Generation 7 Chapter 6: Ahoy

“Get up, we’re going out.”

Getting up that morning, I felt odd. You ever get those moments where you’re thinking about something, and you feel like it will happen? I woke up, with something bad was going to happen. Mencil and I were engaged, into 4 months of dating. Was it quick? Yes. Were we rushing into it? Yes. But I felt so safe, so protected, so wrapped up in warmth and love. Mencil gave me everything and anything I wanted, and as a person that loves getting everything I want when I want it I couldn’t ask for more. Well, I could but it’s the sentiment that counts.“Mmm! What’re we doing?”

“Does it matter? I said get up, so get up.”

“Yes love.”

I was about to announce to the island my engagement. As an heiress and with such influence in this place, I had to let the people know that I was moving forward and they could expect little Fangs sometime in the near future. I planned to hit the beach, the mall, one restaurant, a daycare or two and then the park. Mencil would be by my side making sure I was safe and be showing off my ring for me by holding my hand, his precious wife to be.Everyone congratulated me, congratulated the Fangs and us as a couple. They asked the token questions, when’s the big day, would it be televised, how many kids, and where would be taking our honeymoon. One man from my family’s Evil connections, thanks to my Great-Great-Grandfather Flake Fangs, stopped us with a proposition.

“So as your husband, Lady Fangs, will Mencil still remain as your body guard?”

“He will.”

“Then, how about this? We set up some stronger security systems for your land, let this guy train our new guys, and continue to serve your family like we have for generations?”

“I’m not interested. You guys are last resort, you know that. The Fangs aren’t…angels ugh thank llama, but to have openly seen ties to the Evil Organization would definitely frighten a ton of monsters away. Monsters I need to build the family name up and stronger.”

“Hey, hey! Your relative, Flake Fangs, was our emperor until his death. Then Maris took over and used us to get your family here. They used us for good and benefits, come on, we’re built into your blood. We’re the claws of the Fangs!”

“I don’t know if you’re just stupid or stubborn but my answer was no and when I say no, it’s no. Do I need to brand that onto your forehead!?”

This guy, he had some nerve. So what if my family and the Organization were interconnected? I was leader now, my word is law, and my law was no more of it. He was getting ready to try and persuade me, Mencil was getting ready to shove this guy into a tree, but then I turned my head and they both vanished.I saw this guy. This guy was just staring me down, like drilling holes into me. It was getting really annoying when he didn’t seem to notice that I noticed him. I know I’m gorgeous, powerful, and getting a glimpse of me was getting a glimpse of history in the making, but right now wasn’t a moment that I wanted attention. I loved attention, I loved having it all, but arguing with this guy wasn’t the best time. I examined him. He looked dirty, tired, he was wearing a pirate outfit, and he looked like someone that had seen too much of the world too soon. He looked like a…like a…
“Brute.” I huffed.

I clamped my hand over my mouth. Brute! Harnish! Oh my llama, plumbob! That was Harnish, my old friend, my first love, my first heart-breaker, Harnish Ledger! His eyes lit up as mine watered, and he came dashing towards me.“Momo!”

“Ha..ha!” I breathed, amazed that this man was Harnish.

“Uhm, Mammon, love…who is this man embracing you?”

“Oh my, how touching. Your future wife look mighty friendly.”

“Shut up!”

“Oh Mencil, this is Harnish! Harnish Ledger from so long ago! I’ve missed you!”

“Uhm, that’s nice. But…people are looking.”

“Oh! oh of course, let’s go somewhere. Let’s go to my home! We’ve so much catching up to do. Come on, come on!”

I rushed my fiance and old friend away from the park and quickly towards my home. Mencil kept protesting, Harnish just kept laughing.“Well, congrats on your engagement Momo!”

“Yes, thank you, we both thank you, now get out and leave us to plan our wedding?”

“Mencil stop being rude or we won’t have a wedding.”

“But Momo!”

“Don’t call me that! Harnish, how’ve you been? How’s life?”

“Well, as good as can be? My parents took me back and we fought the Brute community, but Brutes, well Brutes are Brutes. My parents went in, teeth bared, but they never came back. So I ran, how could I defend myself when I was as good as a Sim? I hid in a box, and when I came out the box was on a ship! A pirate ship! Jelly Beard was his name, and he took me in. He taught me everything I needed to know to survive both on land and on the waters.”

“Oh you’re a pirate. Big whoop.”

“Mencil! You know Harnish, Mencil’s a brute too.”

“Oh?”“Yea, I’m a reject brute. I served as a bodyguard for Sims. Goths, Landgraabs, you know the big names?”

“Wow. You’re not like any Brute I’ve ever met.”

“What do you expect? I’m a reject.”

“True. Well, where you from? Brutasia? Burskia? Brustania?”


“Oh…you are. I heard it’s lovely there. What do those purple birds with the red flowers for eyes do in the summer again?”

“They just swim…they get hot…so they swim.”

Styra came in, she stared at Harnish. Mencil looked at her, I felt him twitch.

“Mencil! I need your help lifting some heavy machinery. Come do that for me please, ok, thank you!”

“Excuse me.” Mencil left the room.

Harnish looked at me, and I felt something surge through me. I felt safe…warm…everything Mencil made me feel, I felt stronger with Harnish. He’d really grown into something…wonderful?I stood up from the sofa, my eyes never leaving Harnish. He mimicked me, a small smile caressed his face. I thought about when we were children, when we were so close and happy. I wondered what our lives would have been like had he never went away. It felt like he never left. It felt like all of the years without him were just bad dreams when he was standing here with me. Somehow, we were embracing each other. His hands were playing in my hair, my chin was resting in the warm crook of his neck. I thought about Mencil, what would he think if he saw us now. My heart twisted.

“Come with me Momo. Let’s run away, let’s go live on a ship.”

My heart quickened. I thought about that, about leaving everything, about just being with him and only him, just us. The Fangs!

“I have a responsibility, a duty. I can’t leave. I’ve a fiance, whom I love. Old friend, I still care about you, but Mencil and I are to be wed. I hope we can still be friends. I’ve missed you.”

“You’re in danger.”


“Bruskia is fake. I named random gibberish off of the top of my head. There’s no way Mencil’s a Brute. Even a Brute is a Brute, and he’s definitely not. He’s the same scent as the woman that took him away. I fear his plotting something, Momo, you’ve got to get away from them.”

“No! Styra’s been with me for years. I trust her as much as I trust you. Mencil’s in love with me, he’d never let anything hurt me.”

“Something’s wrong! You’ve got believe me, what would I have to gain by lying to you!?”I quickly let go of him and pried him off of me. I took a step back from him. I felt a pang in my head, it shook me a little bit. But how could Harnish say such things!? How could he accuse me of living in danger when he left me? And why was I still bitter!?

“You’ve got me.”


“You’ve got me to gain! You leave me, at 14. A young, impressionable age where I’m full on attached to you and run away to the sea!? You’re a pirate for llama’s sake. I know they loot and they plunder, how many females were there? Can you even remember?”

“No! No! There were…some but not many and I swear if I could, I wouldn’t never have left but that’s too late to change! Forgive me for that Momo, I wasn’t there. But I’m here now and I’m back to protect you!”

“Your place has been filled, you’re not needed! Get out of my house!”


“It’s too late to come back and try to fit into my life! There’s no room.”

“Mammon! Please, I promise you. I love you, I never stopped I swear. I just…I’m a man of my word. I promised to stay and protect, I’ll uphold the protect part! Please! Listen to me!”

He reached for my hand, pleading, begging. I yanked my hand away in disgust, I wished so badly for Mencil to return and see this, to save me.

“I am Mammon Fangs, and you need to get the llama out!”

I turned on my heels, evading his attempts to grab me, and stormed to my room.“I was a fool to trust you! You let another man in this house? And her old flame no less! Her first love! You idiot, I will kill you.”

“Styra please, please! Just give me one more chance! I’ll marry her, we’ll have a kid and I’ll have him sign over the Fangs to our family!”

“My family! Mencil, I hereby declare you disowned, you no longer have the rights or access to the Yipperky name.”

“No! Please, just one more! Please, please!”

“Idiot! I’ll charm her. I should’ve done that from the get go. Charm her and have her sign it over. Then, kill her. I’ll kill her in-front of you, that’ll teach you to ever disobey orders again! How could you let yourself fall in love with such a low form of life!?”

“I…I…I love her! Ok there I said it! We can do this without violence! We can work it out, maybe we can join the families!?”

“You admit it!? Ugh that’s sick. You’re sick. Do you even know the woman you’re marrying? There will be bloodshed to make the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s blush before she ever willingly signed a joint agreement or any sort of contract that took some power from the Fangs!”

“I can get through to her, I know her, the real her!”

“Does she know the real you!? You know she only fell for you through the charm. You idiot, llama, fool! How much in love is she? Had you never fed her that charm to speed things up, you think you’d have the rings? Ha! Pathetic! Oh..she’s coming. You, trap her in her room. I’ll handle it myself, as I should have.”


