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Kyrie Fangs

Kyrie Fangs

The slightly “eccentric” one and the eldest. She marches to the beat of her own drum, and if you try to change that, she becomes a one woman drum line to plow you down. Loves children and wants to have them, but hates the idea of losing her freedom and being a mother. She envisions herself as more of a sisterly friend than a stern, over-bearing, hovering mother type. A happy go lucky type of girl, until something gets in her way.

Xana Fangs

Xana Fangs

An intense daydreamer. She often zones out, often confuses reality with reality. Terrible at responsibility, she either leaves things to crumble into dust or let someone else pick up her slack. She often gets an idea into her head, no matter how outrageous, and works towards it. That’s the only time she ever has a hint of motivation.

Shansa Fangs

Shansa Fangs

Only thinks about those she likes. She cries when she sees little old monsters eating alone somewhere. She’ll gladly take a bullet for those she cares for. For those she dislikes, she’ll gladly hit them with a car, then set them on fire, and then send them into the vacuum of space. She has a hidden selfish side, when she really wants something and feels she couldn’t be happy otherwise, she goes for it until the steam driving her wears down and she thinks about the people involved.


Generation 7 Chapter 5: Enchanted

Months after the wedding, I learned that Leviathan had a “procedure” and was in the midst of scrambling to change his name from Fangs and get his wife’s maiden name back. His excuse was he didn’t want children if they wouldn’t be with his wife, and there was no way I could force it. So the Second in Line title passed to Beelzebub. While I didn’t plan on dying, my youngest brother wasn’t married, so I signed him to a dating site to get the ball rolling. It was very stressful for me, especially when I realized I too needed to start looking. Unlike guys, I was on a timer.“I’m so happy we got this pool installed Ms. Fangs. It’s a great way to just let the weight of the world roll away.”

“What weight do you have? I’ve an entire legacy on me. It’s only getting worse everyday. I fear I’m aging faster than I look.”

“Hm. I wonder, would you like if I were to scout some men for you to take interest in like I did with the bodyguards?”

“I couldn’t ask that of you. Well…I can…I just don’t feel like it at the moment.”

“Hey, you know what else is a great stress reliever? Wooho-”

“Don’t! I’m not that kind of girl. Never have been, never will be. It’s too easy to get pulled in the wrong direction like that, I’ve an image to maintain at all costs.”

“Aww. Fine. Do you go out for drinks? Actually, do you ever leave this house?”

“Not really. Maybe I should! I can’t go stir crazy in here.”

“Let’s go for drinks.”

“No. Nectar and I aren’t agreeable. I had a “drink” once, a small sip. It took a lot of work to erase the damage done by my nectared up self.”

“Then why do we have a bar?”

“It’s more for the guests. And I like to look at it, I like having nice things.”

“How about you spend some quality time with Mencil? He’s a guy, he’s at your beck and call. You coul-”

“No! No, no, no. I’ve thought of that a couple of times, I won’t lie. But I can’t see a positive outcome of anything more.”

“You’re thinking he’s going to do that same as Harnish.”


“I knew it! Hey, Mencil’s already promised you that he won’t ever leave you. Just trust him-”

At that moment Mencil came in. Styra smiled at me and told him to whip us up some drinks. She winked at me and insisted the drinks be virgin, so basically she asked him to pour us some soda or something.“What have you come here for Mencil?”

“8 months working for you and you still think that every time I walk into the same room as you that I need something.”


“Uhm, just wanted a drink Ms. Fangs. And I was hoping to get a swim myself. I doubled checked the premises, nothing is out of sorts. I’ve reset the alarms and traps. Everything’s in complete order. Would you like a cherry?”

“No. Not a fan of cherries, I like peaches though.”

“Alright, peach syrup just for you…is everything ok Ms. Fangs? You look miserable.”

“I’ve been told I always look miserable. Can’t see how though. I’ve got the best televisions, computers, beds, whatever I want I get. I’m as happy as can be!”

I took my drink, nodded to him, and stormed out of the room. I cringed though when my foot splashed down in a puddle from the pool, I hated stepping in pool puddles. Pool puddles always seemed to have hair and stuff floating in them.“So little “Momo” Fangs likes peaches. Let’s give her peaches. She’s such a peach herself. Don’t you think so Mencil?”

“I don’t think that a question I’m at freedom to answer…”

“Oh, how cute. Come on, you’ve got work to do. Mammon’s stress levels are through the roof. She’ll break soon if she doesn’t clam herself down and relax. If she breaks, Fangs breaks. We can’t have that.”

“Of course not! That’s what I’m here for.”

“Then watch her better! When she’s vulnerable, you come in and sweep her off of her feet. When she’s hardening from the overload of her stress, you soften her up. You’d better be better help to our dear Ms. Fangs than what I’m seeing!”

“I got it! I got it! I’m going to go check on her now.”

“Wait! Don’t forget-”

“I won’t, I won’t!”When Mencil sat next to me on the sofa, I thought a butterfly had flown past me. Something was wrong. Very, very wrong. I drank my drink, tasted like wonderful peaches, and decided to watch TV. Every now and again things would go in and out of focus, my hearing would turn into muffled, buzzes and I felt gravity changing. When my consciousness became stable, I would wonder why I was sitting, dripping wet, in my bikini on the sofa. I was swaying again, feeling a warm fuzz from head to toe, and trying to hard to understand what I was doing and what I was thinking. I heard a Giant speak. It was a loud boom and it echoed wildly around my head. I looked over, alarmed, and saw Mencil’s mouth moving.

“Mencil! Mencccciiilllll!” I called, waving my hand to him, trying to get his attention.

“Ms. Fangs?”

“I hear somefing. It’s big. Rully big. So big, I can hear it.”

“Ms. Fangs!? Are you-”

“I don’t hear it anymore! Mencil! Mencccilll it’s gone. Mencil, pencil, Hansel…helllooooo!”

“Oh man. That’s bad, very bad. I made a big mistake. Come with me Ms. Fangs, I’ve got to watch you.”

“I don’t wanna! I don’t wannnnnaaa.”

“Come on, you’re intoxicated. I really didn’t think that this would happen.”

“I can’t. The Giants may wanna schpeak again. I needa hear em, cause if I don’t, then Imma gonna misssch everythin they gots to schay.”This was bad, very bad. When Styra said virgin, she meant it. Mammon was the lightest, lightweight drink I’d ever seen. Between the nectar and the syrup, I had no idea what was affecting her the most. It seemed the more she spoke, the more drunk she became. Well, there was no relaxing her like this. Styra was going to be extremely angry with me, furious even, when she found out that Memmon becamse drunk instead of-

“You schmeel like PEACHES.”

Mammon shoved her face into my personal bubble and started to huff my jacket. I pushed her face away and nervously put my arm around her, terrified she was going to face plant into the coffee table.

“Yes, I know. I think we should get you to bed.”

“Not scheeeeeeepy. No! Nurrr!”

She smiled a goofy smile at me, her head wobbling everywhere. Yes, this was definitely bad.

“You gonna scheep wit me cause my BED gets rully COLD.”

“Shh, stop being so loud please. it’s ok. I’ll stay with you as long as you need. Come on, come on.”

“Not LOUD. Noooooo not me.”“Ok, let go of my neck now.”

