powers. She saw my face, I’m not sure how I felt when I saw the furniture go up in flames, and cackled.

“You’re pathetic! This is all your fault you know!? You did this! And now you wish to kill me, don’t you? You want revenge? Well so do I!”

She carried on laughing for what felt like forever, I watched the fire and listened to the pain that resided within it. Flurry’s fire. But I couldn’t, I couldn’t turn back now.

I let the bad thoughts flood my mind, I let the anger consume me, and the air came to life. Flurry’s fire died and her eyes widened in complete fear.

“You know what?” My eyes starting to water. “I wish I could hate you. I wish for nothing more than to feel for you what you feel for me. I wish I was like you right now. You see me as this evil, manipulative monstrosity that exists only to tear you down and ruin you. I see you as a sad, hurt and confused creature that’s miserable. I want to hate you, to do this without regrets! To be done and walk away without ever thinking back to it with sorrow, I know that I will! I’ll dislike this part of my life the most, and what I must do. But there’s no other choice…we left each other nothing! I must end your misery.” My decision was solidified, all I had to do was hear it. I raised my hand, just to test it out really, and I saw the electricity follow me.

“Why? All you had to do was love me! All you had to do was tell me about my family!”

“We did love you Flurry. Maybe too much, love’s what kept me from telling you. I wanted to protect you. I’m so sorry.”

Her eyes watered but then I saw what I thought was understanding. Her face became serene and her mouth became slack. She looked dumbfounded yet wise, I think that at that moment we sisters finally and truly understood one another.

One couldn’t comprehend my emotions. I was happy to have my family back but torn and hurt and despising myself. How I wanted to travel back into time, so badly, and tell my younger self to let her sister know about Snowelle and her family. Maybe then we all could’ve been save. I did it again though, my parents never knew what happened. They assumed I’d been away for important writing and that Flake had gone with and that the story in the newspaper was from some sleazy journalist looking for a scoop. I told them that Flurry vanished, just up and poofed. Flake decided he wasn’t going to give up on the criminal career, he planned to usurp the power of it from his aunt and crumble her into nothing more than a living shell. I never saw the electricity again. I had to wonder if there was outside help, something looking out for me that sent the electricity and now that I was safe, it said its goodbye.

“We’ve got it good, don’t we Flake?”

“We’ve got it made Zora.”

Gen 2 Chapter 7: Warmth

Life after Snowelle left, to be honest, was much better. Tinsle came back to bed on our wedding night slamming and huffing, I didn’t even have to ask what happened because she was already telling me about it. Surprisingly, I felt for Snowelle and even though I love Tinsle with my entire being I’d offer Snowelle the chance to move back in so long as Flurry was under this roof. Poor Flurry, her mother loved her but still wasn’t there. The girls didn’t stay small forever though.

Zora had my mother’s hair and Tinsel’s eyes. She was the happiest toddler you ever did see. She beamed every second and wanted to always be in your arms, glad as if she’d never know how to frown. Bath time was her most favorite time, she always gave me a hard time though so I left that job to my darling wife most of the time.

And her sister Flurry was probably the most serious baby ever. She was also the scariest. She had my mother’s eyes but the hair of her maternal grandfather, when it grew in I was shocked to see King Blizzard Royal’s hair on her head. She seemed to know though that Tinsel wasn’t her biological mother. Tinsel loved Flurry as much as she did Zora. Flurry was her daughter even if she didn’t give birth to her. But Flurry refused to call her mama, mom or even mommy. She took to calling her Teebill, this broke Tinsel’s heart but there wasn’t anything that could be done. We taught the girls how to walk, speak and use the potty as fast as we could.

Of course, we didn’t want them to grow up…too fast. Tinsel went back to the gym after what had to be the longest maternity break I’ve seen a woman take. She managed to split her time between me, the girls, the gym and her sports career just fine.

“”You vant a vat?” I sat on the sofa in a bit of shock. I’d been watching TV with Tinsel when Flurry came in, plopped down and demanded she have a car. Now sometimes I’d forget what year she was born but I certainly knew she as too young to drive…right? Even Tinsel was a bit confused.