I was standing in my room contemplating everything. Not even 10 minutes ago, I was happy and fuzzy. Harnish had come back and I was thinking about how life was wonderful, how complete I felt, and how we had so much catching up to do. But here I was, throwing him out of the house because he was bad-mouthing my fiance. It felt so odd, considering…I loved him. I still loved him. I was pacing around, trying to make sense of it all when Mencil ran in.“Mencil?”

“We’ve got to go, and I’ll explain. Grab everything important, we’re leaving!”


“I’m not a Brute! I’m a reject warlock. My sister, Styra, is a witch. Our plan was to come in and take over the Fangs because…Styra hates rejects and hates that a reject family has so much power. She’s going to kill you now, come on!”

“Oh my llama. Harnish was right! Who the plumbob are you!?”

“I’m still me! I’m still Mencil, sworn to protect you and love you! I’ll die before she gets to you, I won’t let her get to you! Please, let’s go now!”

“I don’t want to die!”

“I know, please! I’m sorry I lied to you, I’m sorry we charmed you into the loving me. And that drink, no accident. I’ll repent another time, now we’ve got to go!”

“I…I trust you. Ok, help me!”I looked into Mencil’s eyes. There was nothing but truth in them. I couldn’t believe it, all this time I really was in danger. Harnish was right…he was still protecting me…but Mencil…

“I love you. On my own, I know I do.” I stated.

Mencil turned to me, a look of relief on his face. My heart twitched again. I searched myself as fast as I could while I ran around gathering papers, Mencil helping me. The charm…I don’t care if I was still under it or not, Mencil was here and I needed him now. I needed him to get me out and safely. I still had feelings for him but I’d weigh that against the pros and cons when I wasn’t worrying over my life. I’d look at him now and again, and he’d look at me. I trusted him, I had no choice. I loved him, I had no choice, but it wasn’t because of the charm. I promised myself that.

We were just about ready to make our escape, when Styra burst in.“Oh my plumbob, really!? Yet another betrayal? So I guess he told you everything?”

“He told me everything. You’d better give up on your path of power.”

“Oh? Guess that means I’m fired now. Oh well, I’ll kill you either way. It would’ve been great to have whatever power and wealth your pathetic little family managed to gather. But as long as the Fangs end here, I really don’t care!”

My heart quickened. If Styra was the witch, then I really had to watch myself. Logic and magic were eternal foes, and one always trumped the other in certain situation, it was like the flip of a coin. I wasn’t in the mood to find out which one got tails today. I heard Mencil yell as she waved a finger.

“No you cursed witch! Kill me, spare her! You’re mad at me! I’ll die before I watch Mammon be harmed by you, I’ll kill you before you harm her! Sister, dear.”

“Big words, tiny mouth. Don’t forget your place, maggot. And do not forget who I am.”

“I’m making a new place, and it’s right by her side. You’ll have plumbob to pay if you hurt the one I love, I swear it!”

“Oh shut up. I’m tired of you. All of you. Rejects should just be killed at birth. I’d never have had this problem had you never fallen in love, let alone existed!”

A flash came from her finger tip and struck Mencil dead in the eye. He froze, standing frozen in rage. She paralyzed him!? He didn’t blink, flinch, breathe or squeak. It was as if she put him on pause.

“Mencil!” I cried.

Styra turned her glare to me. A smirk graced her lips, fear surged through me. I willed with all of my might that Mencil break free of her spell and jump into action.

“Why!? He’s your brother! I’ve done nothing to you!”

“Oh you’re one to preach about freedom, especially the freedom of family members. Think of it as me bettering my family. To kill you, both of you!”She flicked her finger and a terrible fire ran through me.

“Stop it! You’re not bettering anyone. You’re vile, evil!”

“You flatter me! Scream some more, scream! It makes me feel stronger, I love when insects cry!”

I bit my lip, if I were to die, then I’d not give her that satisfaction. I looked over at Mencil, my heart broke for him. I wouldn’t let him see me in agony, if he was able to see at all. He fell in love with a strong woman, a powerful woman. That’s who I would die as, a strong woman. I closed my eyes and hoped for it to end quickly.When I opened them again, the pain was gone. Styra was knocked out on my bed, and Mencil was holding me. I looked around, wondering if I was alive or dead. I saw Harnish, I saw his eyes were red.

“Hey Mammon, it’s ok now. It’s all over.”

“Mencil? What…what happened?”

“Harnish broke in. It was terrifying! I thought you were gone when you feel over, I thought I’d lost you! He took her down, he saved you, me, us! Mammon, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!”

I reached a hand up to stroke Mencil’s face. I was still in my daze, terrified as I began to remember that searing pain. I stared at Harnish, amazed.

“I’ve called the cops. Styra will be deported and dealt with by the magical organizations…but they told me that they’d been informed already…Mencil will explain.”


“Mammon, love. My sister anticipated something going wrong. She informed higher-ups that if she were to be called in for, that a Brute would be going with her as well. Since that’s what I’m registered as…I have to go…”

I clawed at Mencil’s shoulders. What the plumbob! Why did it seem like every man I fell in love with, that promised to forever stay with me, was ripped away from me!?

“Don’t go! Don’t go! I’ll get you out of it…I’ll use the Fangs, the Evil Organization even!”

“Mammon, you’re only powerful in the reject world. The normal monsters will ignore you. I wish I could stay…I swore it…”

He leaned his head on mine and we began to cry, holding onto each other.“What’re you two goofballs crying for?”

I raised my head. Harnish. He saved me, he was right all along, he loved me and in my mind I felt like it should be him. I should be embracing him, thanking him, holding onto him, but I was with Mencil.

“I only see one Brute here. I’ll go.”

“Harnish! No!” I gasped.

Harnish, go in Mencil’s place!? I shook my head, trying to find a reason he shouldn’t go, but I couldn’t. I didn’t come to me.

“It’s ok Momo. I promised to protect you, that includes your heart. You love him, so he should stay.”


Generation 7 Chapter 5: Enchanted

Months after the wedding, I learned that Leviathan had a “procedure” and was in the midst of scrambling to change his name from Fangs and get his wife’s maiden name back. His excuse was he didn’t want children if they wouldn’t be with his wife, and there was no way I could force it. So the Second in Line title passed to Beelzebub. While I didn’t plan on dying, my youngest brother wasn’t married, so I signed him to a dating site to get the ball rolling. It was very stressful for me, especially when I realized I too needed to start looking. Unlike guys, I was on a timer.“I’m so happy we got this pool installed Ms. Fangs. It’s a great way to just let the weight of the world roll away.”

“What weight do you have? I’ve an entire legacy on me. It’s only getting worse everyday. I fear I’m aging faster than I look.”

“Hm. I wonder, would you like if I were to scout some men for you to take interest in like I did with the bodyguards?”

“I couldn’t ask that of you. Well…I can…I just don’t feel like it at the moment.”

“Hey, you know what else is a great stress reliever? Wooho-”

“Don’t! I’m not that kind of girl. Never have been, never will be. It’s too easy to get pulled in the wrong direction like that, I’ve an image to maintain at all costs.”

“Aww. Fine. Do you go out for drinks? Actually, do you ever leave this house?”

“Not really. Maybe I should! I can’t go stir crazy in here.”

“Let’s go for drinks.”

“No. Nectar and I aren’t agreeable. I had a “drink” once, a small sip. It took a lot of work to erase the damage done by my nectared up self.”

“Then why do we have a bar?”

“It’s more for the guests. And I like to look at it, I like having nice things.”

“How about you spend some quality time with Mencil? He’s a guy, he’s at your beck and call. You coul-”

“No! No, no, no. I’ve thought of that a couple of times, I won’t lie. But I can’t see a positive outcome of anything more.”

“You’re thinking he’s going to do that same as Harnish.”


“I knew it! Hey, Mencil’s already promised you that he won’t ever leave you. Just trust him-”

At that moment Mencil came in. Styra smiled at me and told him to whip us up some drinks. She winked at me and insisted the drinks be virgin, so basically she asked him to pour us some soda or something.“What have you come here for Mencil?”

“8 months working for you and you still think that every time I walk into the same room as you that I need something.”


“Uhm, just wanted a drink Ms. Fangs. And I was hoping to get a swim myself. I doubled checked the premises, nothing is out of sorts. I’ve reset the alarms and traps. Everything’s in complete order. Would you like a cherry?”

“No. Not a fan of cherries, I like peaches though.”

“Alright, peach syrup just for you…is everything ok Ms. Fangs? You look miserable.”

“I’ve been told I always look miserable. Can’t see how though. I’ve got the best televisions, computers, beds, whatever I want I get. I’m as happy as can be!”