“No! Vampires gonna gits it. They gonna eat you up! I’m shaving you!”

I gently wiggled Mammon, her arms around my neck were locked together. I carried her to her bedroom, there was no way she could take a single step on her own. She sang me a song of peaches, how her family hated her and how she could smell butterfly milk. I gave up on getting her off of me and laid her down on the bed. She was still clinging, and still singing. I climbed over her and took the spot on the other side. Mammon still clung to me, and once I stretched myself out she fastened her body to mine. She yanked my free hand and intertwined it with her own.“Am I gonna die alone?”


“I SAID AM I-” I put a finger to her mouth to stop her yelling.

She licked my finger and I pulled it away in disgust and shock. She wiggled and giggled, a happy drunk.

“No. You won’t Ms. Fangs. You’ll find someone.”

“I’m Mammooon. Jam on. Momo!”

“Ok Momo.”

“You marry me.”

“Ms. Fang, Momo. I’m just here to protect you.”

“Marry me! I said it, so it must be. Doo ittt. Do it! Do it! Marry ME. Let’s make babies!”

I pushed her off of me as she tried to roll over. She tried to put up a fight but her motor skills were shot, and she flailed a bit as she tried to regain stability over herself. I took pity on her and put my arm around her once more, moving her wet hair out of her face. When she wasn’t worried about the world and all of its problems, she looked very beautiful and fun. She belched in my face, quickly reminding me of the reality I was in, and snuggled into my shoulder. I drifted off as well.

But I was soon awoken by blaring music.I fell off of the bed in terror. Mammon! I quickly looked up over the bed, she wasn’t there…but her bikini was. Following the sound of the music, I looked in terror as my boss was dancing. Nude.

“Mammon! Where are your clothes! What are you doing!?”

“I must be dancin! I’m so free! Wheeee!” She spun around.

I ducked my head under to covers. Oh my plumbob, she was naked. I’d gotten Mammon drunk, and now she was naked and dancing and acting without a care in the world. She had an image to maintain, and this was more than enough to ruin even 3 more generations. I heard her plop onto the ground. I took my head from under the covers long enough to see Mammon squirming on the ground, fighting a losing battle with gravity. Feeling pity for her once more, I gingerly approached her, making sure I only looked at her face. She smiled up at me and reached a floppy arm up for help.“Mammon. Please put your clothes on.”

She swayed, trying to steady herself as she narrowed her eyes at me. I held my arms out as barriers in case she were to topple over forwards or backwards.

“Nuuurrr!” She bellowed, startling me.

“Mammon, you’re going to catch a cold. Please?”

She narrowed her eyes at me once more.

“I dun like them, copy me!”

“I’m sorry?”

“I dun like you clothes!”“Ms. Fangs, get a hold of yourself!”




“I will not get naked!”


“Well…I have no idea what’s going on in there but it sure sounds interesting. Hope everyone comes out alright.”When I escaped Mammon and wrestled her into her bed, she went out like a light. I wandered into the library, sheepishly and ashamed. Styra was reading her book, never taking notice of me but she knew I was there.

“So…that didn’t go as planned. But maybe next time-”

“No next time. There’s no do-over’s for any mistakes. They’re too vital, this one’s gone far out of the window. What went wrong?”

“I-I don’t know. I gave her the nectar and the charm in that peach syrup you gave me…”

“So it’s my fault it didn’t work? Do you think I made that charm too strong?”

“N-no! No Styra! I didn’t-”

“That’s what you said. You blamed the charm. You blamed me. So you’re making everything my fault? Look we’re running out of time! Do you want the Yipperky family to fail!? Is that what you want brother dear!?”

I hated when my sister got angry. The plan to take over the and dissolving them into the Yipperky by getting through Mammon was far behind schedule. I should’ve been proposing to Mammon by now, should be planning to have children and then killing her to take the name. But no, I hadn’t even gotten her affections yet.

“She’s just so…when I get close to her…when i get close to her I see her. I mean I don’t see that greedy, evil, woman. I see Mammon. Scared, hurt and tired little Mammon. And when I see that I just-““Oh my llama you’re in love with her.”

My sister dropped her book and glared at me. I feared I’d die right there. Styra took on a fake last name and lied about her species to get here. The only reject was me. Styra was pure and accepted and heiress to our family, she came with me to the island when she heard of the Fangs and the power they had. She was embarrassed that a family of rejects was on the same level as our’s and she wanted it to be gone. She was the cruelest witch of our family, worse than Mammon. I was a warlock without powers, I was useless. Styra had done some digging and learned of Mammon’s interactions with a Brute, so that’s what I lied to be.

“No! I swear, it’s just getting to know my enemy! I swear Styra!”

“You’d better. You’d better or your head will be on a silver platter! You forget our mission and you can forget the rest of your life.”

“I can cook! I’ll make her a dish, she’ll be hungry after tonight. You can put a charm in that’ll make her love me. She’ll be powerless against my asking her hand in marriage.”

“Will you be able to sneak it in? Don’t mess this plan up.”

“I understand, sister.”

I was cooking dinner the next day. Yesterday was replaying in my mind, over and over again. I hadn’t sen or heard from Mammon since I’d put her to bed. It was eerie, it was already 7 pm and there was no sign of the household busybody. I’d just put dinner down and poured the charm all over the side I planned to give Mammon. I begged to Llama she show up, I couldn’t let another charm go to waste. My begging was returned, I could almost feel the animosity hitting me.“I want your head! You gave me a drink. I got drunk! You got me drunk! And I woke up naked! There’s so much I don’t know and so much I don’t like. You’ve 5 seconds to explain or you’ll feel my wrath!”

She shrieked so loud I swore some dishes cracked. She was twitching her fingers, she snarled, there was hatred emitting from all over.

“I said 5! You hear me! 1…2…3…”

“I swear I didn’t mean to! I switched up your drink and Styra’s! I know she can really take nectar so I gave her a heavy duty one! I wasn’t paying attention because I saw you in a swimsuit and mixed it up! Once I realized my mistake, I took care of you! You were about to run out naked and I stopped you and put you in your bed so you’d stay safe and keep the family clean.”

“Llama! I’m not buying it! If my swimsuit was enough to distract you then how the plumbob did you manage to only put me in bed!?”

“Because I’m meant to protect you I swear I didn’t do anything, I didn’t do a thing! I would never betray you like that Ms. Fangs!”

I dropped my hands and stared into Mencil’s eyes. I stared long and hard, searching them for the truth. I felt my anger recede, as much as I didn’t want it to. I wanted to stay angry, I wanted him to crack. But I couldn’t.

“Fine. I believe you.” I grabbed the plate meant for me and took a seat on a stool.Mencil joined me and there was a tension in the air. I stuffed food into my mouth, enjoying myself when I felt funny again. I stared into the food and ran the possible ingredients through my head, nectar was definitely not one of them. I stole a glance at Mencil and wondered if he was ahving the same reaction. Maybe the food was just that good? I looked at him again, but I found I couldn’t look away…more that I didn’t want to.

“So…you took care of me?”

“Yes m’am.”

“…was I difficult?”

“Well…I mean I wouldn’t say it…it’s not that…”

“I’ve always been difficult. I’m needy, I’m clingy, and if things don’t go my way then I don’t want them going at all. It’s ok if I gave you any trouble, just say it.”