“W-wait. You’re only 13…is the driving age limit on this island low enough? Isn’t it…16? Maybe 17?”

“Oh right! Pretty sure it’s 17 Tinsel. Sorry Flurr Bear, no car for you.” My daughter sat and huffed looking at her feet.

“I’m so mature, I can totally handle a car Dad.”

“But there’s a difference from being mature and being able to handle a car. One being you can’t drive sitting on a stack of phone books.”

“Ugh okay fine, fine.”

She slid off of the sofa and left the room.  She was probably going to look for Zora to complain about this situation. Zora and Flurry had flip-flopped personalities since they were toddlers. The toddler Zora always followed you and laughed every second, the Zora of today was very independent. She’d spend time by herself more than with us and her friends. Zora also had freckles now, more than Tinsel and we often wondered where they came from. Flurry now followed you around and wanted to be in everything you were doing.

“Whaaat? He’s in a relationship!?” *click* “Oh and with the ugliest monster ever! Seriously, what gargoyle girl doesn’t take care of her claws? Ew.”


“Gah!” *click click click* “Yea what?”

“Were you on Todd’s MonsterBook page?”

“No. What’s wrong?”

“Well they said no. Phew!”

“Did you honestly think that they’d really give you a car?”

“I knew Dad wouldn’t. I thought your mom would at least consider it and try to convince him a bit.”

“Why can’t you just call her your mom too?”

“Cuz she ain’t. My mom’s out there somewhere, that’s my mom.”

Sometime after Tinsel had gone to work I got what would forever haunt me, a phone call from my girl’s crying for help. Zora was the one that called, she was in hysterics.

“Hun vat’s vrong? Clam down. Calm down!”

“Dad! Dad you have to come and get us! We just got out of the school andthiswomanwithblueskinandwhitehair jumped out of the car and and and she tried, she tried to grabFlurryanddragherintothecarandshescreamedsoemthignabotubeinghermother!”

“I didn’t catch a vord of that! Vhere are you?!”

“We’re by the police station!”

“Stay there! Daddy’s coming!”

I hung up and grabbed the clothes out of the hamper, no time to go fishing in my drawers but I knew I couldn’t go out in my underwear…especially by the police station.

I found my children standing by the school and police station. They calmed down now but were still visibly un-happy. I had them explain to me again exactly what happened.

“Well we got out and there was this car. We were trying to get to the bus and this woman crawled out of the passenger side.”

“And she starts waving to Flurry.”

“Yea, so I go over.”

“I followed her!”

“And the woman says get in and grabbed my arm!”

“I jumped in and started biting her arm.”

“Yea, Zora was gnawing on her arm and she starts screaming at us. Then she screams that she’s my mom.”

“I kept biting her arm and she didn’t let go of Flurry.”

“She tried to pull me into the car so I start slapping her and trying to claw her.”

“I kept biting and biting. Then she let go of Flurry and I called you.”

“She had golden eyes, blue skin and white and blue curly hair. She sounded Russian!”

The girls had chattered at me like chipmunks, they seemed more excited now and proud of themselves for having fended off and adult woman trying to yank a child into her car. They definitely had described Snowelle, so she tried to come and abduct Flurry huh?

“Dad I was so scared. If Zora hadn’t been here I’d be gone!” She leap into my arms.

“Was she really your mom?”

“A mom is someone who loves her child unconditionally. She vants her safe, vants her happy and vants her to do vell in life and love life.”


“Yes Flurry?”

“That sounds like Tinsel. Tinsel’s my mother. I have only one mom, and it’s Tinsel!”

I patted her little head and sighed. Now how were we going to keep Flurry safe…

Gen 2 Chapter 6: Abandon

Nothing ever stays the same. As time goes on so does life. And I was more than ready to move on.