I took my drink, nodded to him, and stormed out of the room. I cringed though when my foot splashed down in a puddle from the pool, I hated stepping in pool puddles. Pool puddles always seemed to have hair and stuff floating in them.“So little “Momo” Fangs likes peaches. Let’s give her peaches. She’s such a peach herself. Don’t you think so Mencil?”

“I don’t think that a question I’m at freedom to answer…”

“Oh, how cute. Come on, you’ve got work to do. Mammon’s stress levels are through the roof. She’ll break soon if she doesn’t clam herself down and relax. If she breaks, Fangs breaks. We can’t have that.”

“Of course not! That’s what I’m here for.”

“Then watch her better! When she’s vulnerable, you come in and sweep her off of her feet. When she’s hardening from the overload of her stress, you soften her up. You’d better be better help to our dear Ms. Fangs than what I’m seeing!”

“I got it! I got it! I’m going to go check on her now.”

“Wait! Don’t forget-”

“I won’t, I won’t!”When Mencil sat next to me on the sofa, I thought a butterfly had flown past me. Something was wrong. Very, very wrong. I drank my drink, tasted like wonderful peaches, and decided to watch TV. Every now and again things would go in and out of focus, my hearing would turn into muffled, buzzes and I felt gravity changing. When my consciousness became stable, I would wonder why I was sitting, dripping wet, in my bikini on the sofa. I was swaying again, feeling a warm fuzz from head to toe, and trying to hard to understand what I was doing and what I was thinking. I heard a Giant speak. It was a loud boom and it echoed wildly around my head. I looked over, alarmed, and saw Mencil’s mouth moving.

“Mencil! Mencccciiilllll!” I called, waving my hand to him, trying to get his attention.

“Ms. Fangs?”

“I hear somefing. It’s big. Rully big. So big, I can hear it.”

“Ms. Fangs!? Are you-”

“I don’t hear it anymore! Mencil! Mencccilll it’s gone. Mencil, pencil, Hansel…helllooooo!”

“Oh man. That’s bad, very bad. I made a big mistake. Come with me Ms. Fangs, I’ve got to watch you.”

“I don’t wanna! I don’t wannnnnaaa.”

“Come on, you’re intoxicated. I really didn’t think that this would happen.”

“I can’t. The Giants may wanna schpeak again. I needa hear em, cause if I don’t, then Imma gonna misssch everythin they gots to schay.”This was bad, very bad. When Styra said virgin, she meant it. Mammon was the lightest, lightweight drink I’d ever seen. Between the nectar and the syrup, I had no idea what was affecting her the most. It seemed the more she spoke, the more drunk she became. Well, there was no relaxing her like this. Styra was going to be extremely angry with me, furious even, when she found out that Memmon becamse drunk instead of-

“You schmeel like PEACHES.”

Mammon shoved her face into my personal bubble and started to huff my jacket. I pushed her face away and nervously put my arm around her, terrified she was going to face plant into the coffee table.

“Yes, I know. I think we should get you to bed.”

“Not scheeeeeeepy. No! Nurrr!”

She smiled a goofy smile at me, her head wobbling everywhere. Yes, this was definitely bad.

“You gonna scheep wit me cause my BED gets rully COLD.”

“Shh, stop being so loud please. it’s ok. I’ll stay with you as long as you need. Come on, come on.”

“Not LOUD. Noooooo not me.”“Ok, let go of my neck now.”

“No! Vampires gonna gits it. They gonna eat you up! I’m shaving you!”

I gently wiggled Mammon, her arms around my neck were locked together. I carried her to her bedroom, there was no way she could take a single step on her own. She sang me a song of peaches, how her family hated her and how she could smell butterfly milk. I gave up on getting her off of me and laid her down on the bed. She was still clinging, and still singing. I climbed over her and took the spot on the other side. Mammon still clung to me, and once I stretched myself out she fastened her body to mine. She yanked my free hand and intertwined it with her own.“Am I gonna die alone?”


“I SAID AM I-” I put a finger to her mouth to stop her yelling.

She licked my finger and I pulled it away in disgust and shock. She wiggled and giggled, a happy drunk.

“No. You won’t Ms. Fangs. You’ll find someone.”

“I’m Mammooon. Jam on. Momo!”

“Ok Momo.”

“You marry me.”

“Ms. Fang, Momo. I’m just here to protect you.”

“Marry me! I said it, so it must be. Doo ittt. Do it! Do it! Marry ME. Let’s make babies!”

I pushed her off of me as she tried to roll over. She tried to put up a fight but her motor skills were shot, and she flailed a bit as she tried to regain stability over herself. I took pity on her and put my arm around her once more, moving her wet hair out of her face. When she wasn’t worried about the world and all of its problems, she looked very beautiful and fun. She belched in my face, quickly reminding me of the reality I was in, and snuggled into my shoulder. I drifted off as well.

But I was soon awoken by blaring music.I fell off of the bed in terror. Mammon! I quickly looked up over the bed, she wasn’t there…but her bikini was. Following the sound of the music, I looked in terror as my boss was dancing. Nude.

“Mammon! Where are your clothes! What are you doing!?”

“I must be dancin! I’m so free! Wheeee!” She spun around.

I ducked my head under to covers. Oh my plumbob, she was naked. I’d gotten Mammon drunk, and now she was naked and dancing and acting without a care in the world. She had an image to maintain, and this was more than enough to ruin even 3 more generations. I heard her plop onto the ground. I took my head from under the covers long enough to see Mammon squirming on the ground, fighting a losing battle with gravity. Feeling pity for her once more, I gingerly approached her, making sure I only looked at her face. She smiled up at me and reached a floppy arm up for help.“Mammon. Please put your clothes on.”

She swayed, trying to steady herself as she narrowed her eyes at me. I held my arms out as barriers in case she were to topple over forwards or backwards.

“Nuuurrr!” She bellowed, startling me.

“Mammon, you’re going to catch a cold. Please?”

She narrowed her eyes at me once more.

“I dun like them, copy me!”

“I’m sorry?”

“I dun like you clothes!”“Ms. Fangs, get a hold of yourself!”




“I will not get naked!”


“Well…I have no idea what’s going on in there but it sure sounds interesting. Hope everyone comes out alright.”When I escaped Mammon and wrestled her into her bed, she went out like a light. I wandered into the library, sheepishly and ashamed. Styra was reading her book, never taking notice of me but she knew I was there.

“So…that didn’t go as planned. But maybe next time-”

“No next time. There’s no do-over’s for any mistakes. They’re too vital, this one’s gone far out of the window. What went wrong?”

“I-I don’t know. I gave her the nectar and the charm in that peach syrup you gave me…”

“So it’s my fault it didn’t work? Do you think I made that charm too strong?”

“N-no! No Styra! I didn’t-”

“That’s what you said. You blamed the charm. You blamed me. So you’re making everything my fault? Look we’re running out of time! Do you want the Yipperky family to fail!? Is that what you want brother dear!?”

I hated when my sister got angry. The plan to take over the and dissolving them into the Yipperky by getting through Mammon was far behind schedule. I should’ve been proposing to Mammon by now, should be planning to have children and then killing her to take the name. But no, I hadn’t even gotten her affections yet.

“She’s just so…when I get close to her…when i get close to her I see her. I mean I don’t see that greedy, evil, woman. I see Mammon. Scared, hurt and tired little Mammon. And when I see that I just-““Oh my llama you’re in love with her.”

My sister dropped her book and glared at me. I feared I’d die right there. Styra took on a fake last name and lied about her species to get here. The only reject was me. Styra was pure and accepted and heiress to our family, she came with me to the island when she heard of the Fangs and the power they had. She was embarrassed that a family of rejects was on the same level as our’s and she wanted it to be gone. She was the cruelest witch of our family, worse than Mammon. I was a warlock without powers, I was useless. Styra had done some digging and learned of Mammon’s interactions with a Brute, so that’s what I lied to be.

“No! I swear, it’s just getting to know my enemy! I swear Styra!”

“You’d better. You’d better or your head will be on a silver platter! You forget our mission and you can forget the rest of your life.”

“I can cook! I’ll make her a dish, she’ll be hungry after tonight. You can put a charm in that’ll make her love me. She’ll be powerless against my asking her hand in marriage.”

“Will you be able to sneak it in? Don’t mess this plan up.”

“I understand, sister.”

I was cooking dinner the next day. Yesterday was replaying in my mind, over and over again. I hadn’t sen or heard from Mammon since I’d put her to bed. It was eerie, it was already 7 pm and there was no sign of the household busybody. I’d just put dinner down and poured the charm all over the side I planned to give Mammon. I begged to Llama she show up, I couldn’t let another charm go to waste. My begging was returned, I could almost feel the animosity hitting me.“I want your head! You gave me a drink. I got drunk! You got me drunk! And I woke up naked! There’s so much I don’t know and so much I don’t like. You’ve 5 seconds to explain or you’ll feel my wrath!”

She shrieked so loud I swore some dishes cracked. She was twitching her fingers, she snarled, there was hatred emitting from all over.

