Generation 7 Chapter 6: Ahoy

“Get up, we’re going out.”

Getting up that morning, I felt odd. You ever get those moments where you’re thinking about something, and you feel like it will happen? I woke up, with something bad was going to happen. Mencil and I were engaged, into 4 months of dating. Was it quick? Yes. Were we rushing into it? Yes. But I felt so safe, so protected, so wrapped up in warmth and love. Mencil gave me everything and anything I wanted, and as a person that loves getting everything I want when I want it I couldn’t ask for more. Well, I could but it’s the sentiment that counts.“Mmm! What’re we doing?”

“Does it matter? I said get up, so get up.”

“Yes love.”

I was about to announce to the island my engagement. As an heiress and with such influence in this place, I had to let the people know that I was moving forward and they could expect little Fangs sometime in the near future. I planned to hit the beach, the mall, one restaurant, a daycare or two and then the park. Mencil would be by my side making sure I was safe and be showing off my ring for me by holding my hand, his precious wife to be.Everyone congratulated me, congratulated the Fangs and us as a couple. They asked the token questions, when’s the big day, would it be televised, how many kids, and where would be taking our honeymoon. One man from my family’s Evil connections, thanks to my Great-Great-Grandfather Flake Fangs, stopped us with a proposition.

“So as your husband, Lady Fangs, will Mencil still remain as your body guard?”

“He will.”

“Then, how about this? We set up some stronger security systems for your land, let this guy train our new guys, and continue to serve your family like we have for generations?”

“I’m not interested. You guys are last resort, you know that. The Fangs aren’t…angels ugh thank llama, but to have openly seen ties to the Evil Organization would definitely frighten a ton of monsters away. Monsters I need to build the family name up and stronger.”

“Hey, hey! Your relative, Flake Fangs, was our emperor until his death. Then Maris took over and used us to get your family here. They used us for good and benefits, come on, we’re built into your blood. We’re the claws of the Fangs!”

“I don’t know if you’re just stupid or stubborn but my answer was no and when I say no, it’s no. Do I need to brand that onto your forehead!?”

This guy, he had some nerve. So what if my family and the Organization were interconnected? I was leader now, my word is law, and my law was no more of it. He was getting ready to try and persuade me, Mencil was getting ready to shove this guy into a tree, but then I turned my head and they both vanished.I saw this guy. This guy was just staring me down, like drilling holes into me. It was getting really annoying when he didn’t seem to notice that I noticed him. I know I’m gorgeous, powerful, and getting a glimpse of me was getting a glimpse of history in the making, but right now wasn’t a moment that I wanted attention. I loved attention, I loved having it all, but arguing with this guy wasn’t the best time. I examined him. He looked dirty, tired, he was wearing a pirate outfit, and he looked like someone that had seen too much of the world too soon. He looked like a…like a…
“Brute.” I huffed.

I clamped my hand over my mouth. Brute! Harnish! Oh my llama, plumbob! That was Harnish, my old friend, my first love, my first heart-breaker, Harnish Ledger! His eyes lit up as mine watered, and he came dashing towards me.“Momo!”

“Ha..ha!” I breathed, amazed that this man was Harnish.

“Uhm, Mammon, love…who is this man embracing you?”

“Oh my, how touching. Your future wife look mighty friendly.”

“Shut up!”

“Oh Mencil, this is Harnish! Harnish Ledger from so long ago! I’ve missed you!”

“Uhm, that’s nice. But…people are looking.”

“Oh! oh of course, let’s go somewhere. Let’s go to my home! We’ve so much catching up to do. Come on, come on!”

I rushed my fiance and old friend away from the park and quickly towards my home. Mencil kept protesting, Harnish just kept laughing.“Well, congrats on your engagement Momo!”

“Yes, thank you, we both thank you, now get out and leave us to plan our wedding?”

“Mencil stop being rude or we won’t have a wedding.”

“But Momo!”

“Don’t call me that! Harnish, how’ve you been? How’s life?”

“Well, as good as can be? My parents took me back and we fought the Brute community, but Brutes, well Brutes are Brutes. My parents went in, teeth bared, but they never came back. So I ran, how could I defend myself when I was as good as a Sim? I hid in a box, and when I came out the box was on a ship! A pirate ship! Jelly Beard was his name, and he took me in. He taught me everything I needed to know to survive both on land and on the waters.”

“Oh you’re a pirate. Big whoop.”

“Mencil! You know Harnish, Mencil’s a brute too.”

“Oh?”“Yea, I’m a reject brute. I served as a bodyguard for Sims. Goths, Landgraabs, you know the big names?”

“Wow. You’re not like any Brute I’ve ever met.”

“What do you expect? I’m a reject.”

“True. Well, where you from? Brutasia? Burskia? Brustania?”


“Oh…you are. I heard it’s lovely there. What do those purple birds with the red flowers for eyes do in the summer again?”

“They just swim…they get hot…so they swim.”

Styra came in, she stared at Harnish. Mencil looked at her, I felt him twitch.

“Mencil! I need your help lifting some heavy machinery. Come do that for me please, ok, thank you!”

“Excuse me.” Mencil left the room.

Harnish looked at me, and I felt something surge through me. I felt safe…warm…everything Mencil made me feel, I felt stronger with Harnish. He’d really grown into something…wonderful?I stood up from the sofa, my eyes never leaving Harnish. He mimicked me, a small smile caressed his face. I thought about when we were children, when we were so close and happy. I wondered what our lives would have been like had he never went away. It felt like he never left. It felt like all of the years without him were just bad dreams when he was standing here with me. Somehow, we were embracing each other. His hands were playing in my hair, my chin was resting in the warm crook of his neck. I thought about Mencil, what would he think if he saw us now. My heart twisted.

“Come with me Momo. Let’s run away, let’s go live on a ship.”

My heart quickened. I thought about that, about leaving everything, about just being with him and only him, just us. The Fangs!

“I have a responsibility, a duty. I can’t leave. I’ve a fiance, whom I love. Old friend, I still care about you, but Mencil and I are to be wed. I hope we can still be friends. I’ve missed you.”

“You’re in danger.”


“Bruskia is fake. I named random gibberish off of the top of my head. There’s no way Mencil’s a Brute. Even a Brute is a Brute, and he’s definitely not. He’s the same scent as the woman that took him away. I fear his plotting something, Momo, you’ve got to get away from them.”

“No! Styra’s been with me for years. I trust her as much as I trust you. Mencil’s in love with me, he’d never let anything hurt me.”

“Something’s wrong! You’ve got believe me, what would I have to gain by lying to you!?”I quickly let go of him and pried him off of me. I took a step back from him. I felt a pang in my head, it shook me a little bit. But how could Harnish say such things!? How could he accuse me of living in danger when he left me? And why was I still bitter!?

“You’ve got me.”


“You’ve got me to gain! You leave me, at 14. A young, impressionable age where I’m full on attached to you and run away to the sea!? You’re a pirate for llama’s sake. I know they loot and they plunder, how many females were there? Can you even remember?”

“No! No! There were…some but not many and I swear if I could, I wouldn’t never have left but that’s too late to change! Forgive me for that Momo, I wasn’t there. But I’m here now and I’m back to protect you!”

“Your place has been filled, you’re not needed! Get out of my house!”


“It’s too late to come back and try to fit into my life! There’s no room.”

“Mammon! Please, I promise you. I love you, I never stopped I swear. I just…I’m a man of my word. I promised to stay and protect, I’ll uphold the protect part! Please! Listen to me!”

He reached for my hand, pleading, begging. I yanked my hand away in disgust, I wished so badly for Mencil to return and see this, to save me.

“I am Mammon Fangs, and you need to get the llama out!”

I turned on my heels, evading his attempts to grab me, and stormed to my room.“I was a fool to trust you! You let another man in this house? And her old flame no less! Her first love! You idiot, I will kill you.”

“Styra please, please! Just give me one more chance! I’ll marry her, we’ll have a kid and I’ll have him sign over the Fangs to our family!”

“My family! Mencil, I hereby declare you disowned, you no longer have the rights or access to the Yipperky name.”

“No! Please, just one more! Please, please!”

“Idiot! I’ll charm her. I should’ve done that from the get go. Charm her and have her sign it over. Then, kill her. I’ll kill her in-front of you, that’ll teach you to ever disobey orders again! How could you let yourself fall in love with such a low form of life!?”

“I…I…I love her! Ok there I said it! We can do this without violence! We can work it out, maybe we can join the families!?”

“You admit it!? Ugh that’s sick. You’re sick. Do you even know the woman you’re marrying? There will be bloodshed to make the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s blush before she ever willingly signed a joint agreement or any sort of contract that took some power from the Fangs!”

“I can get through to her, I know her, the real her!”

“Does she know the real you!? You know she only fell for you through the charm. You idiot, llama, fool! How much in love is she? Had you never fed her that charm to speed things up, you think you’d have the rings? Ha! Pathetic! Oh..she’s coming. You, trap her in her room. I’ll handle it myself, as I should have.”


I was standing in my room contemplating everything. Not even 10 minutes ago, I was happy and fuzzy. Harnish had come back and I was thinking about how life was wonderful, how complete I felt, and how we had so much catching up to do. But here I was, throwing him out of the house because he was bad-mouthing my fiance. It felt so odd, considering…I loved him. I still loved him. I was pacing around, trying to make sense of it all when Mencil ran in.“Mencil?”

“We’ve got to go, and I’ll explain. Grab everything important, we’re leaving!”


“I’m not a Brute! I’m a reject warlock. My sister, Styra, is a witch. Our plan was to come in and take over the Fangs because…Styra hates rejects and hates that a reject family has so much power. She’s going to kill you now, come on!”

“Oh my llama. Harnish was right! Who the plumbob are you!?”

“I’m still me! I’m still Mencil, sworn to protect you and love you! I’ll die before she gets to you, I won’t let her get to you! Please, let’s go now!”

“I don’t want to die!”

“I know, please! I’m sorry I lied to you, I’m sorry we charmed you into the loving me. And that drink, no accident. I’ll repent another time, now we’ve got to go!”

“I…I trust you. Ok, help me!”I looked into Mencil’s eyes. There was nothing but truth in them. I couldn’t believe it, all this time I really was in danger. Harnish was right…he was still protecting me…but Mencil…

“I love you. On my own, I know I do.” I stated.