Marriage. Finally, I was getting the life that I’d wanted for a long time. I was a father, a married father. Snowelle went into labor 6 hours before Tinsel but both girls were born that same day, just hours apart. Tinsel and I couldn’t decide if they were twins or not, so we just joked about how strong my genes were. Snowelle though was very displeased. She was angry that they went into labor the same day, angry they were both girls, angry they’d been born the same day, she was just angry in general. She nearly got thrown out for her attitude and how she made the other newborns cry. Tinsel and I were married the next day, we invited my family and a few friends. We couldn’t invite her family, they hated anything holiday-festive-celebratory and would have demolished our wedding. Snowelle of course was angry.

Tinsel and I though, we couldn’t have cared less. Sure Tinsel wasn’t the slimmest woman, she had short hair and was built. But she was gorgeous, more so than ever that day. She was shy too, this was one of the few times in her life she’d ever worn make up.

“Seether, can we set off the rocket now?”


She was just too adorable. I was too smitten with her, I couldn’t really tell if it was because of how she looked, because it was our wedding day, or if these were just my pure feelings. Currently though she was more excited about setting off a rocket, apparently it was a tradition in her family to fire off rockets and such at weddings and birthdays. Of course they made it destructive and fired them at balloons, cakes and even the guests. I made Tinsel promise to not blow our family to smithereens and let her keep her elf tradition.

“Sure Tins. Just remember-”

“Yea yea the guests are guests not target practice, let’s go let’s go!”

“Alright everyone, Tinsel’s family has this tradition where they set off rockets. If you want to not go deaf and live I suggest you all back up.”

“I wonder if the baby girls will like this…”

Tinsel lit the rocket and full of glee scampered back to where the rest of us were taking cover. She bounced up and down while covering her ears.


“Hey Seether, please don’t do this at your brother’s wedding?”

“Not my decision Huntrisha. Wow that thing really zoomed!”

“Do another! Please Seeths!?”

“Tins, you’re rocket happy. Come on let’s go eat.”

The house was a little small but my parents and siblings were more than happy to be back in the home that it all started in. We were all grown up and my parents were aged, my mom said she aged gracefully…I say she just grew old. My aunts and uncles were busy chattering amongst themselves of how they really didn’t think the marriage contract between an elf and vampire would work, but had and was the best thing. The guests shuffled from look at our daughters to the buffet table. Flurry, Snowelle and I’s daughter, was sure eating up the attention. Zora, Tinsel and I’s daughter, was having a blast but would’ve preferred to have not been awoken from her nap. Sure enough though the time came for everyone to mosey on back to their homes and have this day as a fond memory. After we cleaned up, Tinsel and I retired to our bed.

II for the life of me could not sleep. I hopped out of the bed, careful to not wake my husband Seether, and wandered to the babies.

“You two sure do coo a lot. Why do you babies coo so much?”

But it wasn’t them that woke me up. I was a light sleeper, apparently my lil girl Zora was too. She was wide awake and wiggling her little baby feet. Her sister Flurry just cooed away, blissful in dreamland. I reached down into their cribs and stroked each little one’s face. They were both my daughters, even the one that didn’t come out of me, and I was in mama bear mode. Whatever that noise was, I’d find it, and I’d kill it…or at least make it stop. I glanced up at the picture of my mother-in-law, Linger, with her son Tick. She’d probably be already at the source of the noise if she were me. I left the bedroom as quietly as I could, but the noise stopped anyways. I rushed into the living room where I was certain it had come from, my elf ears had definitely heard it here. I stopped short at the archway though when I saw a beautiful picture.

“You can think of this as a parting gift. May your family be blessed.”

It was picture of me and Seether from the wedding we had earlier. Snowelle took this? She hung it up too, so this was what I had heard…but Snowelle slipper out through the other door. I had to stop her.

“Snowelle! Wait!” I spoke as loudly as I could without disturbing Seether.

“Look Snowelle, I know we’re not the best of friends but you can’t go.” I managed to side step her and block her from the door. She just glared at me with her yellow eyes. A glare full of hate I’m sure.

“Move it butch elf. You’ve won everything. The loser must leave.”

“No Snowelle! There was no competition. What about Flurry? You can’t just leave your daughter!”

“Why must you be the one to say that? Who decides to tell me to stay!? Why does everything…why do I leave!?”