“I said 5! You hear me! 1…2…3…”

“I swear I didn’t mean to! I switched up your drink and Styra’s! I know she can really take nectar so I gave her a heavy duty one! I wasn’t paying attention because I saw you in a swimsuit and mixed it up! Once I realized my mistake, I took care of you! You were about to run out naked and I stopped you and put you in your bed so you’d stay safe and keep the family clean.”

“Llama! I’m not buying it! If my swimsuit was enough to distract you then how the plumbob did you manage to only put me in bed!?”

“Because I’m meant to protect you I swear I didn’t do anything, I didn’t do a thing! I would never betray you like that Ms. Fangs!”

I dropped my hands and stared into Mencil’s eyes. I stared long and hard, searching them for the truth. I felt my anger recede, as much as I didn’t want it to. I wanted to stay angry, I wanted him to crack. But I couldn’t.

“Fine. I believe you.” I grabbed the plate meant for me and took a seat on a stool.Mencil joined me and there was a tension in the air. I stuffed food into my mouth, enjoying myself when I felt funny again. I stared into the food and ran the possible ingredients through my head, nectar was definitely not one of them. I stole a glance at Mencil and wondered if he was ahving the same reaction. Maybe the food was just that good? I looked at him again, but I found I couldn’t look away…more that I didn’t want to.

“So…you took care of me?”

“Yes m’am.”

“…was I difficult?”

“Well…I mean I wouldn’t say it…it’s not that…”

“I’ve always been difficult. I’m needy, I’m clingy, and if things don’t go my way then I don’t want them going at all. It’s ok if I gave you any trouble, just say it.”

“It’s ok. With the life you live and the duties you have, it’s ok for you to be that way once in awhile.”

“Thanks. I feel like everyone hates me for it though. You understand somehow though, what it’s like to be the one everyone relies on.”


The silence was thick, but it was so comfortable. I was content in sitting by him, stuffing my face. It felt wonderful.

“You asked me to marry you.”

“Did not!” I scoffed, embarrassed, and quickly piling food into my mouth.

“Yes you did. You said you were afraid of being alone…”


“If you need me, I’m here. I’ll always be here Ms. Fangs. I’ll do anything.”

I dropped my fork and shoved my hands to my face, choking on my food as I tried not to cry. I quickly hopped from the stool, knocking it over. Mencil jumped up too.“I’m sorry Ms. Fangs!”

I shook my head and bit my lip, trying to keep my feelings in.

“I meant what I said but I never meant to upset you!”

“I’m not upset! I’m happy but it feels so wrong. Something’s not right, something’s wrong!”

“What? I’m here, tell me what’s bothering you.”

“I can’t explain it. I just feel it though.”

“Are you just afraid…of the future?”

“Definitely. But…it feels better knowing you’re here. You promise? You promise you’ll stay? I feel so stupid to let something from so long ago, when I was like not even 16, be hanging over me like this. It’s so embarrassing. But I don’t know if I can let another promise just run me over.”

“Ms. Fangs, I swear it…I’m so sorry. I swear it.”

I looked into Mencil’s eyes. I saw pain, he looked so upset at something. Was it me? Was he upset that I was upset? Was he feeling my pain that I held onto from my past? I shuffled closer to Mencil and felt his arms move around me.I moved my hand to his elbow, happy to feel his touch. I decided I’d let go of the past. Mencil was here and he meant it. I felt the tears roll down, I didn’t want to stop those. I placed my past, the pain I felt, into my tears and released them. I allowed myself to admit that I had feelings for my bodyguard.

Generation 7 Chapter 4: Hitched

I hadn’t said a word since he came in through the doors. All the feelings I had anticipating his arrival, were whirling around now. I was afraid that if I did say something, it’d come out wrong and I’d shame myself. I listened to the hum of the machine making our drinks…wait, why? I hadn’t offered him a drink, I didn’t even want one. I looked at the package I opened, I didn’t even like this flavor! I tossed the package back to where it was and glared at the machine as it made enough for 5 to drink. It beeped at me when it was done, and I put the cups on a plate. The silence was something horrid now, maybe I could throw a cup at the wall. That would certainly break all silence and be a sure fire way to begin a conversation.“So you’re a bodyguard. Must be nice guarding all kinds of sims and monsters.”
I balanced the plate of cups and stared at them, as if it was their fault I sounded so stupid.

I heard him chuckle, my spine crawled with embarrassment. Most got red cheeks, felt hot, or smile in a goofy way, I just twitched like I was freezing.
“Yes. That is what I do and it is what I like. Would you like help with that?”

“No.” I said curtly.
I half dropped, half placed the beverages in front of him and grabbed my own cup. I looked into his eyes for a second, I turned my head away sharply and went to my seat.

“This smells wonderful.” He smiled as he inhaled the drink.

“It smells like a llama to me.” I huffed as I took a sip.

“…Then why’re you drinking it?”Shocked, I quickly spat the liquid back into the cup and took it away from my mouth. It didn’t help, that foul taste was on my tongue now.
“Did any of your clients give you beverages?”

“Yes, many times. I remember the Goths trying to give me Nectar of the Dead. Good for sims, bad for monsters.”

“Ah. Just the scent of that can get you drunk as a swamp monster.”

“Sim are strange creatures. They’re like us…but more squishy, vulnerable, and think they own the world.”

“So you basically had to babysit a squishy glob of a life form?”

“Yes. And they’re more bold in their attacks. Monsters are covert and try to destroy from the inside out, Sims just go in screaming and charging.”

“Ah.” I sighed.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes…I just,” I sighed “you aren’t who I thought you would be.”“I’m sorry about that.”

The bodyguard Styra had been speaking of, was not Harnish. Instead, she was speaking of Mencil Yipperky. He had a…happy and bright face. He looked like he’d be naive of the world, and not someone you’d think of as a bodyguard. I could see that as bad or good. Bad, I’d have more attacks against me. Good, those that mean to do me harm would foolishly walk in and be stopped where they stood.

“It’s fine. As long as you do your job correctly.”

“Oh yes mam! As a Blub it’s my duty to protect.”


“I meant Brute. This drink’s really good. Making me go all tongue tied.” He began to gulp it down.

“You don’t look like any brute I’ve seen before.” I hissed.

I thought of Harnish and his family. They looked very much like werewolves but Mencil, looked like a phantom almost.

“I’m a Brute reject.  You don’t expect me to look like one would you?”

That was true. I looked away, I was just not my usual self today.

“Fin you’re hired. You’ll sleep on the sofa out there, you’ll always be alert or so help me you’ll find yourself in jail. As my employee and a guest in this house, my word is law. Understood?”

“Yes, ma’m!”

With nothing left to discuss, I left the table but Mencil stood up.“With all due respect m’am, Styra informed me of your previous bodyguard. I assure Ms. Fangs, until you dismiss I will never leave your side.”

I stared into his youthful, bright eyes. They were sincere, I could tell. I felt my face grow warm and my spine tingle. I looked down and smiled to myself.

“See to it that you fulfill that promise.”“Mother this is your son’s wedding.”

“Yes, yes. Because if the media were to take photos of an awfully decorated hall, they’ll think the Fangs have no taste. I had to take over preparations. Yes, yes that too, of course I picked her dress! It’s her wedding day, I won’t allow her to make a fool of herself or the family. No, just her parents. Her cousins don’t need to be there.”

My mother had called me. The wedding was tomorrow and she was distraught, I think, to learn that the only thing the bride had part in with the wedding, was being the bride. I explained to her how we could look like we lacked taste and shacked up with just anyone if she were to throw an ugly wedding. This only upset her more.

“I don’t know why you’re so upset, it’s not like it’s your wedding.”

“Hey Mammon!”

My assistant Styra burst through the door. She was panting and clearly excited.

“I’ll call you back mom.”“What?”

“Ok, you’re going to get real angry at me…but I think Mencil likes you!”

“Where are you getting that from?”

“I was sort of hiding under the kitchen window…”


“Yes…but I heard how he spoke to you. That was the voice of a man smitten!” She cheered in a sing song voice.

“Even if that were so, I won’t get romantically involved with the help. Now leave me, I must prepare for tomorrow.”After the wedding, which was wonderful if I must say, the bride and groom returned to the house to gather their things.

“I know that wasn’t the wedding you wanted…if you’d like we can have a secret one? Just the way you want it.”

“I don’t care about weddings anymore, I don’t care about planning them either. I’ve got what I want, you, my husband.”

Alissa avoided me the whole time, I was annoyed at her for that. Here I had thrown her a wonderful wedding, allowed her to marry my brother, and I’d done all I could to have the press see this as a wonderful family that all got along. Levi thanked me and that was it. I guess I had to understand that after having been able to do whatever they wanted for so long, they had to get used to my control. Still, they were beautiful to see.People asked when I was going to get married and had I found that wonderful person yet? They were hard to avoid and harder to answer but I managed it. It was still a wonderful night to me. I couldn’t wait until I was able to experience what Alissa had, the wonderful love she had and just being a wife. Of course, I may be short on time for that. As heiress, I had to produce children. There were many families that would gratefully give me a son to have as a husband, but I still wanted to find my own love.