Mencil turned to me, a look of relief on his face. My heart twitched again. I searched myself as fast as I could while I ran around gathering papers, Mencil helping me. The charm…I don’t care if I was still under it or not, Mencil was here and I needed him now. I needed him to get me out and safely. I still had feelings for him but I’d weigh that against the pros and cons when I wasn’t worrying over my life. I’d look at him now and again, and he’d look at me. I trusted him, I had no choice. I loved him, I had no choice, but it wasn’t because of the charm. I promised myself that.

We were just about ready to make our escape, when Styra burst in.“Oh my plumbob, really!? Yet another betrayal? So I guess he told you everything?”

“He told me everything. You’d better give up on your path of power.”

“Oh? Guess that means I’m fired now. Oh well, I’ll kill you either way. It would’ve been great to have whatever power and wealth your pathetic little family managed to gather. But as long as the Fangs end here, I really don’t care!”

My heart quickened. If Styra was the witch, then I really had to watch myself. Logic and magic were eternal foes, and one always trumped the other in certain situation, it was like the flip of a coin. I wasn’t in the mood to find out which one got tails today. I heard Mencil yell as she waved a finger.

“No you cursed witch! Kill me, spare her! You’re mad at me! I’ll die before I watch Mammon be harmed by you, I’ll kill you before you harm her! Sister, dear.”

“Big words, tiny mouth. Don’t forget your place, maggot. And do not forget who I am.”

“I’m making a new place, and it’s right by her side. You’ll have plumbob to pay if you hurt the one I love, I swear it!”

“Oh shut up. I’m tired of you. All of you. Rejects should just be killed at birth. I’d never have had this problem had you never fallen in love, let alone existed!”

A flash came from her finger tip and struck Mencil dead in the eye. He froze, standing frozen in rage. She paralyzed him!? He didn’t blink, flinch, breathe or squeak. It was as if she put him on pause.

“Mencil!” I cried.

Styra turned her glare to me. A smirk graced her lips, fear surged through me. I willed with all of my might that Mencil break free of her spell and jump into action.

“Why!? He’s your brother! I’ve done nothing to you!”

“Oh you’re one to preach about freedom, especially the freedom of family members. Think of it as me bettering my family. To kill you, both of you!”She flicked her finger and a terrible fire ran through me.

“Stop it! You’re not bettering anyone. You’re vile, evil!”

“You flatter me! Scream some more, scream! It makes me feel stronger, I love when insects cry!”

I bit my lip, if I were to die, then I’d not give her that satisfaction. I looked over at Mencil, my heart broke for him. I wouldn’t let him see me in agony, if he was able to see at all. He fell in love with a strong woman, a powerful woman. That’s who I would die as, a strong woman. I closed my eyes and hoped for it to end quickly.When I opened them again, the pain was gone. Styra was knocked out on my bed, and Mencil was holding me. I looked around, wondering if I was alive or dead. I saw Harnish, I saw his eyes were red.

“Hey Mammon, it’s ok now. It’s all over.”

“Mencil? What…what happened?”

“Harnish broke in. It was terrifying! I thought you were gone when you feel over, I thought I’d lost you! He took her down, he saved you, me, us! Mammon, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!”

I reached a hand up to stroke Mencil’s face. I was still in my daze, terrified as I began to remember that searing pain. I stared at Harnish, amazed.

“I’ve called the cops. Styra will be deported and dealt with by the magical organizations…but they told me that they’d been informed already…Mencil will explain.”


“Mammon, love. My sister anticipated something going wrong. She informed higher-ups that if she were to be called in for, that a Brute would be going with her as well. Since that’s what I’m registered as…I have to go…”

I clawed at Mencil’s shoulders. What the plumbob! Why did it seem like every man I fell in love with, that promised to forever stay with me, was ripped away from me!?

“Don’t go! Don’t go! I’ll get you out of it…I’ll use the Fangs, the Evil Organization even!”

“Mammon, you’re only powerful in the reject world. The normal monsters will ignore you. I wish I could stay…I swore it…”

He leaned his head on mine and we began to cry, holding onto each other.“What’re you two goofballs crying for?”

I raised my head. Harnish. He saved me, he was right all along, he loved me and in my mind I felt like it should be him. I should be embracing him, thanking him, holding onto him, but I was with Mencil.

“I only see one Brute here. I’ll go.”

“Harnish! No!” I gasped.

Harnish, go in Mencil’s place!? I shook my head, trying to find a reason he shouldn’t go, but I couldn’t. I didn’t come to me.

“It’s ok Momo. I promised to protect you, that includes your heart. You love him, so he should stay.”


Generation 7 Chapter 3: Game

“I’m sorry it’s taken me 5 months to get back to you, I’m usually very busy you know.” I sighed as I dropped myself into the seat opposite a nervous and annoyed woman.

“It’s ok. I’m just happy the wait was shorter than half a year…”

“Cute. Now, how about we play chess?”


“I hope you’re repeating me to show you’re ready and understand, and not that what I say is questionable.”

“Uh…I just thought we were going to talk…not-”

“So you questioned me and we haven’t even begun. This isn’t looking good in your favor. Here, I’ll explain.”

I leaned to my side and rummaged through a box, pulling out the bags of chess pieces. I set them all up, she stared at me like a fish waiting for food.“Chess,” I started “is a beautiful mind game. You broaden your own mind, learning new strategies and how to be one step ahead of your opponent. You must learn your opponent, learn their mind. We will be chatting over this game, I will be reading you. Your moves will reflect your thoughts and what you honestly are thinking. So, you may lie but the pieces will let me know the truth.”

“I wouldn’t lie to you! I waited this long, why would I need to!?”

I raised my right index finger and waved it at her, discontent on my face.
“I know, I know. You love Levi and want to marry him, but he is my brother and therefore leader spare. If I were to die, it would go to him. So to get my position, all you need is my death and Leviathan. I’ll be extra cautious and through with this all. I will not permit you and my brother to marry unless I deem it secure and safe. Now, my assistant over there has been recording our entire conversation, even taking down our actions. When you blink, she types it.”“uhm, ok. Ok, I’ll cooperate with you. I love your brother, it took so much for you to agree to us being a couple. I’m not giving up now.”

“Watch out Ms.Mammon, this one’s serious.” My secretary called.

Styra Kipplekurp. She came to me one day, I think I was 22 at the time, that would make it 4 years ago actually. She presented herself as an extremely fast typer, superb organizer, one with photographic memory and always aware of things. I closed the door in her face only once before I finally saw just how valuable she was. My files were perfected in organization, record keeping became wonderfully quick and she always knew where everything was. She said she was a reject genie, I suppose it had to be true because she was nothing like any genie I’d ever heard of or even seen before. When I asked her how she heard of me, she only said that the Fangs name was now common knowledge on a global scale.

“Uhm, what’s your name, note keeper?”

Styra hit a button and looked at me. I wagered between the pros and cons of letting the woman before know my secretary’s name. I waved my hand, I gave the “go ahead”.

“I am Styra. I’ve been Ms. Mammon’s secretary for 4 years now.”“So Alissa,” I sighed as I moved my piece “why do you want to marry my brother?”

“I love him and want us to finally be a unit. I want to connect my soul with his.”

“What is it about him you find endearing?”

“Well, he’s always looking at other monsters and wanting the happiness, love, money that they have. So he’s always working hard towards something, whenever he climbs higher than before, he sees another with something even better, so he starts working even harder. I know he’ll never slack on anything.”

“You find his jealousy of others to be an endearing quality? Well, we didn’t call him the Prince of Envy for nothing I suppose.”
She accidentally knocked a chess piece of her’s over. I stared at her as she went to retrieve it. I couldn’t much decide whether or not she was intimidated by me, or afraid I’d find out something she didn’t want known.

“If Leviathan were to become heir upon my death, what would you assume to be your responsibilities as his wife?”

“I would tend to you grave maybe, twice a month. I’d cook meals, I’d make sure things are clean and presentable. I would help him find appropriate attire for formal events and I’d make myself scarce?”

“Why are you asking me something? And you’re wrong. Behind every great man if a great woman, as his wife your job is to stand directly beside him and work hard, if not harder. You would make sure he is presentable, make sure he’s able to communicate properly to his audience, make sure he’s healthy, make sure he’s not ignorant. You must watch him and keep him in check. This is a reoccurring thing with the spouses of the Fangs. They all have deeply benefited the leader, some saving their lives, and in turn, the family.”

“Those are everything I’d have to do if you were to die and he become leader!? But that sounds less like what a wife does and more of a mother!”

Alissa gasped and clapped a hand over her mouth. I took notice that her elbow knocked over her queen.

“Now, as a mother in general, how would you be to my nieces or nephews?”Allison sighed and stared at her queen. She looked paler and pulled and arm around her waist, bringing the other to her mouth.

“I cannot have children.” She muttered.

“Why not?” I questioned.

Her records were not available to me, legally I couldn’t view them. She was not a Fangs and therefore out of the scope of my power.

“I…I had a hysterectomy.” She shook her head and her shoulders stiffened.

“Of choice or from a medical condition?”

“A condition. When I was 15 I had cancer there. Everything was removed, everything.”

I picked up her queen piece for her, returning it to its original position. I ran my tongue over my teeth, thinking of this. If I died, she’d be useless. There was always Beezlebub, but he’d be Levi’s spare. I couldn’t change the set up either, no matter what I could do, Levi would always step in as heir upon my death. He’d have to have children, and a sterile wife would be useless. I looked at her again, so this was what was on her mind. She was probably very aware that the chances of me granting her and Levi the right to marry, would be close to 0 with her sterility. I soon got another thought, allow a mistress or sperm donor in the case of an infertile or sterile partner. That sounded right, they got their cake and children too.

“I’m not heartless. I’d rather you be alive and well, than dead. You will benefit my brother and Fangs. I grant you permission.”

She jumped out of her seat.“But!” I shouted, startling her.

I too got out of my seat and stood before her. Her eyes excitedly searched my own.

“In the case that Levi becomes heir, he is to take a mistress.”


“You’re sterile. Children must be produced, you cannot fulfill that.”

“Fine, just promise me something? Don’t die until you’ve passed on your title.”“Wow, you sure pissed her off.”

“She wanted permission, I gave it. She can feel however she pleases.”