“It’s ok. With the life you live and the duties you have, it’s ok for you to be that way once in awhile.”

“Thanks. I feel like everyone hates me for it though. You understand somehow though, what it’s like to be the one everyone relies on.”


The silence was thick, but it was so comfortable. I was content in sitting by him, stuffing my face. It felt wonderful.

“You asked me to marry you.”

“Did not!” I scoffed, embarrassed, and quickly piling food into my mouth.

“Yes you did. You said you were afraid of being alone…”


“If you need me, I’m here. I’ll always be here Ms. Fangs. I’ll do anything.”

I dropped my fork and shoved my hands to my face, choking on my food as I tried not to cry. I quickly hopped from the stool, knocking it over. Mencil jumped up too.“I’m sorry Ms. Fangs!”

I shook my head and bit my lip, trying to keep my feelings in.

“I meant what I said but I never meant to upset you!”

“I’m not upset! I’m happy but it feels so wrong. Something’s not right, something’s wrong!”

“What? I’m here, tell me what’s bothering you.”

“I can’t explain it. I just feel it though.”

“Are you just afraid…of the future?”

“Definitely. But…it feels better knowing you’re here. You promise? You promise you’ll stay? I feel so stupid to let something from so long ago, when I was like not even 16, be hanging over me like this. It’s so embarrassing. But I don’t know if I can let another promise just run me over.”

“Ms. Fangs, I swear it…I’m so sorry. I swear it.”

I looked into Mencil’s eyes. I saw pain, he looked so upset at something. Was it me? Was he upset that I was upset? Was he feeling my pain that I held onto from my past? I shuffled closer to Mencil and felt his arms move around me.I moved my hand to his elbow, happy to feel his touch. I decided I’d let go of the past. Mencil was here and he meant it. I felt the tears roll down, I didn’t want to stop those. I placed my past, the pain I felt, into my tears and released them. I allowed myself to admit that I had feelings for my bodyguard.

Generation 7 Chapter 4: Hitched

I hadn’t said a word since he came in through the doors. All the feelings I had anticipating his arrival, were whirling around now. I was afraid that if I did say something, it’d come out wrong and I’d shame myself. I listened to the hum of the machine making our drinks…wait, why? I hadn’t offered him a drink, I didn’t even want one. I looked at the package I opened, I didn’t even like this flavor! I tossed the package back to where it was and glared at the machine as it made enough for 5 to drink. It beeped at me when it was done, and I put the cups on a plate. The silence was something horrid now, maybe I could throw a cup at the wall. That would certainly break all silence and be a sure fire way to begin a conversation.“So you’re a bodyguard. Must be nice guarding all kinds of sims and monsters.”
I balanced the plate of cups and stared at them, as if it was their fault I sounded so stupid.

I heard him chuckle, my spine crawled with embarrassment. Most got red cheeks, felt hot, or smile in a goofy way, I just twitched like I was freezing.
“Yes. That is what I do and it is what I like. Would you like help with that?”

“No.” I said curtly.
I half dropped, half placed the beverages in front of him and grabbed my own cup. I looked into his eyes for a second, I turned my head away sharply and went to my seat.

“This smells wonderful.” He smiled as he inhaled the drink.

“It smells like a llama to me.” I huffed as I took a sip.

“…Then why’re you drinking it?”Shocked, I quickly spat the liquid back into the cup and took it away from my mouth. It didn’t help, that foul taste was on my tongue now.
“Did any of your clients give you beverages?”

“Yes, many times. I remember the Goths trying to give me Nectar of the Dead. Good for sims, bad for monsters.”

“Ah. Just the scent of that can get you drunk as a swamp monster.”

“Sim are strange creatures. They’re like us…but more squishy, vulnerable, and think they own the world.”

“So you basically had to babysit a squishy glob of a life form?”

“Yes. And they’re more bold in their attacks. Monsters are covert and try to destroy from the inside out, Sims just go in screaming and charging.”

“Ah.” I sighed.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes…I just,” I sighed “you aren’t who I thought you would be.”“I’m sorry about that.”

The bodyguard Styra had been speaking of, was not Harnish. Instead, she was speaking of Mencil Yipperky. He had a…happy and bright face. He looked like he’d be naive of the world, and not someone you’d think of as a bodyguard. I could see that as bad or good. Bad, I’d have more attacks against me. Good, those that mean to do me harm would foolishly walk in and be stopped where they stood.

“It’s fine. As long as you do your job correctly.”

“Oh yes mam! As a Blub it’s my duty to protect.”


“I meant Brute. This drink’s really good. Making me go all tongue tied.” He began to gulp it down.

“You don’t look like any brute I’ve seen before.” I hissed.

I thought of Harnish and his family. They looked very much like werewolves but Mencil, looked like a phantom almost.

“I’m a Brute reject.  You don’t expect me to look like one would you?”

That was true. I looked away, I was just not my usual self today.

“Fin you’re hired. You’ll sleep on the sofa out there, you’ll always be alert or so help me you’ll find yourself in jail. As my employee and a guest in this house, my word is law. Understood?”

“Yes, ma’m!”

With nothing left to discuss, I left the table but Mencil stood up.“With all due respect m’am, Styra informed me of your previous bodyguard. I assure Ms. Fangs, until you dismiss I will never leave your side.”

I stared into his youthful, bright eyes. They were sincere, I could tell. I felt my face grow warm and my spine tingle. I looked down and smiled to myself.

“See to it that you fulfill that promise.”“Mother this is your son’s wedding.”

“Yes, yes. Because if the media were to take photos of an awfully decorated hall, they’ll think the Fangs have no taste. I had to take over preparations. Yes, yes that too, of course I picked her dress! It’s her wedding day, I won’t allow her to make a fool of herself or the family. No, just her parents. Her cousins don’t need to be there.”

My mother had called me. The wedding was tomorrow and she was distraught, I think, to learn that the only thing the bride had part in with the wedding, was being the bride. I explained to her how we could look like we lacked taste and shacked up with just anyone if she were to throw an ugly wedding. This only upset her more.

“I don’t know why you’re so upset, it’s not like it’s your wedding.”

“Hey Mammon!”

My assistant Styra burst through the door. She was panting and clearly excited.

“I’ll call you back mom.”“What?”

“Ok, you’re going to get real angry at me…but I think Mencil likes you!”

“Where are you getting that from?”

“I was sort of hiding under the kitchen window…”


“Yes…but I heard how he spoke to you. That was the voice of a man smitten!” She cheered in a sing song voice.

“Even if that were so, I won’t get romantically involved with the help. Now leave me, I must prepare for tomorrow.”After the wedding, which was wonderful if I must say, the bride and groom returned to the house to gather their things.

“I know that wasn’t the wedding you wanted…if you’d like we can have a secret one? Just the way you want it.”

“I don’t care about weddings anymore, I don’t care about planning them either. I’ve got what I want, you, my husband.”

Alissa avoided me the whole time, I was annoyed at her for that. Here I had thrown her a wonderful wedding, allowed her to marry my brother, and I’d done all I could to have the press see this as a wonderful family that all got along. Levi thanked me and that was it. I guess I had to understand that after having been able to do whatever they wanted for so long, they had to get used to my control. Still, they were beautiful to see.People asked when I was going to get married and had I found that wonderful person yet? They were hard to avoid and harder to answer but I managed it. It was still a wonderful night to me. I couldn’t wait until I was able to experience what Alissa had, the wonderful love she had and just being a wife. Of course, I may be short on time for that. As heiress, I had to produce children. There were many families that would gratefully give me a son to have as a husband, but I still wanted to find my own love.