Generation 6 Chapter 9: Dessert

Time grew into days, days into weeks and eventually it was months. Things had changed, time had clearly passed, but I remained stuck on Gingorts. When I went to the mall, they informed me he’d been fired. They didn’t like him “canoodling” with a customer of the mall, me. So now Gingorts wasn’t employed as far as I knew, and he was probably still homeless.
He hadn’t taken my offer of stopping by for food whenever he wanted, I can’t believe I’d called him my charity case. I combed every beach in every bit of freetime I had. I looked into every cave, nook and cranny, looking for some sign of a being having lived there. I got so desperate I began to comb the sand for even a tiny piece of skin that may have fallen off of him, even hair. It had been 5 months now, and I found myself blinking into the twilight. I’d sat on that bench all night. Either I’d fallen asleep or just zoned out because I have no idea how I was able to do such for so many hours. I kicked the sand with my heels, I’d been hoping to spot Gingorts either coming or going, had I missed him. A silhouette caught my eye.

“I found you”Gingorts!” I hollered and dashed off towards him.“I found you!” I panted, trying to catch my breath.

He stood there, that same bored look on his face. I clutched my side, I’d gotten a stitch from running. I wheezed as I returned to my composed self, waiting for the cramp to go away.

“I see. So you finally caught me.”


“I’ve seen you hunting for me.”

“Eh? If you knew I was looking all over the place for you then why didn’t you come out!?”

“I liked the chase. I didn’t expect you to throw away a night to have a stake-out here though. I’ve been moving from beach to beach, I’ll go to jail if I get caught, you were lucky picking this.”

“How’re you doing Gingorts? I looked for you where you worked, they told me you got fired…I’m so-”

“No need. I’m great. Hungry more than usual, but great.”

“Why haven’t you come around? I was sincere in my offer.”

“I forgot where you lived.”

I looked at him, then burst out in a fit of giggles. He scratched his head, clearly not amused. That just made it all the more funny to me though, here I’d been worried he was off somewhere hating me, when really he had no idea which house I lived in.

“It’s the tiny house that looks abandoned, remember? But underneath is the mansion almost?” I wiped a tear from my eye.

“I’ll remember that.”

“I thought I’d chased you away, thought you hated me! That’s great, you just forgot where I live!”

“Sorry to have caused you trouble?” He scratched his head again, bits of sand flew from his hair, “how about we go somewhere? We owe each other an apology.”“Are you serious? That’s what it’s like to be a sim?”

“I’m not lying, sometimes it really feels like there’s a greater power that tells us all what to do!”

“And you guys don’t believe monsters exist? How can you possibly think such a thing?”

“Well I obviously don’t anymore. That zombie apocalypse really turned that around for me.”

“Your movies sound stupid too. We’re not that fearsome, just misunderstood.”

“Yea, being on this team now, I see the prejudice and hatred.”

“Tell me again, how on earth did you sims come up with Twilight as appropriate vampire and werewolf material? Dracula’s more accurate than anything to how they really are. Actually, maybe those Cullens are rejects that spawned more rejects and instead of coming to this island, became glorified!”

“Could be. I don’t much care for it. My sister did.”

“You’ve got a sister?”


“Is she…?”

“No. She got away.”Somehow, Gingorts and I found ourselves wandering about the park. He decided to push me on a swing as I questioned him about his life before his death. He’d just gotten out of high school, he had to repeat the 11th grade twice, when a lab in his town went up in flames. The next thing he did after take off his cap and gown, was grab a knife and gun. The whole town went in lock-down, and many died trying to escape. Gingorts thinks that they were making up an excuse to the outside world, and the civilians that knew about the zombies were going to die as the only ones that knew the truth. He’d gotten bit on his left foot, he offered to show me the fading bite marks but I declined. He told me of how his parents were dead the second the outbreak began, and how he did all he could to protect his middle school aged sister. The last he saw of her, was her climbing the quarantine wall. The next he knew, he’d been taken in by the zombie community but soon spit out and landed here.

Gingorts stopped pushing me and I slowed down, he made his way to the swing next to me.“What’s your story?”

“I don’t have one. I was born a monster, I’ve never been anything else.”

“No way am I buying that. You’re the Fangs heiress, there’s got to have been something in your life that sets you a part from everyone else right?”

I stopped swinging and rocked, trying to decide how to start my tale…let alone if I should even tell him.

“I’m inter-sexed.” I clapped a hand over my mouth, I was thinking! I thought out loud?

“Oh. Uhm, so you’re…” He struggled with his words.

“I was born with a bit of both sexes. I identify as a female, since that where my life seems to fit. But it took me a terrible struggle to get here, as Leeta. In high school, when I found out about my condition, I took my brothers clothes and chopped my hair off. I became Lee. No matter what I did though, Leeta was always in the back of my mind, always there, sometime looking over my shoulder just waiting for me to return to where I needed to be. I became Lee to help me find where I was meant to be, who I was meant to be. Misty, that girl who lived with us, dated Lee. It didn’t work out but it helped me to see I’m both Lee and Leeta, and that they can co-exist within me as the new Leeta, me.”

Gingorts nodded, so I continued.

“My family wasn’t really any help. They just stood by with whatever I wanted, treated me like a delicate egg.”

“An egg?” He scoffed.


“You’re spoiled.”“I’m sorry?” I blinked in shock.

“You heard me, spoiled!” He leaned towards me, “Pampered, sheltered, protected, fluffed and primed. Spoiled.”

“How so? I share with you, I don’t look down on others…” I began to ramble.

“Your family did you a good family service by ignoring your please and tossing you to the wind. It’s good, but that’s not how life works. When you’re down, you can’t have someone always hold your hand and pat your head saying “there-there poor baby”. I never got that, I got the grow up, buck up, or shut up speeches. Granted I never had such a life changing situation, but I’m telling you, you’re living in a sheltered and rose-tinted world. Stay there, or the wolves will chew you alive.”

I swayed in my swing just letting his words soak in, I smiled.

“Everyone but my brother has always told me those sort of things. That it’ll be ok, that things will fall into place. That I’m special, they shot down anyone who spoke ill of me, they really did treat me like a precious egg about to break. I know now, things aren’t always going to be ok, and some things take work. You just can’t sit back and expect the world to fix itself into order for you, you’ve got to push it some times. Right?”

“Exactly.” He smiled.

“Then I’ll get a job!” I hopped out of my swing.

Gingorts did the same, “You’ve got old money though right? What do you need a job for?”

“To see the real world! I know the walls of the Fangs, but I don’t know how you live. I want to see it, I want to meet the people of this island and I want that manual labor.”Gingorts grabbed my hands. I winced, fearing my scaly skin wouldn’t be good for his own fragile skin.

“That’s a wonderful thought. The queen bee, leaving the hive to see how the drones work.”

I smiled, I’m sure that I was blushing too. I felt his fingers caress my palms, that sent shivers up my spine. Gran was right, Gingorts wasn’t just a friend to me.I managed to get a job in the police force. I wanted manual labor, I got it. I pulled some strings, perks of being an heiress, and got Gingorts on the force as well, per his request of course. It was wonderful, when our schedules matched, we’d leave with each other and return to my home. Gingorts declined my offer to live in the house, he appreciated it but it didn’t suit him at the moment. Raquel and Daemon moved out soon after Misty, looking to start a life together of their own it seemed. I fantasized about Gingorts living with me. Me waking up to find him eating breakfast at the table in his pajamas, me catching him on trips to and from the bathroom in a towel, finding him sleeping on the sofa when he’s too tired to make it to his room…I loved it.

I looked forward to the days Gingorts would come over for food. He’d always stay and watch Tv with me, chat, play some chess, he’d just stay. I wanted him to stay, I hated when he went home, I always found myself longing that night would hurry and leave so Gingorts would return. He was younger than me, but he was so full of things that left me in awe. We could have very deep conversations on nearly any topic, but my favorite was speaking about our personal feelings on personal matters and him opening up new doors for new ways of thinking. Every conversation seemed to have an adventure for me, and a new method of self exploration.

Yes, I wanted Gingorts to stay. To stay with me, only me, live with me, love me. Well llama! It just popped into my head, love. When had I fallen in love with him? How long had it been? I stared at him, marveling at how I managed to grow such strong feelings for him in such a short period of knowing him. In my head, it screamed danger, you barely know him! But the rest of me screamed to shut up and love him. That was one of my downfalls, being so trusting of people and never looking for the bad, just to wonderful. But in this case, it didn’t seem to bad. I wondered, as I stared at him, how Gingorts felt about me. He noticed me watching, he smiled at me, but our gaze never broke.Just like our kiss. I’d kissed Misty, a few other boys too, but this was a completely new kiss. This was completely new territory. This was a man, this was love, I couldn’t believe it.