“You forgot to tell her, Ms. Mammon, that all wedding relations will be under you call and decision.”

“She’ll find out. I will not grant them a wedding until I’m able to find someone suitable in ensuring my safety outside of this house. You carrying a gun isn’t enough.”

I’d been searching for a body guard since I turned 21. There was an assassination attempt during my stroll in a park, I managed to get away unscathed but I never forgot the figure of the man trying to kill me. I was reminded how unsafe the world was and how valuable I was in my journey of setting the Fangs family into a very good place, one history will forger applaud.

“None of the previous applications were to your liking?” Styra cooed, she clicked away on the keyboard finishing up what had jut taken place.

“4 were felons! It sounds safe to have a scary man that was incarcerated around, that’ll certainly drive others away. But at the same time, they can very kill the hand that feeds.”

“Are you looking for someone to replace that guy you used to call your “knight”, you know, what was his name?”

“Harnish Ledger.” I replied without missing a beat.

It had been so many years, I lost count. But every now and again I’d think of him, I’d wonder what he was doing, how he was, if he was married or a father.

“He never did come back. He should be 29 now.”

“You must’ve really loved him.”

“They say you never forget your first love.”
I pushed some hair behind my ear and made my way to the couch, Styra soon joined me.“Then you’ll love this! I think I’ve the perfect guy for you.”

“I’ve nothing else to look at, shoot.”

“Ok, have you ever heard of the Landgraabs, Specters or Goths?”

“Those are a very powerful family name in the Sim world! My dad was a sim before a zombie, he told me lots of things. Those were common names, I aspire to be like the Landgraabs.”

“Well, this guy, was a bodyguard for them all at some point!”

“What!? A monster for a bodyguard!?”

Styra nodded her head, a bright smile on her face. “He disguised himself as a sim, but because he’s a monster he’s so much stronger than regular sim! He protected all of them, he’s a certified bodyguard too. He’s perfect.”

“He does sound very promising. Fine, give me his information and I’ll contact him.”

“One flaw though. He’s a reject…brute.”

“Brute?” I gasped.

“Yea, you know, creatures that transform into terrifying things when they get angry? He can’t transform, no matter how angry he gets.”

I stared into space, was it…was the man Harnish? He and his family had left, to return to the Sim world, to fight for him to stay there reject or not. He was a brute that couldn’t transform, so was Harnish. My heart quickened at the thought of re-uniting with my old friend, my knight.

Generation 6 Chapter 6: Milk

“Heeey sexy lady! Op, op op! Oppan-”


“Yes dear?”

I found Gran in the library. She was happily bouncing away watching Monstertube videos and singing along. Frankly, that pissed me off even more. Here she was creating havoc and was blissfully sitting away from it all, probably unaware. That still was no excuse, I had to lay down the law. Leeta wouldn’t. You could hit Leeta with a bag of bricks and she’d be the one to say sorry to you then come up with some excuse how it was her fault to provoke you or something.

“Back when I was your age, this dance would’ve been a great hit. What is it? A horse riding dance? I wish my hips were better, I’d do it in a heartbeat.”
“Get out of this house.” I seethed.

“Pardon moi?”

“Get out of here. Move back under your slimy plumbob rock where everything is the Maris station 24/7. Cancel that llama subscription to that llama site you signed my sister up for and learn what it is to be normal.”

“Normal’s a relative statement. And watch your language, so foul. You also cannot kick me out or speak for your sister. She’s the heiress.”

“Then why’re you acting like the heiress is you? Coming in here and telling us what’s going to happen, like we’re going to answer to you.”

I was shaking mad. We had the same eyes, but were on two different planets. Maybe back in my Gran’s prime, doing all of this was normal. But it was pure common sense to see she was intruding and stepping on toes, no not even stepping on toes, more like stomping on them in solid iron spikes. She furrowed her brow at me and clicked something, she took her attention and put it right back on the computer.

“Answer me!” I snarled.

“I see your mother’s temper was not lost on you. I wonder if that comes from the imp genes.”I moved and slammed myself into the chair beside her. I shoved my foot under the desk and yanked all of the cords out, her computer screen blinked to black and she glared at me.

“Boy, I’ve had my fair share of jerks. Don’t you start up.”

“You’re not my plumbob boss or the plumbob heiress. You had your reign, you don’t get a do over at it. The Fangs don’t need your llama input, Leeta doesn’t need your input, she’s capable of leading on her own.”

“What? What’re you talking about? Respect your elders! I’ve been alive longer than you, I know life, I have wisdom to pass along! Of course I’m needed! What did your mother tell you?”

“Not a thing. She told us you moved here and then one day, Grandma stopped coming around. That’s why you’re here isn’t it? You feel you’ve missed out, you messed up and now you’re worming your plumbob way back into the leading house to silently take the control you want from the sidelines! You messed up with Aunts and mom, so you were hoping Leeta and I would see you as a surrogate mother and push our own mom into the darkness! I bet you’re even hoping you live long enough to see your great-grandkids and replace Leeta as the granny so you can get a shot at that too.”

She lowered her eyes into tiny slits and I saw the muscles in her face contract and twitch.

“Your mother certainly has poisoned your mind, fess up. You know, if it weren’t for me you wouldn’t be here. How about you show a bit of that family love and move past what was? I have messed up, I have done wrong, but I’m going to atone for it all. How can I grow and rebuild myself if none of you but Leeta are giving me a chance?”

“You certainly don’t do it by moving in without consent, you certainly don’t do it by making dating profiles without consent, and you certainly don’t do it by acting like you know us inside and out.”

“It’s not my fault! I love you guys, you’re my babies!”

“Like plumbob we are! I am not your baby, I’m the child of Carlos and Midge Fangs! You’re not either of them, never refer to me as such again!”

“What is the matter with you Daemon!? Why’re you so cruel and shut out?”“Excuse me!”

Gran and I stopped glaring daggers to each other and looked up. Raquel had walked in and was nervously shifting her weight around on her legs.

“Oh, Raquel.”

I sank in my seat, I was really showing off my bad side here. I wondered how much Raquel had heard, or seen. I wasn’t a knight in shining armor, but I was totally acting like a punk. I had reason to, but that’s probably not what it looked like to Raquel.

“I-it’s time Ms. Fangs, to check your blood levels.”


Gran lifted herself up and quickly left the room. Raquel stood there for a few seconds, fiddling her fingers before she nodded to me and left. I really wanted to just hide myself.I was sitting on my bed staring at my shoes. They were the only things I wanted to look at, I hated this room. Originally Misty was supposed to have this room, she designed it, but that plumbob Harpy decided she didn’t like it anymore and sadly I was stuck with it. It was up to me to change how it looked, I wanted to use my own money. The family money really belonged to Leeta, being heiress and all, and I didn’t want to so much as borrow 1 simoleon.

I kicked my feet on the bed, listening to the ticking of the alarm clock. I wondered, had my mom never kept Gran away from us, what would life be like? I heard how she spoke, condescending and full of pity, like it was such a chore for her to look down her nose at people. With Leeta and how she was born, I could see Gran either breaking her or having helped her grow into someone that wouldn’t give a llama about others. With me, we’d either be clashing like right now or I’d be the doormat of the family. I wasn’t happy when Leeta told me she’d contacted Gran, and I certainly wasn’t happy now. I loved Gran, in a weird way. She was my Grandmother, that’d never change. But she was a stranger and a person of not so wonderful qualities.

“I have to call mom, to figure this all out.” I murmured to myself.

My door flew open. A blur of yellow and red flew past me as a weight shifted next to me.“I don’t know why I’m here.”

I smiled. Raquel had just whisked into my room like she was being chased, but she had no clue what she did that for. I didn’t either but…well I didn’t mind.

“Me either.” Dumb!

“Y-your Gran’s very angry. She’s a woman that feels like she’ll never do anything right…”

“You heard what happened in the library?”

“Y-yes…I didn’t mean to! My ears…they…”

“I understand. Mine hear the tiniest of sounds.”

“S-she said she wishes things has been different. Apparently this all started for her bad in high school. It was just one bad decision after another…”

“It’s been like 5 decades since then, how hasn’t she learned what’s right or how to fix any of it!?”

“I don’t know. She’s pissed off t-that you “have the nerve” to tell her what to do. She’s the pot calling the kettle black…”

“I have to call my mom. You know her better than we do, and my mom knows the story. Gran’s old and so far selfish, I don’t think I can believe her.”

“She misses her children. She told me everyday, she has this picture of three girls in blue, green and pink dresses with ribbons in their hair. She cries at how she messed up, she’s carried this burden forever since then…”

“Don’t tell me to go easier on her.”

“I’m asking you to sympathize with her. I understand what you’re doing, but this woman does have emotions.”

“I don’t know. I’m not one to sugar coat. Gran maybe needs a swift kick in the llama. Maybe she was too coddle.”

“Coddling? That sounds nice…and tension is high…”“Hey Daemon! There’s this guy- yi yi yi! Gotta go!”

My door closed as quickly as it had opened.

“Well, she runs fast in heels.”


Generation 6 Chapter 4: Freed

You ever have those moments, where things have just built up and you explode? Lately all I’ve been feeling is a rumbling, something, somewhere, deep within me there was an explosion waiting to come out. The kids at school, they loved Lee. After Misty and I patched back together, she loved me. My whole family, they supported me. Everyone around me seem to know who I was, what I was to do, but I realized I couldn’t look at a mirror. I couldn’t figure out who’s face I saw, I didn’t know what hair was on my head, there was a stranger I couldn’t get to know. So I could feel that everything inside wasn’t going to be dormant for long.

My mystery friend on my instant messenger popped in every so often. I loved to hear from them, I loved that they loved me. I loved how they added one more bubble into my impending explosion.

“Do it. Just do it!”

That was all I needed from my dearest friend.“What do you mean? What’s going on!?”

“It’s as I’ve said, there’s no hope of a future for you and I. I can’t…I just…I…no.”

Misty and I were supposed to go see a movie today, a romantic comedy, but what she got instead was a tragedy. I was ending our double cover up relationship.

“No. Please, please! I’m begging you. I’m so certain you were made for me Lee! You’re like no on I’ve ever known before, touched before, kissed before! Please, don’t leave me. Don’t end our beautiful story. Lee!”