Generation 7 Chapter 3: Game

“I’m sorry it’s taken me 5 months to get back to you, I’m usually very busy you know.” I sighed as I dropped myself into the seat opposite a nervous and annoyed woman.

“It’s ok. I’m just happy the wait was shorter than half a year…”

“Cute. Now, how about we play chess?”


“I hope you’re repeating me to show you’re ready and understand, and not that what I say is questionable.”

“Uh…I just thought we were going to talk…not-”

“So you questioned me and we haven’t even begun. This isn’t looking good in your favor. Here, I’ll explain.”

I leaned to my side and rummaged through a box, pulling out the bags of chess pieces. I set them all up, she stared at me like a fish waiting for food.“Chess,” I started “is a beautiful mind game. You broaden your own mind, learning new strategies and how to be one step ahead of your opponent. You must learn your opponent, learn their mind. We will be chatting over this game, I will be reading you. Your moves will reflect your thoughts and what you honestly are thinking. So, you may lie but the pieces will let me know the truth.”

“I wouldn’t lie to you! I waited this long, why would I need to!?”

I raised my right index finger and waved it at her, discontent on my face.
“I know, I know. You love Levi and want to marry him, but he is my brother and therefore leader spare. If I were to die, it would go to him. So to get my position, all you need is my death and Leviathan. I’ll be extra cautious and through with this all. I will not permit you and my brother to marry unless I deem it secure and safe. Now, my assistant over there has been recording our entire conversation, even taking down our actions. When you blink, she types it.”“uhm, ok. Ok, I’ll cooperate with you. I love your brother, it took so much for you to agree to us being a couple. I’m not giving up now.”

“Watch out Ms.Mammon, this one’s serious.” My secretary called.

Styra Kipplekurp. She came to me one day, I think I was 22 at the time, that would make it 4 years ago actually. She presented herself as an extremely fast typer, superb organizer, one with photographic memory and always aware of things. I closed the door in her face only once before I finally saw just how valuable she was. My files were perfected in organization, record keeping became wonderfully quick and she always knew where everything was. She said she was a reject genie, I suppose it had to be true because she was nothing like any genie I’d ever heard of or even seen before. When I asked her how she heard of me, she only said that the Fangs name was now common knowledge on a global scale.

“Uhm, what’s your name, note keeper?”

Styra hit a button and looked at me. I wagered between the pros and cons of letting the woman before know my secretary’s name. I waved my hand, I gave the “go ahead”.

“I am Styra. I’ve been Ms. Mammon’s secretary for 4 years now.”“So Alissa,” I sighed as I moved my piece “why do you want to marry my brother?”

“I love him and want us to finally be a unit. I want to connect my soul with his.”

“What is it about him you find endearing?”

“Well, he’s always looking at other monsters and wanting the happiness, love, money that they have. So he’s always working hard towards something, whenever he climbs higher than before, he sees another with something even better, so he starts working even harder. I know he’ll never slack on anything.”

“You find his jealousy of others to be an endearing quality? Well, we didn’t call him the Prince of Envy for nothing I suppose.”
She accidentally knocked a chess piece of her’s over. I stared at her as she went to retrieve it. I couldn’t much decide whether or not she was intimidated by me, or afraid I’d find out something she didn’t want known.

“If Leviathan were to become heir upon my death, what would you assume to be your responsibilities as his wife?”

“I would tend to you grave maybe, twice a month. I’d cook meals, I’d make sure things are clean and presentable. I would help him find appropriate attire for formal events and I’d make myself scarce?”

“Why are you asking me something? And you’re wrong. Behind every great man if a great woman, as his wife your job is to stand directly beside him and work hard, if not harder. You would make sure he is presentable, make sure he’s able to communicate properly to his audience, make sure he’s healthy, make sure he’s not ignorant. You must watch him and keep him in check. This is a reoccurring thing with the spouses of the Fangs. They all have deeply benefited the leader, some saving their lives, and in turn, the family.”

“Those are everything I’d have to do if you were to die and he become leader!? But that sounds less like what a wife does and more of a mother!”

Alissa gasped and clapped a hand over her mouth. I took notice that her elbow knocked over her queen.

“Now, as a mother in general, how would you be to my nieces or nephews?”Allison sighed and stared at her queen. She looked paler and pulled and arm around her waist, bringing the other to her mouth.

“I cannot have children.” She muttered.

“Why not?” I questioned.

Her records were not available to me, legally I couldn’t view them. She was not a Fangs and therefore out of the scope of my power.

“I…I had a hysterectomy.” She shook her head and her shoulders stiffened.

“Of choice or from a medical condition?”

“A condition. When I was 15 I had cancer there. Everything was removed, everything.”

I picked up her queen piece for her, returning it to its original position. I ran my tongue over my teeth, thinking of this. If I died, she’d be useless. There was always Beezlebub, but he’d be Levi’s spare. I couldn’t change the set up either, no matter what I could do, Levi would always step in as heir upon my death. He’d have to have children, and a sterile wife would be useless. I looked at her again, so this was what was on her mind. She was probably very aware that the chances of me granting her and Levi the right to marry, would be close to 0 with her sterility. I soon got another thought, allow a mistress or sperm donor in the case of an infertile or sterile partner. That sounded right, they got their cake and children too.

“I’m not heartless. I’d rather you be alive and well, than dead. You will benefit my brother and Fangs. I grant you permission.”

She jumped out of her seat.“But!” I shouted, startling her.

I too got out of my seat and stood before her. Her eyes excitedly searched my own.

“In the case that Levi becomes heir, he is to take a mistress.”


“You’re sterile. Children must be produced, you cannot fulfill that.”

“Fine, just promise me something? Don’t die until you’ve passed on your title.”“Wow, you sure pissed her off.”

“She wanted permission, I gave it. She can feel however she pleases.”

“You forgot to tell her, Ms. Mammon, that all wedding relations will be under you call and decision.”

“She’ll find out. I will not grant them a wedding until I’m able to find someone suitable in ensuring my safety outside of this house. You carrying a gun isn’t enough.”

I’d been searching for a body guard since I turned 21. There was an assassination attempt during my stroll in a park, I managed to get away unscathed but I never forgot the figure of the man trying to kill me. I was reminded how unsafe the world was and how valuable I was in my journey of setting the Fangs family into a very good place, one history will forger applaud.

“None of the previous applications were to your liking?” Styra cooed, she clicked away on the keyboard finishing up what had jut taken place.

“4 were felons! It sounds safe to have a scary man that was incarcerated around, that’ll certainly drive others away. But at the same time, they can very kill the hand that feeds.”

“Are you looking for someone to replace that guy you used to call your “knight”, you know, what was his name?”

“Harnish Ledger.” I replied without missing a beat.

It had been so many years, I lost count. But every now and again I’d think of him, I’d wonder what he was doing, how he was, if he was married or a father.

“He never did come back. He should be 29 now.”

“You must’ve really loved him.”