Right then, right there, I knew he’d stay. I knew that Gingorts would always be by my side, I knew exactly how he felt about me. I saw all of the fantasies become my reality, I saw our conversations going on for eternity, I knew my life would be wonderful from them on. Gingorts would make sure of it, in his own special way with his very special words.
Right down to the ring on my finger, I could feel it all over though. The love we had, I could only hope that those who were to come after me, my children and their children, would be able to find a love like this. It was pure, soft and sweet. I promised myself that this was a feeling that would never change, I’m certain Gingorts made the same self promise, and that’s what bound us together. For eternity.

Generation 6 Chapter 8: A-ha

[little note: I got a job (: but that means school, real life, and now work are on my plate. I’ll still update as often as I can, but it may be few and far in between.]

I stood in my room just swaying. Sort of in a stasis, not doing anything, not trying to do anything, not really daydreaming, just there. Llama that was boring. That’s when Gran burst into my room, and threw herself into the sofa.“I heard you had a date!” She squealed.

“That’s not what it was. He’s just a good person, I’m sure it meant nothing to him. Just like my hospitality.”

“Oh wow, hum drum and glum! So unlike you Leeta! What happened Sugar Nip?”

“I checked that stupid dating site and had a ton of messages from one guy. They were sweet, sounded sincere, and he really wanted to meet me so I agreed. When I got there, he thought I was a boy. He left, I hurt my foot, and Gingorts offered to listen to my woes.”


“The guy that was here, he’s a zombie. I only know where he works, no idea where he hangs out or just where the plumbob he’s at day to day.”

“A zombie you say? They don’t do too much, they’re pretty laid back species until they’re hungry. How do you feel safe when the feeding frenzy starts?”

“He’s a vegan. And I’m part dragon, there’d be no way he could get through this skin even if he wanted.”

“Still zombies are your opposite. You need a ton of moisture, they can’t or they’ll start to rip and sag.”

“He’s a friend!”

“Don’t snap at me, come sit by Gran.”“Think about this, if he were a friend and nothing more to you, would your mood really be so affected as it is?”

“I think so.”

“No, I mean think really hard about it. Misty calls you a name, you brush it off. I get in your way, you brush it off. Daemon gets on your nerves, you brush it off. Gingorts vanishes and because you don’t know much about him or where to find him, you’re upset.”

“Yea, that makes sense…”

I rubbed my hands along my leggings, soaking it in and wondering why it was that I was in an off mood. Was it because I really wanted him as a friend? Was it because I wanted to say sorry for having insulted him? Oh yea.

“When he was over we played chess. I told him he’s welcome to swing by for a meal anytime, said it was part of my duties as leader, I pretty much called him a charity case.”

“We Fangs have a bad habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. That’s pretty much why your mother broke contact.”

“Gran? Can you please tell me about it? I need to know.”“Of course Leeta. It’s high time I cut my charade, I can’t pull it off like your Grandfather.”

“Can you tell me about him too?”

“Interested in family history? Good. You’ll be able to prevent mistakes we haven’t learned from. Well,” she took a deep breath, “I’d just ended my engagement to a terrible man. Controlling, unattached, just awful. In rebellion I went to my favorite club, my siblings and I always went. There was a guy there with large ears like your brother, your eyes and hair color. You look so much like Jostle, that was his name. He followed me around, keeping an eye on me, and took me home. He took me home. Well I found out I was pregnant. That was all I knew. I wanted nothing to do with the pregnancy, I knew nothing about it at all, when it came time I was lucky to make it to full term. I was induced, knocked out, and the babies were born. I didn’t know I had girls, or triplets. Nothing.”

“How did you not know?” I breathed, it felt weird to know that my mom and aunts were unknown and previously unwanted.

“I had money, money talks. So they went away. Years later they showed up. They were run-away teen music stars and looked to me. Their father had found them, raised them, and made their life as miserable as he could. I’d been a very bad person, abandoning things left and right and stomping on people as I pleased. He was teaching me to reverse all that. I took my children and with the connections I had, came here. Your Grandfather was Jostle Murk, a pure imp. He was born from malicious thoughts, and he’d been watching us since my Great-Grandmother was around. He helped save my mother from being destroyed by her sister, and he helped me.”

“So we’re imp? And what do you mean Great-Grandmother’s sister wanted to destroy you all?”

“That’s a story for another time hun. Well when you two were born, I went crazy. I don’t know what happened. I missed out on that baby period, I guess I wanted it back. I bought you guys your first clothes, I fed you first foods without Midge knowing, I woke you guys up just to hold you. Whenever you cried I snatched you from your mother’s arms, something you never do. Understand? Never take a baby out of the mother’s arms, ever. I saw you guys as my do-over babies, not my grandkids. I called myself, Mommy. You mother was at the end of the rope, telling me to back off didn’t work so she cut me off. I was distraught, I saw you two as my babies, I won’t lie sometimes I still do. I have to remind myself I’m grandma and my time to be mommy is long gone.”“I feel so silly. Everyone was telling me that Mom was right but I was so against what she did. I have to be honest Gran, if anyone tried to replace me to my  future children I’d see less of them too.”

“At-a girl!” Gran cheered.

I was taken a-back. Had I really just said that? I swayed on the sofa, smiling softly.

“That’s why I’m here. Midge resumed speaking to me and I caught up on your life. I was feeling anxious, you’re such a sweet girl but you don’t speak up. You’re a Fangs! You’re not a doormat, we’ve got that “get what we want, when we want it” running in our blood! Leeta, I tried to make myself a bad guy just like Jostle did to my daughters, to get you to kick yourself and find your spine. I may have failed but please, tell me what you really think of things I’ve done.”

“Well,” I played with my bangs, “you just moved in. Normal people don’t tell you that they’re moving in, they wait for the offer. This is my house now, I’m the leader, you had your chance. Also that dating site, that was sweet. I thank you for trying to help, I could see your good intentions, but you completely stomped on a boundary, so I’m shutting it down.”

“Good for you. Very, very good.”

“But how come you’ve decided to tell me?”

“I found my journal open and figured one of you knew, so that meant all of you. also, you’re at a now very stressful part of your life, love. You don’t need your Gran getting in the way.”

“Thanks Gran.”

The door opened and we were soon joined by Misty.“Your bother and your Gran’s nurse are getting too cozy so I came here. Having some girl-talk?”

“What do you mean by cozy?”

“Nothing. Leeta, you ok? That Gingorts guy didn’t sound that great to me.”

“Good, he’s not for you.” Gran snapped.

“Gran,” I shushed her, “I just hurt his feelings.”

“You going to see him again?”

“Yea, I think so. I hope so.  I just have to find him.”

“Oh well, that’s wonderful! I’m really here to tell you that I’m moving out. Good-bye!”

She shoved herself up from the sofa and briskly left. I looked to Gran, I’m certain we had the same facial expression. I quickly picked myself up and followed her.“Misty!”

She was staggering down the hall, holding onto the wall as she went. She stopped and turned to look at me, a solemn expression on her face.

“I’m moving out. You can’t stop me.”

“Misty, what’s the matter? What’s wrong?”

“You! Me! Everything! I was a fool! I moved in with you because I had these fantasies of us sneaking into each other’s rooms, being secret lovers. Leeta, I never stopped loving you. I realized too late that it didn’t matter what gender you were. I fell in love with you, and I never stopped but I did try. I always hoped you’d return to me, that you’d stop seeing me as just a friend.”

I stood there, unsure of what to do. I didn’t realize Misty still had feelings for me, I never knew.

“But now that, that Gingorts guy was here reality hit me. I finally realized your feelings for me were gone. That was high school, the past and you had long since moved on. You’d never come back, and I can’t live her. I can’t handle it, I’m so selfish. But I just can’t, good-bye.”She turned to walk but I flung my arms around her.

“What’re you doing!?”

“I’m sorry you were hurting, I’m sorry I wasn’t the one for you. I hope you find her.”

I let her go, there were tears in her eyes. She back away, smiling now.

“I hope you find your guy too, if he’s not Gingorts.”

And then she was gone.

Generation 6 Chapter 7: Gingorts

“Ugh! Why, why, why!?”

I’d gone to the meeting place for the date I’d met over that online dating site. He looked nothing like his photo, big beer belly and droopy eyes. When he saw me, he started to rock the table. I don’t know why I kept walking, oh but I did. I sat down, and smiled. He just looked at me and said,
“Please don’t tell me that you’s Leeta Fangs? I specifically remember you being girl, why’re you a boy?”

I sat there for a long time, he left after that, just sitting there and feeling like a fool.I finally had enough and decided to return home, of course not before I slammed the metal chair leg onto the bare part of my foot.

“Are you ok?” I heard a heavy voice say.