She grasped at my jacket, er well my brother’s jacket. I stepped back. The tears flowed down her face and plopped onto the ground in heavy drops. Her raspy voice was shaking as she tried to touch me. It hurt me to see her like this, I felt so stupid.

“I’m so sorry Misty,” I croaked “but I should’ve never asked you out. I thank you for helping me, I’m so sorry I hurt you. You really do mean so much to me. I just…” the tears poured out of my own eyes.

“I’m sorry if I did anything wrong. I’m sorry if I’ve made you mad! Please, tell me what I can do to keep you by my side. Please. I’ll never tell anyone that you were Leeta, I’d never try to hurt you. I love you, I won’t stop, please! Reconsider!”

“It’s not your fault, I just can’t be this anymore. I can’t be a lie! We can’t be a lie, we were a lie Misty! We were a lie to ourselves, to the world.” I sobbed.

“Why’re you crying?”

“Because, I hurt you. I hurt myself. But mainly you’re in so much pain and it’s all my fault.”

“…you’re right. This should never have happened. I should never have approached you. Is there really nothing we can do?” She whispered as her tear stained face was once again under water.

I shook my head. Misty grabbed her arms and hugged herself, swaying before me. She looked at her feet and shook her head for awhile. I wiped my face on my sleeve and waited for her to calm herself down. I don’t know how long we stood like that, really I just wanted to turn back time and say to her “let’s be friends” when I first saw her on my porch. That was 7 months ago, my chest heaved. I lied for an entire 7 months. I should’ve told Misty to go find a girl to love that would pass for a better guy, I should’ve told myself the way to learning to be a boy was not through using a girl. I clenched my fist, I felt so ashamed.

“Can we be friends?” I croaked.

She never stopped swaying, she never looked up.

“Unless you don’t want to…”

“No. I do. I want to be in your life…no I want you in mine. Maybe our friendship will fare better?” I heard her giggle.


“Good-bye Lee. I’ll contact you when I’m ready.”

With that she left, I stared after her. I inhaled deeply and rolled my shoulders back, now I had to finish it all.I’m not sure when I realized I was brushing my teeth at 5 pm on a Saturday. I remembered walking into the bathroom but I didn’t mean to come in here to brush my teeth. I paused and cast a glance in the mirror.

“Who are you.” I demanded from the reflection.

I threw my head down to spit but ended up staggering back from having whacked my head on the counter. I tripped on the rug and fell on my bottom. I sat there as the tooth brush slipped from my hand and clattered to the floor. I began to sob, I was throwing myself a pity party and I had no intentions of stopping it. I drew my knees to my chest, hugging them and rocking myself as I cried there on the bathroom floor. I felt so lost, so confused, so much like a teenage girl on a bad drama show. Why couldn’t I have just been born purely boy or girl? Why’d I have to be a mix of both? Why’d I have to decide what gender to be? I buried my face in my jeans as I continued to rock myself, wishing that the universe had been kinder to me and spared me from such internal conflict.

Girl. I hit me, I referred to myself as a teenage girl. Was this because I saw myself as I girl? Was that what I wanted to be, did I want to be a girl, was I a girl? I rolled to the side, completely forgetting that my toothbrush was there, and got toothpaste all over the side of my face. That was enough to set my tears off again, and now I was laying on the bathroom floor with toothpaste on my face and sobbing everywhere. I rocked on my back, digging for the answers. I saw him go to the cage door, Leeta was smiling, he let her out. He took hold of her hand and helped her down and out of her prison, they continued to hold hands as they walked out of my view. I smiled to myself as the tears flowed. With the pity party ove, the guest of honor, me, picked herself up and walked to the counter happy and calm.I couldn’t get over how chilly I felt now. How weird it felt, and how so little of my old clothes still fit me. When did my body change? I made a mental note of how I’d have to go shopping soon before what fit me had to go. I closed the drawer and looked at the clothes Lee had worn. I pinched myself, no need to say Lee like he’s a separate person. Lee was now one with Leeta, he was in me, he was me, he is me and so is Leeta. I was both of them, somehow that eluded me this entire time. I was going to live as Leeta would have, but with Lee thrown into the mix. I loved my bright colors, my soft clothes, the dresses that flowed in the wind and the cute heels. Lee showed my how practical short hair was, how it didn’t get snagged or wrapped in the screws on the back of chairs, it saved money on hair products, and made washing it easier. I gently picked up and the clothes and inhaled them, they smelled different. They smelled like a boy, I remembered now, when I wore these I used to use Hammer bodyspray. I smiled and shook my head, I was happy there was a line for women now. I folded the clothes and set them on the hamper, leaning to stretch when I was done. I caught sight of my underarms, I hadn’t missed shaving but I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

Happy and content, I swung my arms back and forth as I looked around my room. It felt great to be me.


“Hey mom!” I called.


“Can you take me to the hair salon tomorrow?”

“What for?”

“Why else?”

“The attitude, watch it!”

“Sorry, but can you mom?”

“If you don’t tell me what for young man the answer’s no.”

“Uuuh…for my hair!”

“Lee! What did I tell you about the-““Well I want some hair extensions.”

“Leeta!”All was quiet after that. Life went by, Misty and I became friends, and I didn’t end up going to prom. What I did get was this house  and the title of heiress. Mom said how her grandmother’s sister was jealous and evil that she hadn’t gotten the title of heiress, but how siblings of generations after she died were thrilled to not have it. This held true, Daemon was a nervous wreck that our parents had chosen him, but when he found out they had named me he threw his hands in the air and cheered. I had no idea why, being the leader sounded like fun! It was like a giant game of tag and I’d pick who was “It” next. Mom and dad moved out, Misty moved in, and we renovated. Ok fine, we tore down the told home and built this little cutie.“Ha! You’re so naive! You really think this house you’ve built will withstand anyone that tries to get in?”

“It will! No one has any idea we’re here! It’s the perfect disguise and trap at the same time!”

“Trap? Trap whom? A llama?”

“No but we’re getting close aren’t we brother dear?”

“Oooh Leeta’s got burns and I’ve got aloe. Your remarks make no difference. I stand by what I say.”

“And what is it that you say?”

“You’re going to lead this family to failure. Step down, let me take charge. You’re going to ruin years of hard work just like that!”“So you think you can do better?”

“I know I can!”

“Puh! I don’t believe it. I’ve done this for how long now? One mistake and you want my head. We’re fine, settle down.”

“No! I’m going to claim the spot you have, this family needs someone that knows what they’re doing. You’ve already messed up, no need for me to let you have another chance to do it again!”

“I’m the leader, that’s how it’s going to stay!”

“Are you two still playing that stupid game?” Misty called.“Shaddup you dang banshee!”

“Pfft, whatever donkey boy.”

Daemon and Misty often had what I liked to call friendly banters. I must say, I didn’t like to be interrupted when playing our Legacy game. Daemon and I have been playing the same game file since we were 18, we were now 25 and going strong. To really make it fun, I was playing as the Legacy leader while being an actual leader in real life.

“Leeta, tell your instant messenger friend that we have a house guest that hogs all the stupid.”

I’d told my brother and Misty about Grdlr22. Neither of them knew who that person was, but I knew I really wanted to meet them. I couldn’t ask though, internet predators and everything, but still it was pleasant to have maintained contact with my mystery friend all these years.

“Hey I’m doing you a favor. When you hog all of the ugly, stupid just makes it worse!”

“Stop you two.” I whined.


They both glared at each other in disgust over having responded in unison.  Misty plopped on the couch as Daemon and I battled a dragon I’d accidentally let into the village, the irony being our dad’s a dragon.“Anyways, your grandmother asked me to leave the door unlocked so she can just come in.”

“Shut up you harpy!”

“No one’s speaking to you Dumbo!”

“Guys!” I whined again.

I’d invited my Grandmother over. It had been so long since I’d seen her, mom kept her at a distance from us. I really valued family, really wanted them close, so it killed me that my mom had estranged her from us. Blood was thicker than everything, it was a titanium bond and no matter what it could never be broken. Daemon sighed, he said mom had her reasons and it was probably for the best, that granny may be a toxic person. I scoffed, she was our grandmother you know? Grannies love and spoil their family and they’re so old, they deserve the utmost respect, I’ll never understand how mom could do such a thing.

“She said she’s got herself a live in nurse since she’s old. What she like?” Misty smiled.

“I forget.”


“See that’s what you get for hogging all the stupid. Our mom pretty much pushed our grandmother out of our lives, I say she must’ve had a good reason to. Our mom’s a sensible woman.”

“Don’t listen to him Misty, mom was probably angry and she probably regrets it. You know how mom gets when she’s angry Daemon.”

“I don’t know. I mean I don’t really know your family…but if your grandmother wasn’t the greatest person I certainly wouldn’t want that exposed to my children. You know? My dad sucks, that’s wy i moved out as fast as possible. I’m his kid and he can’t even accept me!”

“Wow. I actually agree with you Sloppy. See Leeta?”

“You two are overreacting! Family is the strongest thing. You can always have different friends, you can always love different people, but you’ll only ever have one mom or dad. Misty, I really think you should try to speak to your dad and he’ll see how much you love him.”

“Leeta man, you’er just asking for trouble. Granny may not be the one you’re hopeful for…”


“Hello?” we heard a faint voice call.

“Hello?” We responded.

We heard the clicking of heels and smelled a sweet aroma of flora.“Hi, I’m Raquel. Raquel Deal. I’m the live in nurse for your grandmother. It’s a pleasure to meet you all. Ms. Maris has told me so much about you guys. She’ll be coming soon by the way, she insisted I head here without her so here I am!”

Raquel walked briskly to take the seat next to Misty. She was adorable! She had a small face and chubby cheeks, the way she squeaked when she spoke reminded me of a baby mouse on a cartoon. She was shy, that was easy to see, I wanted to just go get her a drink of hot chocolate! I really hoped she’d fit in perfectly and that we’d be able to make her feel at home whenever she came by.

“Hey Dumbo, get your mouth off the floor. Don’t want to kill flies.”“Dumbo?” Raquel asked, her voice was tiny and soft.


Daemon pounded the buttons and resumed the game, I quickly fumbled around with the buttons to play as well.

“Nah his name’s Daemon, he’s the twin doofus brother of Leeta.”