“Hey, calm down. Are you okay?”

Sure I didn’t like the girl, probably hated her. But there was something definitely wrong with her.

“No! I am not okay!”

“You home-wrecking elf! I am not okay! I have never been okay ever since I kissed Seether! I love him! I love him! You took him from me!”

Dang. This woman was shrieking. I was no longer afraid of waking anyone up, I was more afraid that I was about to deck her in the face.

“Yo, if you loved him you wouldn’t have left him. You wouldn’t have made him wait, or hurt him! Or think of only your self Princess!”

“Oh so now you know the whole story? Then know this, I left because my parents had set me up with another man. There was no Hollywood. There was just heartbreak and confusion! I ran away from them! I should’ve run to Seether but that man found me. He hurt me, I can’t ever recover from this! I only loved Seether, only ever wanted him!”

I couldn’t understand her. Was this a lie? I knew she had indeed been disowned but was it because she broker the tradition. I saw the tears gathering at her eyelids, her lip quivering and fists shaking.

“I couldn’t give myself to Seether because I am not myself. I lost Snowelle, I thought maybe by being a mother I could find her again. I didn’t want to hurt him, didn’t mean to! My parents had ruined marriage for me, destroyed its sacred meaning. I didn’t want to destroy Seether! I love him.”

“Then stay for your daughter. You can’t be a victim anymore. You should never have played the pathetic helpless victim card to begin with!”

“My daughter? What daughter? She’d probably end up loving you and leaving me for you. You be her mother! Just like you became Seether’s wife!”

Okay that was it.

I slapped her, hard, across the face. She stumbled back and the tears poured like waterfalls. I was angry, there was no sympathy for this kind of person.

“Then be a victim for the rest of your life. Never come back here, never let Flurry see that her birth mother never had a spine and was a weak pathetic being.”

I turned and opened the door for her. I heard her sniffling and whimper.

“Thanks for the wedding picture.”

Gen 2 Chapter 5: Freedom

I was having the roughest time of my life these past 7 months. Living with Snowelle was no cake-walk but for some reason I didn’t have the heart to boot her out or even let her know I was miserable. She just really wanted a baby, but wanted to be nothing more than my friend lover person thing. I couldn’t even figure out how to describe her, so I told people she was my girlfriend when she wasn’t nearby. Of course I got no sympathy.

That’s Stan Sayton. One of my few friends that would listen to me be less than manly about this situation.

“Seether I don’t know what to tell you. I’d love to have a fine piece of art like that living under my roof with no attachments.”

“Crude as ever Stan.”

“Just kick her out then! You know it would solve everything stop being a baby and man up. Take some responsibility.”

“How can I do that ven she doesn’t have anyvhere else to go? Vith men like you on the prowl after her it makes it vorse.”

“Pfft. Yeah okay.” Suddenly his red eyes widened and he quickly flung himself up and out of the hot tub. He slipper on a puddle for a second but waved at me and scampered to the changing rooms.

“Vaa- Hey Stan!” Suddenly there was a loud splash next to me and I saw why he fled.

“All is not well in the Royal Kingdom I hear?”

“Gah! Mistletoe!” I too went to flee the hot tub but lost my footing and slipped down under the water. Now not only had my friend fled and left me alone but I was making a fool of myself. I felt a hand slowly pat my hair in the water, it wasn’t hard but it wasn’t exactly gentle either. I thought about drowning myself for a split second but gave up on that idea because I had to breathe.

So I came up from the water and laid my head down, defeated.
“Well if you’re done, I’m Tinsel. Not Mistletoe, she would be my cold-hearted mother no pun intended.”

So it was Tinsel! Mistletoe’s look a like daughter and the elf girl whose pig-tails I dunked into green paint. Her mother attacked me for that and warned me to forever keep away from her daughter. Since I was feeling dead as is I saw no point in heeding such a threat.

“Hey Tins…”

“What’s this like the first time in years I’ve seen you?”

“Vell…you’re mom made it pretty darn clear I’d die if I vas seen in your vicinity.”