“They say you never forget your first love.”
I pushed some hair behind my ear and made my way to the couch, Styra soon joined me.“Then you’ll love this! I think I’ve the perfect guy for you.”

“I’ve nothing else to look at, shoot.”

“Ok, have you ever heard of the Landgraabs, Specters or Goths?”

“Those are a very powerful family name in the Sim world! My dad was a sim before a zombie, he told me lots of things. Those were common names, I aspire to be like the Landgraabs.”

“Well, this guy, was a bodyguard for them all at some point!”

“What!? A monster for a bodyguard!?”

Styra nodded her head, a bright smile on her face. “He disguised himself as a sim, but because he’s a monster he’s so much stronger than regular sim! He protected all of them, he’s a certified bodyguard too. He’s perfect.”

“He does sound very promising. Fine, give me his information and I’ll contact him.”

“One flaw though. He’s a reject…brute.”

“Brute?” I gasped.

“Yea, you know, creatures that transform into terrifying things when they get angry? He can’t transform, no matter how angry he gets.”

I stared into space, was it…was the man Harnish? He and his family had left, to return to the Sim world, to fight for him to stay there reject or not. He was a brute that couldn’t transform, so was Harnish. My heart quickened at the thought of re-uniting with my old friend, my knight.

Generation 7 Chapter 2: Papers

Being without Harnish, I was really thrown out of my daily routine. For 7 years I’d had a wonderful boy by my side, for 7 years I’d had happiness and security and the greatest friend I’d ever known. Moving on was hard, my parents even took sick leave to be by my side. I’d always wanted them there more, but it just wasn’t enough. I felt the whole in my heart, I felt it. I wanted to shove all of what made me happy in there to fill it. My parents gave me their bedroom, the leader’s room, and decorated it to my liking. As I laid there, in my big new comfy bed, I tossed and turned. I had exactly what I wanted, to the T, in my new room. My brothers were nice to me, my parents were off for a month, but Harnish was gone. I promised myself, that I would make myself happy again. My heart would stop aching, I’d find a way to move on and be completely happy! I rolled over and buried my face into my fluffy pillow. As leader, I could have whatever I wanted, and I wanted happiness. I wanted success, I wanted security, I never wanted the Fangs to come after my place as heiress to ever feel what I was feeling.

That was the last night I had as a child. The next day, I woke up as a woman.

“And that leaves the door to any loopholes…closed!”
I slammed my finger onto the mouse, saving my newest work. I took my position seriously. I read everything, every single detail and power I had as leader. I had utmost control, the utmost rule. The founder, Linger Fangs, had laid in place the guarantee of the Fang’s Happiness. All family was to be taken care of, happy, healthy, and accepted, typical ensure the well being type of stuff. Other family leaders, like the Royals, could force a marriage. They could determine how many children were to be born to each family member, they could control weddings or if there even was to be any, they could keep a family member single, they could reject any children from out of wed-lock, ultimate control to ensure the well-being of the Royal name.

Being clever, I added onto the Founder’s original position. To ensure the well-being and happiness of the family, I had to control it. I had to have every detail, to make sure all of the cogs were running smoothly, safely, and were well oiled. There were no statements ever made to prevent what I was going to do, I had the all clear. I closed all loopholes, I covered my entire tracks, I gathered every single document of living members and alerted them of the impending change. They had 1 month to adjust. As for my own family…They had less than an hour.

“Mammon, request to speak.”

My dad was the most irate, well the most open about it anyways. He hated my ideas, my plans, he thought I should just keep going like the previous heir and heiresses. Just let the people go and focus on climbing. I tried to explain to him it was easier to climb together than have it all on me.

“Daddy. I haven’t the time for this, hurry up.”

“I can’t even look at you right now. Your mother’s crying her heart out upstairs. Do you know why?”

“You feel like I’m a dictator and not an heiress.”

“I’ve never said that, well at least I know that’s how you feel.”

“I’m a leader. A leader can be a dictator, queen, governor or mayor, whatever. They all mean the same thing, I’m the one the Fangs look to.”

“No, they’ve never looked to anyone before. They were free and that’s what it was that Linger wanted, freedom! Freedom from being judged, controlled, oppressed! You’re going against her wishes.”

“You were a Duffler, not a Fangs, do not try to speak for my dead ancestor.”

“Technicality of blood? Is that how we raised you? To nit pick to suit your needs while you ignore the point and remain on your merry way?”

“What’s with this lecture?” I huffed and saved my current progress.“Daddy, where were you for a good part of my childhood? Saving people right? Protecting the peace and safety of others, leaving me and Levi with Beelzebub. You and mom should’ve been there for us! Not the neighbor, not some woman that lives on the other side of the island, but us your children. That’s what I’m doing.”

“Are you sure that’s what you’re doing? Your mother and I may not have been there as much as you’d like, but we were hoping you’d learn selflessness, pride, strength and sacrifice. We were gone a lot, I’ll admit, that was pretty llamaish of us. Not pretty llamaish, it was. Parents need to be there for their kids, but kids need to learn that while a parent’s duty is to them, they’re not the center of the universe. There are other people to worry about too. I’m sorry you think we abandoned you, but know we never once wavered in loving you.”

“You’re just mad I made you guys quit. I’m protecting you! Being a cop is tough work, dangerous even, I pulled you out of potential death and you’re angry? This is what I mean, the safety of others, I control it and you’re going to live a longer life without stress or worry.”

I’d made a document, stating that my parents were to never work in a dangerous field of employment again. They were to resign immediately, my parents were not please, they tried to fight me on i, but with exile being their only option besides quitting, I won. My brothers were happy to have mom and dad home, but they’d been avoiding me. Understandable, they were so used to free roam, my tight leashes were sure to scare them. They’d just need to adjust.

“Why though? Why Mammon? What happens when the massive income dwindles down? Am I supposed to stare at the wall in content?”

“I’m setting up to have Leviathon begin work. He’ll quit college and work his way up to being a manager in retail or a factory, I haven’t picked yet. Beezlebub will become the new paper boy, he’ll be good at that. You and Mom will look into counseling. I’m tired of hearing you two argue over housework, and to figure out why you think having left your small children alone so much was ok.”
Hy father huffed and threw his hands in the air, I’d never seen such a look of disgust. For a second, I almost wanted to say I was just kidding. I felt a cold wash over me, I feared that I had managed to make my own father, the one I so desperately wanted around, hate me.My father was not a Fangs by blood, if he were to divorce my mother, I’d have no say in his life. I panicked. Immediately I thought up a new rule on marriage, divorce, really just couples in general. I’d have to approve all relationships, I’d have to approve who could divorce, and I’d need to make up a statement on what grounds one had to have to consider separation or divorce. I decided to make Fangs a, marry for life whether you like it not, family.

The disgust in his eyes only grew, I felt like he was reading my mind and already judging my new plans. I’d have to make those and make them quick.

“Daddy,” I began trying to get his face to change, “please! I’m doing what I feel is right for the family, I’m doing what I see as the best possible thing! My utmost control in my family’s lives, it’ll help them! I promise.”

“How does it help someone to force them into something against their will? It’s like forcing an addict into rehab, they have to want it or else everyone’s going to end up with more hurt. How does running everything by you, forsaking freedom and personal space, make things better? I understand you’re doing what’s best Mammon, but you’re not looking at the big picture.”