“I’m Leeta, and this is indeed my twin. I’m the current heiress of the Fangs, thanks so much for coming over! Would you like to play?” I nodded to the TV.

She shook her head and fidgeted at her knees.

“You’re so adorable!” Misty squealed.

Raquel turned her face to her dress and muttered a “thanks” as she squirmed some more.

“Hey Dumbo stop staring at her! You’re making her uncomfortable!”

“I’m not staring! And if it’s anything it’s you, stop trying to get in her pants!”

“Raquel, they do this all the time. I’m sorry if it bugs you!” I sighed as I stomped on my brother’s foot.

“I’m alright,” she said in her tiny voice as she rose her blushing face “it’s a little funny.”

Her pure white eyes looked gently from under her long lashes, I heard my brother choke.

“I’m going to go look for Grandma!” Daemon declared and tossed his controller to Misty.


(Sorry guys I’ve been so busy but I’ve been working on this for a long time. I’ll play when I’ve got freetime  again (: also if you want here’s a good look at the new house )

Generation 6 Chapter 3: Sparked

“Your cousin’s quite the uh…gentleman.” Mystery girl sighed.

I fidgeted on the far end of the sofa. We’d left my house because Daemon was being…uh well a llama. He was hovering, asking questions, being rude, belching everywhere. It really irritated mystery girl and she grabbed my hand, driving us to the island’s library. I was actually having difficulty keeping up my facade, I felt odd not speaking of Daemon as my brother.

“You’re looking pretty nervous? Don’t you know pretty girls don’t bite?” She winked her eye.

I just stared at her. She winked at me? That was a flirting technique, I tried…I mean Leeta tried that. I wasn’t sure if I should be flattered or concerned. She smiled and shook her head.“I’m Misty Shadows, and your ally. I know how cruel a hand life can play you when it doesn’t seem to fit the suite.”

I stared again. Her icy eyes lingered on my confused face, I cleared my throat and glanced down to my shoes. I looked up at her once more.

“I still have no idea who you are…I think I’ve seen you around?” I finally spoke.

She flicked a strand of hair away from her lips and scooted closer to me, crossing her long and slim legs.

“You have?” She cooed.

“Yea…you do art!” I snapped my fingers. “You’re the captain of the art club! Yea, I’ve seen you around.”

She smiled at me, a wicked smile. I felt the hair on the back of my neck prickle. She tossed her head back and cackled, it creeped me out. She leaned back on the sofa, sliding down a little until she settled down. I pressed myself closer to the edge of the sofa and looked around hoping that no one was around.  Finally she stopped and readjusted herself.
“Wa…was I wrong?” I squeaked.

I raised a hand, ready to set it on fire if I had to. I remembered seeing Misty Shadows around in school. She was the “It girl” of the art students. She was the equivalence of the popular cheerleader, but with paints. I remembered she seemed to alternate boyfriends every 7 months of so. She looked at me, cocked her head and giggled again.

“How do you know me!?” She stifled a laugh.

“I…I just told you!” I was so confused.

She shook her head, snorting. “I knew it. I knew it! Ahahaha-” She clapped her hand over her mouth.

“You! You’re so funny! You went through so much trouble, but forgot the minor details. How could you know all that Lee? How!? The last art meeting was 4 months ago! The club’s on holiday for now, I sincerely doubt your cousin would’ve told you.” She squeaked and giggled.

My mouth dropped. Lee came two weeks ago, the last meeting was 4 months ago. You could just look at Daemon and know right away he wasn’t a monster that dabbled in the arts. I didn’t know what to do. How could I explain myself, what could I do? I opened and closed my mouth again a bit, looking like a fish. Misty frowned and touched my knee, I flinched.

“Hey, hey. I said I was your ally. Here.” She said softly and pushed herself back from me.I propped my right leg over the knee she’d touched. She inhaled deeply and sighed, smiling.

“You- uh. You’ve got it wrong I’m Lee!” I said this with as much confidence as I could muster.

She peeked at me and shook her head. “I know you are. But that body was the one Leeta was born in. I know how awful kids were to Leeta, behind her back everyone said she was really a guy. Then you came, right as Leeta left. You may have everyone else convinced, but I was always rooting you’d stay Leeta. She was so cute.”

“Cute?” I echoed.

The Leeta I’d pushed away shook the bars on her cage. No one had ever called her cute. Well not since she was a little baby like thing, besides family. My parents had called her pretty, but that was what parents did. I looked at her, she was still sitting in the same spot with her eyes closed, it looked as if she were meditating.

“Yea.” She whispered. “But…I’m a lesbian. All those guys the others see me with, they’re just cover-ups. I can’t let anyone know. I’ll be disowned and kicked out if my parents knew. I’ve tried to make myself like guys but…it’s just not there. I need that money my parents are giving me once I’m 30. I can do art but not enough to get to my dreams. I want to set up a school. One where kids can be safe, no matter who they are, and love art.” She raised her hands and brushed the air, as if wafting away some flies.

I shook my head. “But they’re your parents! Try talking to them? They can’t do that…”

“Aha! You’re kind! Man, I regret not talking to you sooner. But you don’t know them. They can, they will and I’m not going to try and prove them right. But enough about that! I have a little experiment, for lack of better words. You’re Lee now, a boy. I need to date boys to keep my real self a secret, but I can’t love them romantically. But biologically you’re a girl, needing to date girls and this fits well for me. How about we help each other out?” She smiled.

“But…I don’t know how to be a guy yet. I don’t think I’ll be much help to you other keeping appearances…”

“That’s fine, that’s fine. Appearance is all we need. I’ll help you be a guy, I’ve only every had one girlfriend and that was a looong time ago. It’ll be nice for us both. Come on, don’t doubt yourself so much.”

I looked at her eager face, it did make sense to me. I needed to learn how to be a boy. I’d learn from Daemon how to do that, and from Misty too. I was biologically a girl, and still one in mentality…Daemon was doing a terrible job. Misty loved girls, but had to keep that under wraps.

“So…Misty.” I began, “will you be my girlfriend?”

She tossed her head back again and laughed, I feel like that’s a trademark move of her’s. “Llama that sounds like a proposal! But yea, I’m looking forward to our first date.” She winked at me, got up, and ruffled my hair.Before I knew it, Misty was teaching me how to be a boyfriend. Our time was spent together quite a lot, we texted well into the nights, I found myself telling her what looked great on her when we went shopping, and I learned her favorite orders for places we went to eat. I learned quickly to compliment her when she was having a bad day, even if that made her more mad, and that she’s always right even when she’s wrong in our 3 months of dating. But things got weird after 3 months. She said I should hold her more, play in her hair, peck her on the cheek and just more cuddly…but I didn’t want to. When I looked at Misty, I smiled but that was all. Whenever she’d get close to my face, I’d get butterflies. Yet that was it. I didn’t have an urge to see her, cuddle her, touch her.

“You alright?” She smiled as she slid up to me.

We’d just seen a movie that came out last week. The whole time, I forced myself to hold her hand. She wanted to put her head on my shoulder, but I didn’t want that so hands it was.

“Yes why?”

“You seem so tense. Come on Lee, I know you what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know…I guess I’m not a cuddly person.” I scratched my head.

Misty smiled and looked at the ground. “Is that all? Why didn’t you just say so?”

“I didn’t want to make you mad or hurt your feelings.” I shuffled my feet on the carpet.

Misty giggled and pushed my shoulder. “Naw! I’m fine! Next time Lee just talk to me eh?”

“But you’re so cuddly! Is that ok?” I gasped.

Misty beamed at me and grabbed my hand, dragging me to the door. “Why Lee, I do believe I’m falling in love with you!”

I managed to warm up to Misty more in the next month. Maybe all I needed to know was that Misty was ok with me as me. I didn’t need to be a macho man, didn’t need to be an emotional man or even cuddly. I could walk at my own pace in this relationship and she’d adjust her speed to walk beside me.“I can’t believe we’ve been together for 4 months today.” I sighed, snuggling into Misty’s crooked arm.

I decided to take her to the library, where we agreed to become a couple, for our 4 months. She rubbed her thumb in a circle on my shoulder and sighed. Lately she’d started to say she liked me. It was said in the way you’d say “Oh I love you honey” but replaced with “I like you”. I said I liked her too, but I wasn’t sure. We clicked, we were really really close. When I had exciting news, she was the first to know. When I wasn’t happy and need someone to talk to, I turned to her. It was the same for me, she came to me first for everything. Sometimes it was things I didn’t even want to know…like she managed to get a ton of cake crumbs up her nose…

“I know. Time’s flying so fast with you Lee. Everyone’s asking me if we’re going to prom. That’s like 7 months away!”

“I’ll take you to prom!” I chirped and patted her leg.

She pecked my head. It’d been brought to my attention she’d like to kiss, but I wasn’t ready for that.

“Really!? By then we’ll have been together for 11 months! Nearly a year…” She trailed off.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her as I rubbed the hand on my shoulder.

“What if we make it to a year?” She asked softly.

I leaned my head closer to her and thought about it. “Then we make it to a wonderful anniversary dinner?”

She sniffed and pecked my head again. I was starting to wish that she’d stop that. “What if we make it past a year? What if we end up being together for oh..10 years?”

I fidgeted in her arms, next to her body. “What do you mean?”

“I mean…are you going to stay like this or get a sex change? Will you go back to being Leeta?” She asked me gently.

I just shot a glance at her. She bit her bottom lip and pulled her arm off of me.

“I’ve got to go home.” She sighed, patted my hand and left.I really should’ve known that the talk we’d had on our 4 months would return. I could hear it ringing in the back of my head “girls like to talk thing out.” Daemon was right. I hadn’t noticed I’d even become boy like, or maybe just insensitive overall. I wanted everything to go back to how it was, I wanted then end of that talk to be just that. The end. Misty had other plans, and I found that out when we went to the Diamond Ring Club. She said, “we need to talk” and grabbed some seats. I could hear the anger shooting out of her.

“We need to figure out our future.” She began.

I drummed my fingers on the table, sucking on my bottom lip. “How you figure?” I regretted that before I could finish my sentence.

“If we’re going to be together we need to figure out what you need, Lee! I love you, care for you, but this…we can’t keep up this happy smiley all is well gig. I told you what I need, I’ve got it figured out. I want you, I think I need you. But I don’t know if I can keep loving you when you get a sex assignment to male.” She hung her head.