“Don’t pay her mind anymore. We are adults. Sorry about that.”

“I’m sorry too that I ever dunked your hair in paint.”

“Oh don’t be. I was real pissed at the time but hey kids are kids and looking back at it, had it been anyone else, I’d have been cheering you on and laughing me a pack of new abs. Besides, it showed me I look fabulous with short hair.”

“Oh superb. I think you just gorgeous dah-ling gor-juss.” She snorted, I kinda had to look at her. Most girls would just get embarrassed by their piggy laugh. Tinsel just snorted openly.

“Still cracking people up? I’ve seen you play at your mom’s restaurant by the way. Honestly I expected you to be a clown!”

“How do I take that from a Christmas Elf?” I nudged her. She nudged me back, but it hurt. She was strong. “A body building Christmas Elf at that.”

“Heh. Yep! I’m working out 9-5…except when I’m at the stadium for my job. Why? Used to Princess ladies like Princess Royal Seeths?”

“Ugh…you’ve heard?”

“Ofcourse and I think we have a lot of catching up to do.”
“See I told you skydiving would be the greatest thing we’ve done yet!”

It’d been 7 months since I ran into Tinsel at the gym’s hot tub. I was still with Snowelle but she and I had been hanging out frequently. Our latest expedition was sky diving.

“Vell my ear’s give me some pretty good air you know.”

She laughed and looked hard at my face. She was a tomboy, I knew that now, but there was still some odd feminine allure to her that really pulled me in. She lightly punched my arm, a red blush poking at her elfish cheeks.

“Seether. It’s been a long time now and I think you’re the greatest guy to have ever popped into my life. Let’s go steady.”

Before I even knew what I was saying, “No.”

“No? Why? Can I just know that? We can, we can go back to friends!”

“I just can’t. Think of Snowelle.”
Boy did that get her angry and rightfully so. How could I say that? Why did I say that?

“Think of Snowelle? Think of that witch!? How can you say that? No, how dare you say that now! Of all of the things we’ve done this is the time you pick to tell me to think of Snowelle!? How could I have been this dumb? I hate you Seether!”

“I just, I can’t do that to Snowelle!”

“But you can do it to me. But you can do it, to me! Drop dead!”

With that she fled. She was fast, she was hurt, and I was stupid. But this was what I needed to see that and so I went home.
Sadly for me, home was worse. I was greeted by an overjoyed Snowelle.

“Of course you’re pregnant! Just like the last freaking 50 times!”

“No no Seether. I waited 4 weeks to tell you, just to be sure! I’m a bit confused though, why am I the only happy one?”

“Because I cheated on you! Okay? I fell in love vith another voman! I blew it, because of you!”

“No, you didn’t cheat on me. We’re not exclusive nor do I wish to be. You’re free to be with whom ever you please.”

“You! I can’t even blame you, this is just upsetting me more. Snowelle! I gave my world to you. I gave you my life!”

“Then take it back.”
“I can’t. You know that. It’s too late to go back anywhere. But I do know this, I don’t love you anymore.”

“Seether, you words are tearing my heart apart. It’s not my fault, anything that’s happened to you! Stop blaming me!”

“I can only blame myself.”

“I still love you Seether. And I want to raise this child with you…”

“I see you as an old friend now. It’s amazing. How I could love you for so many years and then in 4 minutes, feel nothing. You may live here, I can not throw my friend on the streets but I vill not interfere into your life and you von’t in mine.”

“Fine then.” She sniffled and I got up from the couch. I had an important phone call to make.
Yesterday had been a heck of a day for me so I pretty much painted that entire morning. Something new to put into the musuem, but when I looked at it I had only one question,

“Vat the hell did I just paint?”

“Get out of here! How did you get in!?”

“Oh drop dead you horrid ice wench!”

That was Snowelle discovering that I’d let Tinsel in last night and that she had moved in, as my girlfriend.
“You look like a man in drag. Aren’t elves supposed to be cute?”

“I don’t care if we’re both pregnant, I’ll drop kick you to China and back!”