Startled, I turned around. There was a grey man with a long face and muscular build, standing there in his uniform. I guess he was here to tell me to stop loitering and go home or something. He rolled his clear colored eyes around a couple of times before focusing onto me.

“Nope.” I huffed.

“Anything I can do?”

“I don’t want any food.”

“That’s ok. We won’t eat then. But where I come from the last thing you do is abandon a woman with worries.”

“That’s the first I’ve heard that. I’m Leeta Fangs.”

“I am Gingorts Duffler, zombie reject.”

“You’re the first generation here?”

“Yes, first of my family to be a fully function vegan Zombie. Please, let me accompany you somewhere to clear your mind.”

“Can we…can we go to the art museum?”Gingorts was an odd man. He came off as a very laid back man, but actually was very alert and very serious. He spoke lazily, it was a calming and gentle voice like the voice recordings on children’s read-a-long books. We didn’t speak much in the museum. He stuck close to me as we wandered from art piece to art piece, nodding and smiling at things. It’s usually very awkward for me to be left alone with a stranger yet have to stay with them, but with Gingorts, I was at complete ease.

“I’m all for modern art and all but what the heck is this?”

“Maybe we’re looking at it wrong? Oh no, my skin’s peeling.”

“What’s wrong with your skin? You need moisturizer?”

“Sort of. Being dead, my skin doesn’t fall off. But being alive, new skin is still being made. So once a week I’ve got to go to the Spa and have my skin sloughed off. There’s a spa here right?”

“Yes, how long have you been here?”

“Only 3 days. I got this job in hopes of getting free food, but they don’t do that. It sucks, I was literally dropped into the ocean and left to fend for myself.”

“I’m sorry to hear tat. I’m sure your life will get much better though.”

“I hope so.”

We heard a weird squeal and a rumble. He rolled his eyes around again and looked away. I just smiled.

“If it’s free food you want, come back to my place! You can slough off your skin in our tub, I’ll lend you some of my brother’s clothes?”

“I don’t want to impose, so thank you for your offer.”I showed Gingorts to the bathroom after I’d taken some of my brother’s clothing. I’d let him know that there were 4 people living with me. He thanked me and went into the bathroom with the promise of food once he was done. I sat nervously on the sofa waiting for him. Misty wandered in, smiled to me, then plopped down on the smaller sofa.

“Hey Misty? Just to let you know, I’ve got a man over.”

“That doesn’t interest me.”

“Aw come on! I want to tell you. His name’s Gingorts! He’s a zombie, first generation on the island, and he’s int eh bath. I’m going to feed him once he comes out. He’s really cool, a gentleman. I met him after the blind date went sour.”

“I said this doesn’t interest me.”

“Are you ok Misty?”


I left Mity alone, she fidgeted time to time. Gingorts had been in the bath for a long time. I was getting worried. Was he ok? Did it really take that long to slough skin off? Would I find large piles of skin? I had to stop myself, I was making myself feel sick. I was starting to question whether I should knock on the door or not.

“Oh cool, chess! Leeta come play?”I joined Gingorts at the chess table.

“Aren’t you hungry?”

“I hope you don’t mind but I smelled food so I took the first left. A nice white eyed girl gave me food and I met your brother.”

“Oh, Raquel and Daemon! Well, that’s nice. Would you like leftovers to take home?”

“I don’t have a home.” He sighed.


“I said I don’t have a home.”

I moved my piece and sighed, “But where’re you staying?”

“I’m currently under a large rock on the beach. It’s ok there, I’ll just save up money then get a real place to stay.”

I bit my lip, I wanted so badly to just offer him a room. But Gran and Raquel had moved in and occupied the left over rooms.

“You’re more than welcome to come back here and eat Gingorts.”

“I do not want to impose on you, you’re not responsible for me.”

“I’m the heiress of the Fangs. Part of my job is to ensure that kindness and compassion is spreading.”

“So…I am part of your job?”


Gingorts raised his clear eyes to mine. I noticed a very subtle hint of blue in them, he blinked a few times and looked back at the board. We didn’t say another word. Eventually it was 11 pm and Gingorts said his good-byes. I felt awful that he had to go, to sleep under a rock. Alone, I went into the kitchen.“Tell me ‘m not an awful person!” I demanded.

“Huh? Hey that Gingorts guy was really cool. Where’d you meet him? That dating site?”

“No, well sort of indirectly. The blind date didn’t happen but Gingorts hung out with me to calm me down.”

“That’s wonderful.” Raquel smiled.

“We’ve got great news ourselves. Everything that Gran’s doing, it’s all set up!”


“Raquel was looking for Gran’s medication when she found a journal! We read it and it turns out Gran’s got this plan to make you learn to hate her, so you find your backbone and command of your life!”

“It turns out that your Grandmother learned this from the father of her daughters, it’s to help you in the long run!”

“But don’t let Gran know that you know ok?”

“But why is she doing this?” I stamped my foot in utter confusion.

“You know how everyone but you was upset that she did everything she did? Moving in and the dating site? She’s trying so hard to show you that you’re a doormat and won’t speak up against others for fear of hurting their feelings!”

“Oh llama!”

Raquel and Daemon looked at me, then each other, then back to me. I covered my mouth in terror.

“I insulted Gingorts! I basically called him my charity project! I don’t know when he works, where he hangs out, nothing but his name and where he sleeps and where he works! I just lost a good friend.”

Generation 6 Chapter 4: Freed

You ever have those moments, where things have just built up and you explode? Lately all I’ve been feeling is a rumbling, something, somewhere, deep within me there was an explosion waiting to come out. The kids at school, they loved Lee. After Misty and I patched back together, she loved me. My whole family, they supported me. Everyone around me seem to know who I was, what I was to do, but I realized I couldn’t look at a mirror. I couldn’t figure out who’s face I saw, I didn’t know what hair was on my head, there was a stranger I couldn’t get to know. So I could feel that everything inside wasn’t going to be dormant for long.

My mystery friend on my instant messenger popped in every so often. I loved to hear from them, I loved that they loved me. I loved how they added one more bubble into my impending explosion.

“Do it. Just do it!”

That was all I needed from my dearest friend.“What do you mean? What’s going on!?”

“It’s as I’ve said, there’s no hope of a future for you and I. I can’t…I just…I…no.”

Misty and I were supposed to go see a movie today, a romantic comedy, but what she got instead was a tragedy. I was ending our double cover up relationship.

“No. Please, please! I’m begging you. I’m so certain you were made for me Lee! You’re like no on I’ve ever known before, touched before, kissed before! Please, don’t leave me. Don’t end our beautiful story. Lee!”

She grasped at my jacket, er well my brother’s jacket. I stepped back. The tears flowed down her face and plopped onto the ground in heavy drops. Her raspy voice was shaking as she tried to touch me. It hurt me to see her like this, I felt so stupid.

“I’m so sorry Misty,” I croaked “but I should’ve never asked you out. I thank you for helping me, I’m so sorry I hurt you. You really do mean so much to me. I just…” the tears poured out of my own eyes.

“I’m sorry if I did anything wrong. I’m sorry if I’ve made you mad! Please, tell me what I can do to keep you by my side. Please. I’ll never tell anyone that you were Leeta, I’d never try to hurt you. I love you, I won’t stop, please! Reconsider!”

“It’s not your fault, I just can’t be this anymore. I can’t be a lie! We can’t be a lie, we were a lie Misty! We were a lie to ourselves, to the world.” I sobbed.

“Why’re you crying?”

“Because, I hurt you. I hurt myself. But mainly you’re in so much pain and it’s all my fault.”

“…you’re right. This should never have happened. I should never have approached you. Is there really nothing we can do?” She whispered as her tear stained face was once again under water.

I shook my head. Misty grabbed her arms and hugged herself, swaying before me. She looked at her feet and shook her head for awhile. I wiped my face on my sleeve and waited for her to calm herself down. I don’t know how long we stood like that, really I just wanted to turn back time and say to her “let’s be friends” when I first saw her on my porch. That was 7 months ago, my chest heaved. I lied for an entire 7 months. I should’ve told Misty to go find a girl to love that would pass for a better guy, I should’ve told myself the way to learning to be a boy was not through using a girl. I clenched my fist, I felt so ashamed.

“Can we be friends?” I croaked.

She never stopped swaying, she never looked up.

“Unless you don’t want to…”

“No. I do. I want to be in your life…no I want you in mine. Maybe our friendship will fare better?” I heard her giggle.


“Good-bye Lee. I’ll contact you when I’m ready.”

With that she left, I stared after her. I inhaled deeply and rolled my shoulders back, now I had to finish it all.I’m not sure when I realized I was brushing my teeth at 5 pm on a Saturday. I remembered walking into the bathroom but I didn’t mean to come in here to brush my teeth. I paused and cast a glance in the mirror.

“Who are you.” I demanded from the reflection.