I inhaled deeply. “What do you want me to do? What do you expect from me?”

Daemon and mom had said I was more confident. They attributed it to Misty. They didn’t know we were a couple, I’m sure they figured it, but maybe this was what I needed. I felt confident because I had a confidant. I felt myself growing, I did everything I could to please Misty and remain within my own comfort zone. That was a huge step for me. But now I was afraid I was going to shut everyone out. I was afraid I was over exerting my confidence and new found self, what if I drove everyone away in power hunger?

“I’m sorry Misty. I didn’t mean it. I put too much pressure on me there. We’re only 16. I can’t decide at this moment in time if I’m a girl or a boy.”

“Well which do you want to be?” She snapped.

“What?” I said, startled.

“Do you want to be with me?” She ordered.

“Y-yes!” I said, uncertain.

“So you know that, but to do that you have to be a girl. Change your sex to full out female.” She jabbed her finger at me.

“I can’t pick that now!”  I pleaded.

I thought of what would happen if Misty were to walk away right now. There’d be no more “Hey great news” phone calls, no more happy texts, no more going out as much as possible to fun places and doing fun things. I felt scared. I didn’t want to lose my best friend, my girl friend, Misty. I felt the tears of frustration coming out. Misty lunged at me.I thought it was for a hug, but as I stretched my arms out she blocked me.

“Misty?” I blubbered.

Se shook her head. “I just don’t understand. I knew what I was getting into, but I seriously didn’t expect this. Guys just don’t do it for me.” She ran her hand down my jacket and left. At the stairs she turned back around.

“Just..just give me some time ok?”

I stood there crying for awhile before I made the long walk home.“What no Misty?” I heard Daemon call.

I ignored him and trudged up the spiral stairs, my heart was heavy and my stomach was cold.

“What’s with him?”

“Dunno. I think you twin’s having some love spats.”

“What do you mean? You think they were dating?”

“I was a teenage girl once. Misty’s been bitten. Trust me. Lee…not so much.”

“Do you want me to keep an eye on them Mom? I can find Misty in school and…”


“But…she may know he’s really Leeta and ruin everything!”

“This is your brother’s life. He’s got to live and and he’s got to make his mistakes, if we get involved…we’d ruin that for him.”

“Fine. So what do we do?”

“The same like always. Just be here when he needs us.”I logged onto the computer. I was trying hard to keep the fight off of my mind, but found myself wandering to the Instant Messenger every so often to check where she was. I sighed and huffed and played with the mouse nervously. I decided to log into the forum, where I’d started my own blog. I had many encouraging comments and others wondering about my life. I decided I’d update it today, I’d tell them I’d managed to get a girlfriend and that we just had a fight. I typed away, pouring out to them all of my feelings and fears. I soon had 4 paragraphs of massive text in front of me, that killed a good 40 minutes. I waited another 20, opening and closing the instant messenger and replying to comments on my blog. Finally Misty logged on.

I stared at her screen-name,  mentally begging her to say something. I got scared, worried, and began typing to her.

“Hey, I’m not sure where we’re at in this relationship…but please can we stay friends if we fail?’ I was so close to hitting enter when a screen-name I’d never seen before popped up.

“Leeta!? Leeta!?”

My mouth dropped and began to hyper-ventilate. This was not the same name I’d used when I was Leeta. Who was this, how they’d get it!? I abandoned my message to Misty and stared at this new screen name. I was not going to respond, this was too scary.

“Lee. I’m sorry. You don’t know who I am. I know that and I hate it. I know you used to be Leeta. I always looked at you. I’d think, how in the llama could a girl who was surrounded by negativity keep her head up and smile? I feel stronger like this, when you don’t know me. I just wanted to say…”

I stared at the screen. Who got this? Who was this? I ran through all of those that new my screen-name. There were too many, I’m sure they gave it out to others too. The italicized message Grdlr22 is typing… blinked over and over again. My heart was pounding. I heard a ding and nearly shrieked. It was Misty.

“Hey, you there?”

I wanted to respond to her but I was so focused and out of sorts thanks to Grdlr22. Finally they finished their post.

“I’ve had strong feelings to you. When you came near me, when you looked at me, when you laughed, I don’t mean to sound creepy or scare you off. I just always thought of what it’d be like to hold your hand. Lee, I’m sorry. I should’ve spoken up, I feel guilty. I should’ve been there to help you stand through the negativity but you know? It was scary. I didn’t want that focus turned to me. I’m such a coward! I’m sorry.”

I felt my hands move to the keyboard. My mouth was dry and I was terrified. This person knew my secret.

“It’s ok. I forgive you, though you have nothing to worry about at all. I’m doing fine. Really. Honest. Who are you?”

They logged off. I stared at the screen, chanting “no” over and over again in my head. I waited and pleaded for them to return, I sighed, finally giving up. I returned to Misty’s chat, I had 4 unread chats from her now.

“Sorry. Computer bugged out. I’m here.”

“Good. I’m so sorry about earlier. It was selfish of me. I’m here for you, I’m sorry I made you feel otherwise. You’re going through this huge thing I couldn’t even sympathize with. I’m so sorry Lee. But you made me feel like I didn’t matter.”

I sighed. “You do matter to me. It’s ok, let’s just put this behind us.”

Generation 6 Chapter 1: Switch On

“I don’t understand!”

The doors were slamming.

“Sweetie! Sweetie please, this can be handled in many ways. Don’t hurt yourself, it’s not your fault. It’s no one’s fault hun!”

“This isn’t fair! This changes my whole life!”
“I don’t wanna step on any toes but I’m guessing the hospital gave her some news she didn’t like?”

“Daemon, this is your sister’s business. I won’t be talking to you about this unless she gives me the ok.”

“Aw mom I’m not trying to step on any lady toes or anything, I’m her twin. I mean I’m like her other half come on and toss me a bone?”

“You’re not her other half son, you’re just her twin. Right now she’s going to need support, every single bit of it she can get. So please, tread lightly? The only one that can answer your questions are her.”

“Mooooooom you can’t just say that and then tell me to shut up until she tells me herself! You know how emotional she can get. I’ll never know!”

“My word is final.”

“I bet you’re gonna tell Dad.”

“Of course I am. You know your dad, how he can get when it comes to doing things right.”

“So not fair.”

“Where’re you going?”

“To see how she is.”I held onto the sink handles, making sure they were completely off. At least the handles did what they were supposed to do. They were handles, they knew it, I knew it, everyone that owned a sink knew it. How could this be? This was something you didn’t hear everyday. This wasn’t something that was supposed to happen to me. Not in my teenage years either! I was 16. 16 year olds have 16 year old dreams, and I wasn’t any different. At least, I thought I wasn’t until 7 hours ago. I was going to go to prom, wear that special dress and dance with that perfect prom date. I was going to wear those shoes that just take everyone’s breath away, those heels that shocked all. If I was lucky I’d go to both senior and junior prom! I’d get my hair done, dabble in my make-up finding that perfect style and wear perfume used only on those special occasions. I sobbed to the sink, now I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find that dress or do anything I’d planned.


I heard the knock on the door that snapped me back to where I was.

“Leeta? You ok sis?”

“I’m ok.” I replied, no need to worry my brother. But was I really his sister?

“Leeta? Mom didn’t tell me anything. So whatever’s bothering you, I’m completely in the dark. But I just want you to know I’m here for you. I’m always going to have your back.”

My brother was confident. He knew exactly who he was and what he wanted, and he made sure to let everyone that crossed his path know it. He was polite in a rude way, like he’d hold the door but do it like it was the greatest burden ever. The girls loved him, the boys admired him, and that respect managed to dribble down to me. The boys were nice to me since I was “Papa D’s” little twin sister, the girls were kind hoping I’d slip in a good word. Funny, saying that now I wondered if I’d ever really been my own person. If anyone liked Leeta for Leeta, but I lost her…who was Leeta?“Yeah. I know. So can you head to the balcony? Just give me a little bit.” I said it softly, but he heard me.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I’d lived this way for 16 years. I was the girl that looked like a man, I didn’t think I did. Really, thought I was pretty feminine myself. My mom always said I looked just like a princess, my dad called my girly-girl and my brother said I looked like a girl. But now, those sounded like empty words. Like when a fat friend asks if the dress makes them look thin, and it doesn’t so you lie and say they look 50 pounds lighter in it. I felt like they were doing that, saying I was so feminine when they really thought ‘my llama she’s a manly thing’.

But now, everything was explained. It really changed how I saw things. I knew it shouldn’t, that I’d just be better off continuing life as I had and just keep this information in the back of my head for when it’s needed. But I couldn’t help but feel so cheated. I brushed my hair away from my eyes, I’d let it grow long but always found it to be too wispy and in my way. How would I look with short hair? Should I cut it? What if that was what made me look more like a girl? If I could still call myself that. I felt my eyes finally dry, the welling tears I’d been fighting for long had finally ceased. I knew I was alright to leave the sanctuary I’d taken, in the bathroom, and go talk with Daemon.“But do you think surgery would work?” He asked.

So much for my brother trying to be supportive. I was already afraid, worried. What if I was picking the wrong choice? Would I regret this? What if I changed my mind, could it be reversed?

“I don’t know. I just don’t feel confident in it, I was hoping you could provide me with some sort of insight to push me in the direction I want to go. No one else, mom or dad, is helping. They’re just telling me they support whatever I decide…” I sighed.

“But we do Leeta. You’ve got time to decided…” He rubbed his head, “but if I’ve got to be honest with you, I think you should try finding a support forum. Talk to those going through what you are, or at least have been there.”

“That’s a great idea!” I cried. “Because it’s so rare, there’s bound to be a support board for those who are intersex!”
“But..” I began.

“Don’t but! Don’t! You’re asking people with an obvious bias, we support you. We’re never going to tell you what to do, what we want you to do, nothing. This is a huge deal Leeta. You’re weighing whether you want to be a boy or a girl. For the rest of your life. You’ve got to find those who can help you, I’m sorry but we can only be your support.” He huffed in his seat.

I looked down at my feet, my large lady feet. My mom and I were terribly concerned when we realized I was either a very late bloomer or something was wrong. That’s when they told her, that when I was born they weren’t sure what to call me. They did some tests and determined I was a biological girl. Then if that was the reason, what was going on? With more tests and screenings, they found out that I had mixed parts. I was more male than female in appearance but inside was the combination of both. Shocked, I said they were lying if I look like a boy I must be a boy! I was proven wrong, indeed I was female with some male mixed in. Intersexed.