I’d called Tinsel after I, uh let’s call it a break up, after I broke up with Snowelle. I was worried she wouldn’t answer at first but she did and she listened to me. I didn’t deserve to apologize to her but she forgave me and told me she was expecting, she’d found out about 4 weeks ago and was terrified that I’d leave her if I found out about it since Snowelle had been driving me nuts about having children. She was ecstatic though when I pulled up in front of her house armed with my guitar to serenade her and bring her home of course after  became her exclusive boyfriend.

“Oh you’re pregnant? Poor Seether, that’ll be one ugly child.”

“You’re one to talk, ugly in and out! I knew I never liked you.”

“What guy likes a butch woman!? You better recognize where you stand!”

“Me? Oh no what ever shall I do I’m such a manly elf with a boyfriend and you’re a frigid witch that will die alone.”


“Don’t call for my boyfriend! Go step in yellow snow! Fall face first in it!”

I’d put down my paints and was making my way to the kitchen where they were going at it when Snowelle flew past me, making sure to jam her shoulder into my arm. I brushed it off and headed towards Tinsel. We both began to laugh a belly bursting laugh.
“I can’t believe she vent off on you like that Tins. You okay?”

“Yep! I’m not the one that went racing off like a banshee ahahaha!”

“I’m on your team Tins. Whenever you need anything give me a holler.”

“Oh I will and I know. I love you Seether.”

“I love you too, Tinsel.”