I threw my head down to spit but ended up staggering back from having whacked my head on the counter. I tripped on the rug and fell on my bottom. I sat there as the tooth brush slipped from my hand and clattered to the floor. I began to sob, I was throwing myself a pity party and I had no intentions of stopping it. I drew my knees to my chest, hugging them and rocking myself as I cried there on the bathroom floor. I felt so lost, so confused, so much like a teenage girl on a bad drama show. Why couldn’t I have just been born purely boy or girl? Why’d I have to be a mix of both? Why’d I have to decide what gender to be? I buried my face in my jeans as I continued to rock myself, wishing that the universe had been kinder to me and spared me from such internal conflict.

Girl. I hit me, I referred to myself as a teenage girl. Was this because I saw myself as I girl? Was that what I wanted to be, did I want to be a girl, was I a girl? I rolled to the side, completely forgetting that my toothbrush was there, and got toothpaste all over the side of my face. That was enough to set my tears off again, and now I was laying on the bathroom floor with toothpaste on my face and sobbing everywhere. I rocked on my back, digging for the answers. I saw him go to the cage door, Leeta was smiling, he let her out. He took hold of her hand and helped her down and out of her prison, they continued to hold hands as they walked out of my view. I smiled to myself as the tears flowed. With the pity party ove, the guest of honor, me, picked herself up and walked to the counter happy and calm.I couldn’t get over how chilly I felt now. How weird it felt, and how so little of my old clothes still fit me. When did my body change? I made a mental note of how I’d have to go shopping soon before what fit me had to go. I closed the drawer and looked at the clothes Lee had worn. I pinched myself, no need to say Lee like he’s a separate person. Lee was now one with Leeta, he was in me, he was me, he is me and so is Leeta. I was both of them, somehow that eluded me this entire time. I was going to live as Leeta would have, but with Lee thrown into the mix. I loved my bright colors, my soft clothes, the dresses that flowed in the wind and the cute heels. Lee showed my how practical short hair was, how it didn’t get snagged or wrapped in the screws on the back of chairs, it saved money on hair products, and made washing it easier. I gently picked up and the clothes and inhaled them, they smelled different. They smelled like a boy, I remembered now, when I wore these I used to use Hammer bodyspray. I smiled and shook my head, I was happy there was a line for women now. I folded the clothes and set them on the hamper, leaning to stretch when I was done. I caught sight of my underarms, I hadn’t missed shaving but I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

Happy and content, I swung my arms back and forth as I looked around my room. It felt great to be me.


“Hey mom!” I called.


“Can you take me to the hair salon tomorrow?”

“What for?”

“Why else?”

“The attitude, watch it!”

“Sorry, but can you mom?”

“If you don’t tell me what for young man the answer’s no.”

“Uuuh…for my hair!”

“Lee! What did I tell you about the-““Well I want some hair extensions.”

“Leeta!”All was quiet after that. Life went by, Misty and I became friends, and I didn’t end up going to prom. What I did get was this house  and the title of heiress. Mom said how her grandmother’s sister was jealous and evil that she hadn’t gotten the title of heiress, but how siblings of generations after she died were thrilled to not have it. This held true, Daemon was a nervous wreck that our parents had chosen him, but when he found out they had named me he threw his hands in the air and cheered. I had no idea why, being the leader sounded like fun! It was like a giant game of tag and I’d pick who was “It” next. Mom and dad moved out, Misty moved in, and we renovated. Ok fine, we tore down the told home and built this little cutie.“Ha! You’re so naive! You really think this house you’ve built will withstand anyone that tries to get in?”

“It will! No one has any idea we’re here! It’s the perfect disguise and trap at the same time!”

“Trap? Trap whom? A llama?”

“No but we’re getting close aren’t we brother dear?”

“Oooh Leeta’s got burns and I’ve got aloe. Your remarks make no difference. I stand by what I say.”

“And what is it that you say?”

“You’re going to lead this family to failure. Step down, let me take charge. You’re going to ruin years of hard work just like that!”“So you think you can do better?”

“I know I can!”

“Puh! I don’t believe it. I’ve done this for how long now? One mistake and you want my head. We’re fine, settle down.”

“No! I’m going to claim the spot you have, this family needs someone that knows what they’re doing. You’ve already messed up, no need for me to let you have another chance to do it again!”

“I’m the leader, that’s how it’s going to stay!”

“Are you two still playing that stupid game?” Misty called.“Shaddup you dang banshee!”

“Pfft, whatever donkey boy.”

Daemon and Misty often had what I liked to call friendly banters. I must say, I didn’t like to be interrupted when playing our Legacy game. Daemon and I have been playing the same game file since we were 18, we were now 25 and going strong. To really make it fun, I was playing as the Legacy leader while being an actual leader in real life.

“Leeta, tell your instant messenger friend that we have a house guest that hogs all the stupid.”

I’d told my brother and Misty about Grdlr22. Neither of them knew who that person was, but I knew I really wanted to meet them. I couldn’t ask though, internet predators and everything, but still it was pleasant to have maintained contact with my mystery friend all these years.

“Hey I’m doing you a favor. When you hog all of the ugly, stupid just makes it worse!”

“Stop you two.” I whined.


They both glared at each other in disgust over having responded in unison.  Misty plopped on the couch as Daemon and I battled a dragon I’d accidentally let into the village, the irony being our dad’s a dragon.“Anyways, your grandmother asked me to leave the door unlocked so she can just come in.”

“Shut up you harpy!”

“No one’s speaking to you Dumbo!”

“Guys!” I whined again.

I’d invited my Grandmother over. It had been so long since I’d seen her, mom kept her at a distance from us. I really valued family, really wanted them close, so it killed me that my mom had estranged her from us. Blood was thicker than everything, it was a titanium bond and no matter what it could never be broken. Daemon sighed, he said mom had her reasons and it was probably for the best, that granny may be a toxic person. I scoffed, she was our grandmother you know? Grannies love and spoil their family and they’re so old, they deserve the utmost respect, I’ll never understand how mom could do such a thing.

“She said she’s got herself a live in nurse since she’s old. What she like?” Misty smiled.

“I forget.”


“See that’s what you get for hogging all the stupid. Our mom pretty much pushed our grandmother out of our lives, I say she must’ve had a good reason to. Our mom’s a sensible woman.”

“Don’t listen to him Misty, mom was probably angry and she probably regrets it. You know how mom gets when she’s angry Daemon.”

“I don’t know. I mean I don’t really know your family…but if your grandmother wasn’t the greatest person I certainly wouldn’t want that exposed to my children. You know? My dad sucks, that’s wy i moved out as fast as possible. I’m his kid and he can’t even accept me!”

“Wow. I actually agree with you Sloppy. See Leeta?”

“You two are overreacting! Family is the strongest thing. You can always have different friends, you can always love different people, but you’ll only ever have one mom or dad. Misty, I really think you should try to speak to your dad and he’ll see how much you love him.”

“Leeta man, you’er just asking for trouble. Granny may not be the one you’re hopeful for…”


“Hello?” we heard a faint voice call.

“Hello?” We responded.

We heard the clicking of heels and smelled a sweet aroma of flora.“Hi, I’m Raquel. Raquel Deal. I’m the live in nurse for your grandmother. It’s a pleasure to meet you all. Ms. Maris has told me so much about you guys. She’ll be coming soon by the way, she insisted I head here without her so here I am!”

Raquel walked briskly to take the seat next to Misty. She was adorable! She had a small face and chubby cheeks, the way she squeaked when she spoke reminded me of a baby mouse on a cartoon. She was shy, that was easy to see, I wanted to just go get her a drink of hot chocolate! I really hoped she’d fit in perfectly and that we’d be able to make her feel at home whenever she came by.

“Hey Dumbo, get your mouth off the floor. Don’t want to kill flies.”“Dumbo?” Raquel asked, her voice was tiny and soft.


Daemon pounded the buttons and resumed the game, I quickly fumbled around with the buttons to play as well.

“Nah his name’s Daemon, he’s the twin doofus brother of Leeta.”

“I’m Leeta, and this is indeed my twin. I’m the current heiress of the Fangs, thanks so much for coming over! Would you like to play?” I nodded to the TV.

She shook her head and fidgeted at her knees.

“You’re so adorable!” Misty squealed.

Raquel turned her face to her dress and muttered a “thanks” as she squirmed some more.

“Hey Dumbo stop staring at her! You’re making her uncomfortable!”

“I’m not staring! And if it’s anything it’s you, stop trying to get in her pants!”

“Raquel, they do this all the time. I’m sorry if it bugs you!” I sighed as I stomped on my brother’s foot.

“I’m alright,” she said in her tiny voice as she rose her blushing face “it’s a little funny.”

Her pure white eyes looked gently from under her long lashes, I heard my brother choke.

“I’m going to go look for Grandma!” Daemon declared and tossed his controller to Misty.


(Sorry guys I’ve been so busy but I’ve been working on this for a long time. I’ll play when I’ve got freetime  again (: also if you want here’s a good look at the new house )