I was given the options of what I can do to decide the course of my life. I can have hormone treatment and surgery,and stay Leeta, just more womanly in appearance, or transform myself to a boy and start over. They suggested I may try and see if my female side will emerge later in life, I could even remain this way if I wanted. I didn’t know what I wanted, just that I felt sick and wanted to go home. Now I had to question myself, was I a girl or was I a boy?We stood up, I guess he knew exactly what I was going to do via twin telepathy or something.

“Would it just kill you, please, to just tell me what gender you think I should be?” I whined.

“You want me to keel over eh?” I joked.

“I’m scared. I don’t want to pick wrong! I just want someone to tell me what to do, what’s best for me.”

“You can pick or stay as you are, Leeta.” He sighed and groaned. “Here, I’ll help you check out sites.”

“You’re such a good brother.” I scoffed.

“Ey, got a rep to uphold. Papa D is an iron-fisted king with a soft heart.”

We made our way to the family library, turning on the computers. I felt cold prickles on my shoulders as I sat there watching the loading screen. I looked to Daemon. He nodded at me and gave me the thumbs up. I’d always been a scared person. I don’t know why, maybe it started when my peers at 6 grade kept saying I was a boy. My self-esteem was dead, I just wanted to make people happy I never thought about me, I was always making sure the stove was off. I just wanted approval, acceptance from anyone who would give me it. I never thought of Leeta, myself. All of a sudden Leeta went from being in the shadows to being in a cage. I became my own pet, I had to care for myself and place my life in my hands. I had a decision to make, I felt so detached! I had to pick what was the best for Leeta.The computers turned on and we got to work. I glanced at Daemon from time to time. He was browsing the web, chatting with friends on the instant messenger, searching information on intersex and reading stories of those who knew those like me. I groped around blindly for a forum filled with those like myself, they were hard to find. I was starting to sweat and wanted to scream, my eyes brimmed with tears yet again. Why couldn’t my biggest concern be about prom? Why did I have such a life changing choice plopped on my shoulders? It wasn’t fair, and no matter what was said I felt like it was my fault. Like if I’d tried harder to be a girl…I’d be sitting in a pretty flirty skirt with a boyfriend blowing up my phone. The boys. Guys were nice to me, I’d gone on some dates but since I wasn’t to their taste…it hurt.

“I can’t find anything!” I whined, my voice straining from trying not to cry.

“Keep looking.” Daemon’s voice was firm.

“No. No I can’t! I’m alone, no one else has this problem.” I began to croak.

“Are you serious? You’re kidding, stop being a baby. Leeta, you’ve got to help yourself so do it.” He was firm but kind.

I bit my trembling lip and nodded, the tears fell out of my eyes with the motion. I continued what was my fruitless search. There is was. Like complete gold, surrounded by a dazzling light.

“I found it. I found it!” I sighed with total relief.

“Good, see.” He smiled.

I clicked away, ecstatic. Sign up, new member, a confirmation email has been sent, accept, welcome GLeetaLeetB. I’d done it. I found people who could help me, people without a bias.“You’re typing really fast…” Daemon noted. “Having fun?”

I beamed at him and smiled. “There’s so much that applies to me. They know me, these people know me!” I sighed and clapped my hands together.

“Good Leeta. If there’s anyone that can help you, it’s those internet people. We, your family, will be standing by with our noise makers clapping for you.” He clicked his mouse one last time and signed off. He smiled at me and left me to bask in my glee.

After lurking for awhile I decided I’d state my case.

“Hello lovelies.  I’m new yes, I’ve also just recently found out that I am intersexed. My parents and twin brother support me but I need to know how others in my situation feel and deal with this. I’m a girl, at least it’s what I think I was, and was determined at birth to be female and raised as one. I can have surgery and become more female, or I can go the other route and become a man.  I feel cheated. I wish I could be completely one gender. I wish my biggest concern could be with prom, but now I don’t know what to do or what I want. I lived as a girl, look completely male and now I feel like neither. HELP.”

I sat back, staring at the words on the screen. I wanted to edit it, to put in more information but I was terrified. What if they yelled at me? Told me I was an idiot, said this isn’t something to worry about, if I was living and raised as a girl then just stay as a girl. Llama, now I wanted to edit it all and just say never mind. I sat there staring for what felt like a lifetime until I clicked refresh. I had 15 replies.

“Live life how you want it. It’s ok to feel confused and scared, the life you knew doesn’t have to change. It’s the same life, just some more spice thrown in! We’re here for you sweetheart, we support you and understand you. My parents chose my gender for me, but I always felt like a man. I was bitter that they did that, I felt cheated. Why’d they chose for me? It wasn’t their life to live. I’ve come to terms with it. None of us here are going to tell you what to do, I know that makes you furious, but those of us who had the chance you’ve got ripped from us, honey you’re the only one that can weigh what you want. Just stay you.” -ClopQWOP

My heart sank a little. I was hoping so badly for an answer that put my fate on a clearer path. But this did put my mind at ease. There was a Leeta in me, I was Leeta. Girl or boy, whatever I was, I was Leeta. I was going to quote the post and thank the plumbob out of the poster for those words that I needed when I saw the next post.

“U freak. Ur all freaks. Freaking freaks. A girl is a girl and a boy is a boy. Y cant you be normal? Cuz ur a freak. If u lok lyke a boy, ur a boy! Simple as that. Freak. I’m so glad I’m not a freak. OP u say u look lyke a boy, ur a freakin boy. oh my llama so dumb, u just want drama in ur lyfe. FREAK.”

I clicked the power off button and raced to my room, those words burned into my vision.I threw myself onto my bed, wishing away the pain and the hurt. That post, it ruined everything! I regretted asking for help, I regretted reading that. I regretted being born. I regretted myself. There she was again, there was Leeta in the cage staring at me. She was begging me to chose, to pick what to do. Leeta, her fate was in my hands. Would I set Leeta free and live my life as a woman with the surgery and treatment to make it happen? Would I stuff her in that cage and try living as a boy? Would I destroy her, and undergo the surgery needed to make me a man? Could I say goodbye to Leeta? The tears poured down my face and soaked my pillow. Could I say hello to Leeta? The pain was awful, I now can safely say I know mental anguish and internal struggles. I let myself cry, maybe I needed time? But those words, that awful post.

Everyone called me a boy. I look like a boy, am I a boy, was I in drag? Those were questions I’d heard since I could remember. I even recall my Grandmother telling my mom I’d probably need breast implants to get a man’s attention. It’s been 4 years since I’ve seen Grandma, my mom doesn’t like to talk about her either. Clearly the world thought I was a boy. Was I the only blind to it?

“I’m a girl!” I shouted int he darkness.

I heard nothing, I felt nothing. I felt nothing.

“I’m a boy!” I tried again.

There was a twinge of some pain. Maybe that pain was…Lee…trying to get out. Maybe he was in a cage next to Leeta, irritated that Leeta had recently been put into her cage and he’d never been freed before? Maybe the pain was him trying to get out? Maybe he was the one that deserved to be free. This made sense to me. I made up my mind.

I said hello to Lee.I returned, a few hours later to the post Leeta had made. I saw a ton of posters attacking the one that had called us freaks, they were so strong. They cheered on my thread when the offending poster was banned. I could be strong now too. One post stuck out to me.

“OP, you’ve been gone for a long time. I just need to say, please don’t you dare take that llama’s words to heart. I beg you, don’t. They’re full of evil and hate! I live intersex. It can be done OP! It’s hard some days. But I’m neither a girl or boy, I don’t identify with either myself. You may pick one, that’s perfectly fine. I’m just trying to say, you don’t have to. You don’t have to be afraid of staying as you are. You’re perfect as you are, you’re perfect as whatever you chose. It’s society that wants us to be a man or a woman, don’t feel pressured hun. You’re gorgeous no matter what you call yourself. <3”

I felt a little bit of guilt, but I felt power. I felt, like something was coming together.

“Thank everyone but that post, though it really hurt, got me thinking. I’m wearing my brother’s clothes, I’ve chopped off my hair, I’m calling myself Lee. Will I get surgery? Will I get hormone treatment? I don’t know yet. But I’ve been a girl for so long, maybe that’s why I felt so trapped. I’ll give living as a boy a try. It doesn’t feel awful, it feels better than I was a couple of hours ago. I don’t know what I am, or who I am. I’ve got to figure that out. But thanks so much for being here. You’re all so wonderful, I feel much better to have this blanket that keeps me warm. Thank you guys so much.”

I logged off. It felt so odd, to tell internet strangers that could feel me, that I was a boy now.I felt excited. I wondered how my family would react to Lee.

Generation 5 Chapter 5: Telling

2 months had passed since I’d walked into the bathroom and found that test. That pregnancy test, with its two pink lines. Midge had tried to flush it I guess, since the toilet was overflowing. I’d kept it, for whole two months. For a whole two months I pleaded silently for Midge to tell me. I began to hope maybe it wasn’t her test but I watched her stomach slowly begin its expansion, sure the baby bump was barely there but Midge knew. Every so often her hand would linger on her stomach, holding the miracle inside. I began to get worried, was she going to give it up for adoption, was she hoping for a miscarriage…was the baby mine? I hated thinking that, I loved Midge but I couldn’t wait anymore. I had to move.

“Carlos!” I heard fingers snap. “Hey! Hey Carloooosss?”

“Midge?”  I snapped back to reality.

“I said thanks.” She smiled, her eyes concerned for me. “It…it smelled uh..great.” She faltered.

I picked up what leftover food there was. I’d made hamburgers for dinner and when she’d come in as I was cooking the meat, Midge ran out. I had just put the patties on the frying pan and the meat had begun to sizzle. Midge put one foot in the door, turned heel and ran out covering her face. It was her pregnancy I was certain, that made her more sensitive to the odor.

“Oh. Of course! There’s more if you’d like.” I smiled as I made my way to the fridge.

“I know…” she responded, furrowing her brow. “Are you ok?” She asked gingerly.