Gen 2 Chapter 2: Happy Holidays

Do you see this house?It looks nice doesn’t it? Nice and friendly, cheery, nice and festive. It always has snow on it 24/7. Well this is where the elves live, if you couldn’t guess, and where I have to go to say that I’m sorry. I’ve already told you how mean these elves are, so you can understand why I’m nervous about walking up there, through the freezing snow, to ring their doorbell and apologize.That’s why I ran right past the house. My mind was like, Seether stop and listen to your mother! I was like, yea nah not feeling that. I was terrified that in any moment in that area, they’d pop up and come at me with whatever it was mean christmas elves came at you with. I cooked it down the sidewalk, anyone looking must have thought I was one crazy kid. Even though I was, they’d understand if I told them why I was running. My uncle used to live by these elves, he moved. I just kept running and running, for a minute I thought I may have a chance of being athletically inclined. And then I ended up here. It wasn’t the best park on the island, not even close, but the rusty slide was so much better than an angry elf. It was every child’s bliss, to play on a playground while they’re still young. I was totall living the dream you see. I ran from the slides, to the swings, to staring at the fish and bugs in the pond near the slide. I was the only child there today, everyone else opted for the nicer park. I would’ve too if it weren’t far away. I was playing and having the time of my life when I spotted my faveorite aunt, Anxiety. I charged right up to her, giving her a bit of a fright. She was the aunt I adored. I’d sometimes call her aunt mama, and I was nephew son, that’s how close she and I were. She wasn’t for my dad marrying my mom, it made her anxious. Everything made her anxious. When I was born, when she first held me, when my parents first asked her to babysit. I was a bit shocked when I found out she was pregnant, my next cousin to be born. Ofcourse, she was anxious about that.
“Seether! I heard, are you okay hun? If you don’t want to be the heir, just say so. You don’t have to. No one can get mad at you for living your life okay?”
That was so like her, to try and so no to anything that would make her anxious if she was in that position. I wanted to say no so badly, but I really didn’t want to think about it.
“How’s the baby aunt mama?”
“Ah she’s okay. She’s doing want all fetus should do, thankfully. I’m so worried, what if I’m an awful mom? What if I can’t meet her needs?”
“It’s a girl?”
“Well I don’t know yet, I’m too anxious to know. What if knowing makes me biased?”
“Just calm down, my cousin bro or cousin sis vill love you.”
“Thanks nephew son…uhm…I think that woman over there wants your attention…”I looked and nearly ran away again. Mistletoe. The mother of the girl who’s hair I put into green. Sure her mom’s hair is red and green so maybe her mom would’ve had a kick…but when she saw me her scowl went from uh well a scowl to a taunting smirk. She motioned for me to follow her, my aunt put a hand on my shoulder but I just nodded at her.
“It’s okay. I have to talk to her, she’s not a stranger either.” my aunt sighed but I was feeling empty inside again, cold and worried. This elf was a mean one, angry and always unhappy. She was pregnant too, wait…seems like a lot of the woman here are pregnant. My poor poor mom, she lost her’s. I came closer to the angry mother elf. She just stopped and glared at me, into my soul even. I was terribly uncomfortable. I decided to die or do nothing, so I waved.
“Hello Mrs. Elf.”
“Fangs brat. My daughter’s very unhappy with you.”
“I know, and I feel bad about it now…”
“No you don’t you snotty, goblin brat. I helped Santa with his naughty and nice list, I know you feel nothign of it.”
“Oh, well let me apologize anyvays…”
“Vay? Vay? What’s a vay? Speak your words boy, you’re so uneducated so stupid your parents should just put their heads down for eternity with children like you!”
“Hey don’t talk about my parents like that you horrible elf! M’am lady, a pretty elf too…ahaha.”
She was panting now, if her eyes were red I’m sure that they’d be peering into my mind and looking for a way to make it explode or something similar to that.“Look you just, it’s not my parents Mrs. Elf…”
“Look here disgusting boy, you dare never to speak that way to me again. Got it?”
“I VILL if you ever-”
“I have no problem with killing you. I will end you. I’ll be doing the world a favor.”
“You should take a lo-”
“How dare you keep interrupting me! You’ve no manners, so uncouth! You need to fix yourself child or it’ll come back and nip you dead. You understand me? Do you hear me!?” She grabbed my face with her hands, so much like claws, and dug her nails into my cheeks. She began to shake my head side to side and hard too. It hurt my neck and it stung, I just stared at her. I could see pure evil in her eyes, this woman was going to hurt me for sure. And my aunt was watching. I begun to struggle and went to speak but when I opened my jaw, her fingers came together. It was the most painful and scariest fishy face I ever made, her nails were going through the gloves. I tried to scream.
“I said did you hear me Fangs brat? You awful child, you horrible child, die just die. And stay away from my daughter.” She pushed my head back and let me go.My heart was going crazy. Not only did this adult just tell me to die, but it was over something that I still felt wasn’t even serious. I could hear my aunt screaming for me, she said something about the police too. I stared at this elf in front of me.
“I…I’m sorry!”
“Just get out of my sight you snot infused brat. And tell that woman I’m not afraid of the police, they’re afraid of me.”
I did the best I could to get my knees in motion and get away from her. The ground was swaying and my face was burning, I think I could taste blood but I certainly tasted bile for sure. I was panting and trying hard to get to my aunt and not throw up at the same time. This isn’t what my mother had wanted, she wanted me to say sorry. She didn’t want this woman to atack me the way she had, she didn’t want this woman to verbally attack my family. She just wanted me to say sorry, which I did. Mission accomplished. I could feel my stomach churning, yep I was gonna throw up. I felt my aunt’s arms around me. I heard the sirens of the cop cars, I felt water, and I felt kisses. I was just so in shock wasn’t I?
“Oh Seether! Seether that woman. She’s awful, just awful! To assualt a 13 year old boy like that. Oh Seether! I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have just stood here, I should’ve followed, I’m sorry.”
What was sorry? Remorse right? Say it when you feel remorse? Feel bad, feel awful and so on. Was my aunt really sorry? I think so, but she said sorry so much its effect was just gone. I said sorry, I wasn’t even sorry. Wasn’t it best to not say it when it’s not meant? I felt the tingle in my cheeks begin to fade. Was my sister sorry? Probably not, just sorry she was caught, she felt no remorse in loving her teacher. She didn’t say sorry, she did apologize for being in the situation but not for how it started or why it happened. So why was I forced to say sorry? Would my mom feel sorry for having made me go? What is sorry to me anymore? That elf woman wasn’t sorry for attacking me, she didn’t care. I did, and I felt bad, so was it me that had to say sorry? What’s the point in saying sorry?
“I’m okay aunt, I’m okay.”