“Just wait and see. You’re so stuck in hating all I have prepared, you’re biased. I promise Daddy.”

He sighed and shook his head. “I see my great-great-grandfather in you. He’s the reason I’m here. You all know I used to be a Sim, that I wasn’t born as a monster. They say evil never dies, this explains why my great-great-grandfather was so strong and nowhere near dying. He tried to dictate us, he forbade anyone from ever leaving the home town. He owned the plant where the zombie outbreak began, come to think of it, he owned the town. Had he not forced me to remain there, I wouldn’t be here.”

I shook my head, my father basically admitted to hating it here, hating everything. My dad put his hand on my head and patted my bun.

“I love you children and your mother very dearly, you guys are the only silver lining to the plumbob cloud that man created for me. I just never saw myself dropping out of his control and into my own daughter’s. His greed knew no bounds, I’m saddened that you inherited it, Momo.”

My father’s shoulders heaved and he shuffled over to my bed. He plopped down onto it and began to scratch at his hand. When I saw him peeling off his dead skin, and not during the usual sloughing time, I had to go. That meant he was stressed, unhappy, or somewhere deep in thought. I heard a clang in the kitchen and decided I’d head there.“Mother.” I called.

She quickly stood up and closed the oven door with he knee as she rose. She stood at attention, rigid, scared. I could see her breathing quickly, oh my poor emotional mother.

“Mom, Daddy said you were crying. Did I make you cry?”

She never turned her face to me, but she shoulders stiffened.

“I want an answer Mother.” I snapped.

I didn’t want to rule with fear, yet everyone seemed to be doing just that! They all…they all feared me.

“Where’d I go wrong!? I wonder, I wonder this all of the time. Ever since you presented your very first document, I thought why oh why. This isn’t what being an heiress is, Momo how did you ever come up with this?”

“You had your chance to rule mother, it’s my time and my own style. Please, accept it, it’ll be much easier.”

My mother shook her head and hung it, “my time was over way before it should’ve been. I panicked, I should’ve listened to your father! He’s always so level headed, calm, rational. He can say what needs to be said without even thinking on it forever, I don’t know where I’d be without him.”

“But you two bicker so much lately…to me that shows some type of-”

“Child, you don’t know love! He and I, we aren’t perfect but we are perfect for each other. I wish I could just go back and time and wait to pass on my title until you or the boys were ready. I asked too much of a 7 year old, I asked too much of all of you. I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry. I failed as a mother, I’m so sorry.”

I stared at my mother’s back, I just wish she’d turn around.

“Yes, you did. But no sense in crying about it now, it’s over. I plan to ensure that no Fangs will ever make your mistake again.”

“You sound like you’re trying to turn the sky into glittering gold. You cannot prevent all of the possible mistakes, frankly, I get that this is your time to lead and you’ve full say, but this is all a mistake. Come with me Mammon.”

She moved from the stove, still never turning around, and lead me to the living room. We stopped in front of the wall of Fangs, as I called it.“I’m sure your father told you about his great-great-grandfather. But this is my grandmother, Maris Fangs. She died shortly after you were born, she’s your polar opposite. She feared heiress responsibility and power, whereas you’re embracing it. She pushed everything away, she shoved my mother and aunts away. They had an awful childhood, they had their freedom stolen. The only way they got it back was to run away to Maris, the one that’d abandoned them to begin with. Maris atoned for her…”sins”…and made peace with everything she’d done wrong. You’re pulling everyone in, they’ll run away from you too. Learn from the mistakes of the past, they’re there for a reason.”

I stared at the photos of Fangs long past. My eyes fell on Linger’s, then Seether’s, Zora’s, Maris’, Midge and finally my mother. All of these people had held my title, they’d all messed up somehow, I read all the records of it, and that’s what I was basing my whole standing on.

“Linger gave too much freedom. She probably felt some resentment for the entire arranged marriage and being forced to live on the first island by her family, the one daughter Huntrisha ended up pregnant with her school teacher. Seether somehow managed to get two women pregnant, having been in a odd affair with a woman, Snowelle, of the Royal Clan. Those children grew up into women that hated each other. Flurry, the illegitimate, plotted to steal the family from Zora and was killed by her with the help of Jostle Murk in electricity. Maris ended up pregnant by Jostle and gave up her children, secluding herself from any knowledge of them. Midge had a very peaceful life after getting away from Jostle, and then there’s you mom.”

“Very good, you know your history, but what you’re doing is going against what all of them wanted, happiness and freedom. Linger got that. Seether got that with Tinsle. Zora eventually got that when she killed Flurry. Maris when she saved my mom and aunts. My mom from her father and me, from myself and being inter-sexed. But you, you’re building walls! Mammon, you’re going to self-destruct.”

I shook my head and sighed.

“You’re all so convinced I’m setting myself up for failure. Have some faith! Where you, and them,” as I gestured to the pictures, “had built a family, I’ll be building an empire.”
“Mammon, I’m begging you to stop with your plan. All great empires fall at some point.”

Generation 6 Chapter 9: Dessert

Time grew into days, days into weeks and eventually it was months. Things had changed, time had clearly passed, but I remained stuck on Gingorts. When I went to the mall, they informed me he’d been fired. They didn’t like him “canoodling” with a customer of the mall, me. So now Gingorts wasn’t employed as far as I knew, and he was probably still homeless.
He hadn’t taken my offer of stopping by for food whenever he wanted, I can’t believe I’d called him my charity case. I combed every beach in every bit of freetime I had. I looked into every cave, nook and cranny, looking for some sign of a being having lived there. I got so desperate I began to comb the sand for even a tiny piece of skin that may have fallen off of him, even hair. It had been 5 months now, and I found myself blinking into the twilight. I’d sat on that bench all night. Either I’d fallen asleep or just zoned out because I have no idea how I was able to do such for so many hours. I kicked the sand with my heels, I’d been hoping to spot Gingorts either coming or going, had I missed him. A silhouette caught my eye.

“I found you”Gingorts!” I hollered and dashed off towards him.“I found you!” I panted, trying to catch my breath.

He stood there, that same bored look on his face. I clutched my side, I’d gotten a stitch from running. I wheezed as I returned to my composed self, waiting for the cramp to go away.

“I see. So you finally caught me.”


“I’ve seen you hunting for me.”

“Eh? If you knew I was looking all over the place for you then why didn’t you come out!?”

“I liked the chase. I didn’t expect you to throw away a night to have a stake-out here though. I’ve been moving from beach to beach, I’ll go to jail if I get caught, you were lucky picking this.”

“How’re you doing Gingorts? I looked for you where you worked, they told me you got fired…I’m so-”

“No need. I’m great. Hungry more than usual, but great.”

“Why haven’t you come around? I was sincere in my offer.”

“I forgot where you lived.”

I looked at him, then burst out in a fit of giggles. He scratched his head, clearly not amused. That just made it all the more funny to me though, here I’d been worried he was off somewhere hating me, when really he had no idea which house I lived in.

“It’s the tiny house that looks abandoned, remember? But underneath is the mansion almost?” I wiped a tear from my eye.

“I’ll remember that.”

“I thought I’d chased you away, thought you hated me! That’s great, you just forgot where I live!”