I nodded and stared into the fridge, when had I gotten here?“You’re acting odd.” She snapped. “This could use some nectar-”

“NO!” I yelled. Midge jumped and stared at me. “…the nectar ruins the flavor…” Really I was alarmed. Nectar’s no good for babies.

I watched Midge take her seat and grab a  mug of some warm Caramel Cream Milk.

“Good.” She sighed, Midge was eating caramel a lot. I began to wonder if that was her pregnancy craving, so I decided to make her that drink. “Please, I know you. Tell me Carlos.” She ordered.

I just stared into her large green eyes, I had no idea how to even start to tell Midge. What was I feeling? How come this was hard?I sighed and sucked it up, Midge deserved to know.  I put my hand on her shoulder and gave her a peck on the forehead as I reached for a mug myself. Her eyes never left me, they widened as I took my time. I felt bad, I was really making her worry. I felt even worse with what I needed to tell her. I sighed as I took my seat and mustered up the courage to speak.

“Midge…” I began.

Then the phone rang. Midge, already in a bit of worry, hopped up from her seat and lunged for the phone. “Got it!” She shrieked as she moved for it.

“Hello?” I heard a high voice on the other line, “Roxanne!” Midge cried.

I silently cursed the horrible timing. I really needed to tell Midge, 2 months was already too late. I should’ve said something from day 1. From the second I found out, I should’ve said something.

“A wedding!?” Midge cried. “Of course I’ll be a bridesmaid! Size 10. Yes, 10. No. No. No.” Midge sighed. “No. Well yes. Uhm what? Why would you?” I heard Roxanne’s high pitched and hurried voice on the phone from my seat. Midge glanced at me, her eyes wide. “No. I mean, I don’t know…no. Two. Don’t! Please! Because I don’t know! Just because…I did! I didn’t look at it. Because! Yea I know…No I’m not. No, that’s way too soon. That’s not how that works…”

I strained my ears a little more. Roxanne was talking a lot, from what I heard someone was getting married. I guessed it was Roxanne, Betty was still touring.  I swear I heard the words how long, but couldn’t even guess what context that was in. I sighed and began to chug my mug. Midge kept glancing at me every so often, either Roxanne or myself was making me uncomfortable.

“Yea? No one. You can if you want…well now that you mention it…I don’t want to be! What? No, never! Ugh!”

I finished my drink and put the mug in the sink turning around to Midge.

“Is everything ok?” I asked. My typically taciturn girlfriend was rather chatty, even for her sister.

Midge jumped a bit and cupped her hand over the receiver, nodding at me. “Roxanne. She’s getting married.”

I faked a smile and moved to her. “Oh let me say congrats!”

Midge, without skipping a beat, put the phone back to her ear. “Rox, I gotta go Carlos says hi and congrats!” She tossed the phone back on the wall, shimmied past me and picked up yet another mug.I stood there, trying to register what just happened. I turned to Midge as she sipped away. She lowered her mug and smiled at me innocently.

“Where were we?” She smiled.

I noticed my jaw was hanging. “What was that?” I asked her.

“What? We were talking and the phone rang. No more interruptions.” She smiled sheepishly.

“You had no problem speaking to her before I wanted to…what’s going on?” My voice was a bit sharp. I didn’t mean for it to be but I was tired. I was so tired of worrying, wondering and Midge not telling me anything.

“Carlos, what the plumbob is wrong with you!? What crawled up your llama? She’s my sister, I can speak to her without you being all up in the conversation!” She snapped back. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but I was making a left.

“Midge you don’t tell me anything! I have to constantly hound you!” I was upset.

“Maybe I don’t have to tell you everything Carlos! We’re dating, we’re living together, where’s my space!?” So was she.

“Great! Now you tell me! Fine, I’ll be in the living room.” I said this full of sadness. I turned and made my way to the sofa.

I heard Midge slam her mug down to follow me. “Oh my llama aren’t you such a martyr! Just gonna sit there and take the heat from the big mean girlfriend!”“What is it with us Midge?”  I asked.

She sat down, her anger fading. Curiosity and concern replaced the mad scowl she once had.

“I don’t know…” She sighed.

“No. That’s a lie.” I inhaled deeply. “We aren’t upfront with each other. We keep things to ourselves, placing the burden of truth on each other and ignoring our responsibility to ourselves and relationship…”

I saw her shoulder stiffen and then sag. Her eyes darted to the floor, then to my knees. Her hand slowly made its way up her body, resting on her stomach.

“I’ve been off. I’ve been craving space. It’s not right, I love you…I just…” She started, but was unsure of what to finish with.

“I wish you’d told me. I would’ve backed off.” I consoled her. I saw her fingers twitch on her tiny baby bump. “I haven’t been the best boyfriend…these past two months.” She looked at me, fear in her eyes. “I don’t know why Midge. I don’t know why I didn’t speak up. You’ve been scared haven’t you? You’ve been stressed and worried and feeling alone huh Midge?”

“What the llama.” She whispered.

“I found the test Midge. It’s positive. Why didn’t you-” I was cut off.

“I’m pregnant!?” She screamed. “You found the test? I flushed it!”“Midge!” I tried to calm her down. She was looking at me funny, she was rambling. “Midge! Please-”

“But if you knew I was pregnant why didn’t you tell me!?” She yelled.

“What!?” I couldn’t believe it. Girls are the pregnancy news breakers. I was supposed to be the one finding out!

“I flushed it Carlos. I didn’t look at it. I was too scared!”

“So what Midge!? You just figured you’d find out you’re pregnant once you go into labor!? What about prenatal care!?” I was worried. She may have been scared but that’s no excuse to ignore your health and safety along with the baby’s!

“What’s the matter with you! Why’d you keep quiet!? What’s your excuse!?” She gasped. “I didn’t cheat on you. This baby is your’s Carlos.”

“Good to know! Finally you tell me something about the baby!”

“You thought I was cheating!? Carlos what the llama goes through your scaley head!? I had birth control you know? I just dumped all the pills down the drain-”

“You what!?” I was alarmed. “You planned this, chose to ignore it, and all while keeping me in the dark!? How couldyou Midge?”

“No!” She screamed. I realized right there how loud we were, how this wasn’t a conversation. “They fell by accident Carlos! Every single thing up to today is an accident! I didn’t mean to get pregnant, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I don’t know what to do anymore!” The silence was louder than we had been. She was huffing, I felt guilt.

“This is going anywhere. I so sorry I left you alone in this. I’m here now Midge. I’m by your side.” I soothed her.

It worked, I saw her calm down and search my face. I hung my head.“Stress isn’t good for the baby. I shouldn’t have yelled. I should’ve had a better grip on my emotions…”

“Me too.” Midge sighed. I reached for her hand, the one on her stomach. “I didn’t mean to ignore this, our baby. It’s just…easier. It was.”

“I want this baby to have a good life Midge.” I rubbed her hand.

“You want this baby?” She asked slowly. I looked at her, was I burdening her?

“I want what’s best for you and us Midge. This is our baby, but it’s your body and I love you before anyone else.”

Midge squeezed my finger. “You’re right, it’s our baby. We have to decide together. We have to. Keep our family.” She decided. I smiled and nodded. So we were keeping the baby.

“My mom’s a good mom.” Midge sighed. “But she’s a better friend. She didn’t know anything about us, she didn’t even give birth to us. I won’t ignore this baby again, not for a second.”

“Can your mom come back here to watch the baby?” I asked. Midge’s eyes widened.

“No. Baby’s need their mommies…” I saw sorrow on her face. “I’ll go into the hospital tomorrow and resign.”

“No.” I stroked Midge’s hand. “You’ve journeyed too far, you were denied so much in life. I’ll be the stay at home parent. I don’t believe in daycare so-”

Midge threw my hand off of her and stormed towards the fireplace. “Stop that! You’ve given up way too much for me! I can’t ask anymore of you!”

I chased after my pregnant girlfriend, to calm her down once more.Still, Midge didn’t stop once I’d caught her. “You gave up the military in college for me! You gave up eating unhealthy foods, let me put you on taxing workout routines! You’ve been with me since high school, you’ve given up seeing what’s out there for me! I’m no prize Carlos and now we’re having a baby!”

“What’s any of that matter?” I smiled at her. “I’ll give up my hearing for your happiness, I’ll give my organs to see you smile, and I’ll be a happy blind dragon as long as you keep laughing.”

Midge put her hands to my face, rubbing her thumbs on my ears. “Will our baby have scales? Will our baby have your eyes? Can it have my hair?” She asked as if in a trance.

“How about tomorrow we go baby shopping?”

Midge nodded and smiled.

At the Baby Barn, Midge was a mess. She knocked over the stuffed bears, she got her hand stuck in the train potty, and her knee got lodged in one of the crib’s bars.

“We’re not getting that. It ate my knee. It’s not baby safe…” She giggled when I finally got her free.I wrapped my arms around her, gently placing my stomach on the baby bump.

“Being here makes it feel more real, doesn’t it Midge?” I asked, slowly swaying with her. She nodded and smiled.

“I told Roxanne you’d need that maternity Bridesmaid dress. She’s more excited about becoming an aunt than a wife now. Midge giggled. She’d had me, more like I volunteered, tell her sister that she actually is pregnant. Roxanne made my ear ring for a good hour with the holler she’d given out. She said she’d had a feeling Midge was pregnant by the way she was acting on the phone. “A sister knows these things. Especially triplets.” She’d told me. I just agreed with whatever, Roxanne knew Midge and was able to ship in the dress. When I asked when the wedding was set for, my jaw dropped. She said 2 months. I know wedding planning can take more than 2 months, but Midge assured me that it was Roxanne. It could be done in a week if she wanted.

“Carlos?” She asked.

“Yes Midge?” I asked, smiling as a heavily pregnant woman waddled in, her significant other behind her covered in shopping bags.

“Can the baby have my name?” She asked. She scrunched her face, worried I’d be unhappy. I just smiled.

“You’re the heiress, everything gets your last name. It’s the name I’ll take you know.” I kissed her forehead.

“I know.” She smiled. “But only take it because you love me? Not for the baby?”

“I promise there’ll be no other reason but love.” My heart soared. We hadn’t talked about marriage, this was the closest thing to it. It was fun, to dream we’d be together forever, but to talk about it was wonderful.

So when I proposed to her after Roxanne and her newly wed husband Shawn, at Roxanne’s idea of it being cute and romantic, I could only hope she’d say yes.