“Sorry to have caused you trouble?” He scratched his head again, bits of sand flew from his hair, “how about we go somewhere? We owe each other an apology.”“Are you serious? That’s what it’s like to be a sim?”

“I’m not lying, sometimes it really feels like there’s a greater power that tells us all what to do!”

“And you guys don’t believe monsters exist? How can you possibly think such a thing?”

“Well I obviously don’t anymore. That zombie apocalypse really turned that around for me.”

“Your movies sound stupid too. We’re not that fearsome, just misunderstood.”

“Yea, being on this team now, I see the prejudice and hatred.”

“Tell me again, how on earth did you sims come up with Twilight as appropriate vampire and werewolf material? Dracula’s more accurate than anything to how they really are. Actually, maybe those Cullens are rejects that spawned more rejects and instead of coming to this island, became glorified!”

“Could be. I don’t much care for it. My sister did.”

“You’ve got a sister?”


“Is she…?”

“No. She got away.”Somehow, Gingorts and I found ourselves wandering about the park. He decided to push me on a swing as I questioned him about his life before his death. He’d just gotten out of high school, he had to repeat the 11th grade twice, when a lab in his town went up in flames. The next thing he did after take off his cap and gown, was grab a knife and gun. The whole town went in lock-down, and many died trying to escape. Gingorts thinks that they were making up an excuse to the outside world, and the civilians that knew about the zombies were going to die as the only ones that knew the truth. He’d gotten bit on his left foot, he offered to show me the fading bite marks but I declined. He told me of how his parents were dead the second the outbreak began, and how he did all he could to protect his middle school aged sister. The last he saw of her, was her climbing the quarantine wall. The next he knew, he’d been taken in by the zombie community but soon spit out and landed here.

Gingorts stopped pushing me and I slowed down, he made his way to the swing next to me.“What’s your story?”

“I don’t have one. I was born a monster, I’ve never been anything else.”

“No way am I buying that. You’re the Fangs heiress, there’s got to have been something in your life that sets you a part from everyone else right?”

I stopped swinging and rocked, trying to decide how to start my tale…let alone if I should even tell him.

“I’m inter-sexed.” I clapped a hand over my mouth, I was thinking! I thought out loud?

“Oh. Uhm, so you’re…” He struggled with his words.

“I was born with a bit of both sexes. I identify as a female, since that where my life seems to fit. But it took me a terrible struggle to get here, as Leeta. In high school, when I found out about my condition, I took my brothers clothes and chopped my hair off. I became Lee. No matter what I did though, Leeta was always in the back of my mind, always there, sometime looking over my shoulder just waiting for me to return to where I needed to be. I became Lee to help me find where I was meant to be, who I was meant to be. Misty, that girl who lived with us, dated Lee. It didn’t work out but it helped me to see I’m both Lee and Leeta, and that they can co-exist within me as the new Leeta, me.”

Gingorts nodded, so I continued.

“My family wasn’t really any help. They just stood by with whatever I wanted, treated me like a delicate egg.”

“An egg?” He scoffed.


“You’re spoiled.”“I’m sorry?” I blinked in shock.

“You heard me, spoiled!” He leaned towards me, “Pampered, sheltered, protected, fluffed and primed. Spoiled.”

“How so? I share with you, I don’t look down on others…” I began to ramble.

“Your family did you a good family service by ignoring your please and tossing you to the wind. It’s good, but that’s not how life works. When you’re down, you can’t have someone always hold your hand and pat your head saying “there-there poor baby”. I never got that, I got the grow up, buck up, or shut up speeches. Granted I never had such a life changing situation, but I’m telling you, you’re living in a sheltered and rose-tinted world. Stay there, or the wolves will chew you alive.”

I swayed in my swing just letting his words soak in, I smiled.

“Everyone but my brother has always told me those sort of things. That it’ll be ok, that things will fall into place. That I’m special, they shot down anyone who spoke ill of me, they really did treat me like a precious egg about to break. I know now, things aren’t always going to be ok, and some things take work. You just can’t sit back and expect the world to fix itself into order for you, you’ve got to push it some times. Right?”

“Exactly.” He smiled.

“Then I’ll get a job!” I hopped out of my swing.

Gingorts did the same, “You’ve got old money though right? What do you need a job for?”

“To see the real world! I know the walls of the Fangs, but I don’t know how you live. I want to see it, I want to meet the people of this island and I want that manual labor.”Gingorts grabbed my hands. I winced, fearing my scaly skin wouldn’t be good for his own fragile skin.

“That’s a wonderful thought. The queen bee, leaving the hive to see how the drones work.”

I smiled, I’m sure that I was blushing too. I felt his fingers caress my palms, that sent shivers up my spine. Gran was right, Gingorts wasn’t just a friend to me.I managed to get a job in the police force. I wanted manual labor, I got it. I pulled some strings, perks of being an heiress, and got Gingorts on the force as well, per his request of course. It was wonderful, when our schedules matched, we’d leave with each other and return to my home. Gingorts declined my offer to live in the house, he appreciated it but it didn’t suit him at the moment. Raquel and Daemon moved out soon after Misty, looking to start a life together of their own it seemed. I fantasized about Gingorts living with me. Me waking up to find him eating breakfast at the table in his pajamas, me catching him on trips to and from the bathroom in a towel, finding him sleeping on the sofa when he’s too tired to make it to his room…I loved it.

I looked forward to the days Gingorts would come over for food. He’d always stay and watch Tv with me, chat, play some chess, he’d just stay. I wanted him to stay, I hated when he went home, I always found myself longing that night would hurry and leave so Gingorts would return. He was younger than me, but he was so full of things that left me in awe. We could have very deep conversations on nearly any topic, but my favorite was speaking about our personal feelings on personal matters and him opening up new doors for new ways of thinking. Every conversation seemed to have an adventure for me, and a new method of self exploration.

Yes, I wanted Gingorts to stay. To stay with me, only me, live with me, love me. Well llama! It just popped into my head, love. When had I fallen in love with him? How long had it been? I stared at him, marveling at how I managed to grow such strong feelings for him in such a short period of knowing him. In my head, it screamed danger, you barely know him! But the rest of me screamed to shut up and love him. That was one of my downfalls, being so trusting of people and never looking for the bad, just to wonderful. But in this case, it didn’t seem to bad. I wondered, as I stared at him, how Gingorts felt about me. He noticed me watching, he smiled at me, but our gaze never broke.Just like our kiss. I’d kissed Misty, a few other boys too, but this was a completely new kiss. This was completely new territory. This was a man, this was love, I couldn’t believe it.

Right then, right there, I knew he’d stay. I knew that Gingorts would always be by my side, I knew exactly how he felt about me. I saw all of the fantasies become my reality, I saw our conversations going on for eternity, I knew my life would be wonderful from them on. Gingorts would make sure of it, in his own special way with his very special words.
Right down to the ring on my finger, I could feel it all over though. The love we had, I could only hope that those who were to come after me, my children and their children, would be able to find a love like this. It was pure, soft and sweet. I promised myself that this was a feeling that would never change, I’m certain Gingorts made the same self promise, and that’s what bound us together. For eternity.

Generation 6 Chapter 8: A-ha

[little note: I got a job (: but that means school, real life, and now work are on my plate. I’ll still update as often as I can, but it may be few and far in between.]

I stood in my room just swaying. Sort of in a stasis, not doing anything, not trying to do anything, not really daydreaming, just there. Llama that was boring. That’s when Gran burst into my room, and threw herself into the sofa.“I heard you had a date!” She squealed.

“That’s not what it was. He’s just a good person, I’m sure it meant nothing to him. Just like my hospitality.”

“Oh wow, hum drum and glum! So unlike you Leeta! What happened Sugar Nip?”

“I checked that stupid dating site and had a ton of messages from one guy. They were sweet, sounded sincere, and he really wanted to meet me so I agreed. When I got there, he thought I was a boy. He left, I hurt my foot, and Gingorts offered to listen to my woes.”


“The guy that was here, he’s a zombie. I only know where he works, no idea where he hangs out or just where the plumbob he’s at day to day.”

“A zombie you say? They don’t do too much, they’re pretty laid back species until they’re hungry. How do you feel safe when the feeding frenzy starts?”

“He’s a vegan. And I’m part dragon, there’d be no way he could get through this skin even if he wanted.”

“Still zombies are your opposite. You need a ton of moisture, they can’t or they’ll start to rip and sag.”

“He’s a friend!”

“Don’t snap at me, come sit by Gran.”“Think about this, if he were a friend and nothing more to you, would your mood really be so affected as it is?”

“I think so.”

“No, I mean think really hard about it. Misty calls you a name, you brush it off. I get in your way, you brush it off. Daemon gets on your nerves, you brush it off. Gingorts vanishes and because you don’t know much about him or where to find him, you’re upset.”

“Yea, that makes sense…”

I rubbed my hands along my leggings, soaking it in and wondering why it was that I was in an off mood. Was it because I really wanted him as a friend? Was it because I wanted to say sorry for having insulted him? Oh yea.

“When he was over we played chess. I told him he’s welcome to swing by for a meal anytime, said it was part of my duties as leader, I pretty much called him a charity case.”

“We Fangs have a bad habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. That’s pretty much why your mother broke contact.”

“Gran? Can you please tell me about it? I need to know.”“Of course Leeta. It’s high time I cut my charade, I can’t pull it off like your Grandfather.”

“Can you tell me about him too?”

“Interested in family history? Good. You’ll be able to prevent mistakes we haven’t learned from. Well,” she took a deep breath, “I’d just ended my engagement to a terrible man. Controlling, unattached, just awful. In rebellion I went to my favorite club, my siblings and I always went. There was a guy there with large ears like your brother, your eyes and hair color. You look so much like Jostle, that was his name. He followed me around, keeping an eye on me, and took me home. He took me home. Well I found out I was pregnant. That was all I knew. I wanted nothing to do with the pregnancy, I knew nothing about it at all, when it came time I was lucky to make it to full term. I was induced, knocked out, and the babies were born. I didn’t know I had girls, or triplets. Nothing.”

“How did you not know?” I breathed, it felt weird to know that my mom and aunts were unknown and previously unwanted.

“I had money, money talks. So they went away. Years later they showed up. They were run-away teen music stars and looked to me. Their father had found them, raised them, and made their life as miserable as he could. I’d been a very bad person, abandoning things left and right and stomping on people as I pleased. He was teaching me to reverse all that. I took my children and with the connections I had, came here. Your Grandfather was Jostle Murk, a pure imp. He was born from malicious thoughts, and he’d been watching us since my Great-Grandmother was around. He helped save my mother from being destroyed by her sister, and he helped me.”

“So we’re imp? And what do you mean Great-Grandmother’s sister wanted to destroy you all?”

“That’s a story for another time hun. Well when you two were born, I went crazy. I don’t know what happened. I missed out on that baby period, I guess I wanted it back. I bought you guys your first clothes, I fed you first foods without Midge knowing, I woke you guys up just to hold you. Whenever you cried I snatched you from your mother’s arms, something you never do. Understand? Never take a baby out of the mother’s arms, ever. I saw you guys as my do-over babies, not my grandkids. I called myself, Mommy. You mother was at the end of the rope, telling me to back off didn’t work so she cut me off. I was distraught, I saw you two as my babies, I won’t lie sometimes I still do. I have to remind myself I’m grandma and my time to be mommy is long gone.”“I feel so silly. Everyone was telling me that Mom was right but I was so against what she did. I have to be honest Gran, if anyone tried to replace me to my  future children I’d see less of them too.”

“At-a girl!” Gran cheered.

I was taken a-back. Had I really just said that? I swayed on the sofa, smiling softly.

“That’s why I’m here. Midge resumed speaking to me and I caught up on your life. I was feeling anxious, you’re such a sweet girl but you don’t speak up. You’re a Fangs! You’re not a doormat, we’ve got that “get what we want, when we want it” running in our blood! Leeta, I tried to make myself a bad guy just like Jostle did to my daughters, to get you to kick yourself and find your spine. I may have failed but please, tell me what you really think of things I’ve done.”

“Well,” I played with my bangs, “you just moved in. Normal people don’t tell you that they’re moving in, they wait for the offer. This is my house now, I’m the leader, you had your chance. Also that dating site, that was sweet. I thank you for trying to help, I could see your good intentions, but you completely stomped on a boundary, so I’m shutting it down.”

“Good for you. Very, very good.”

“But how come you’ve decided to tell me?”

“I found my journal open and figured one of you knew, so that meant all of you. also, you’re at a now very stressful part of your life, love. You don’t need your Gran getting in the way.”

“Thanks Gran.”

The door opened and we were soon joined by Misty.“Your bother and your Gran’s nurse are getting too cozy so I came here. Having some girl-talk?”

“What do you mean by cozy?”

“Nothing. Leeta, you ok? That Gingorts guy didn’t sound that great to me.”

“Good, he’s not for you.” Gran snapped.

“Gran,” I shushed her, “I just hurt his feelings.”

“You going to see him again?”

“Yea, I think so. I hope so.  I just have to find him.”

“Oh well, that’s wonderful! I’m really here to tell you that I’m moving out. Good-bye!”

She shoved herself up from the sofa and briskly left. I looked to Gran, I’m certain we had the same facial expression. I quickly picked myself up and followed her.“Misty!”

She was staggering down the hall, holding onto the wall as she went. She stopped and turned to look at me, a solemn expression on her face.

“I’m moving out. You can’t stop me.”

“Misty, what’s the matter? What’s wrong?”

“You! Me! Everything! I was a fool! I moved in with you because I had these fantasies of us sneaking into each other’s rooms, being secret lovers. Leeta, I never stopped loving you. I realized too late that it didn’t matter what gender you were. I fell in love with you, and I never stopped but I did try. I always hoped you’d return to me, that you’d stop seeing me as just a friend.”

I stood there, unsure of what to do. I didn’t realize Misty still had feelings for me, I never knew.

“But now that, that Gingorts guy was here reality hit me. I finally realized your feelings for me were gone. That was high school, the past and you had long since moved on. You’d never come back, and I can’t live her. I can’t handle it, I’m so selfish. But I just can’t, good-bye.”She turned to walk but I flung my arms around her.

“What’re you doing!?”

“I’m sorry you were hurting, I’m sorry I wasn’t the one for you. I hope you find her.”

I let her go, there were tears in her eyes. She back away, smiling now.

“I hope you find your guy too, if he’s not Gingorts.”

And then she was gone.