Generation 7 Chapter 6: Ahoy

“Get up, we’re going out.”

Getting up that morning, I felt odd. You ever get those moments where you’re thinking about something, and you feel like it will happen? I woke up, with something bad was going to happen. Mencil and I were engaged, into 4 months of dating. Was it quick? Yes. Were we rushing into it? Yes. But I felt so safe, so protected, so wrapped up in warmth and love. Mencil gave me everything and anything I wanted, and as a person that loves getting everything I want when I want it I couldn’t ask for more. Well, I could but it’s the sentiment that counts.“Mmm! What’re we doing?”

“Does it matter? I said get up, so get up.”

“Yes love.”

I was about to announce to the island my engagement. As an heiress and with such influence in this place, I had to let the people know that I was moving forward and they could expect little Fangs sometime in the near future. I planned to hit the beach, the mall, one restaurant, a daycare or two and then the park. Mencil would be by my side making sure I was safe and be showing off my ring for me by holding my hand, his precious wife to be.Everyone congratulated me, congratulated the Fangs and us as a couple. They asked the token questions, when’s the big day, would it be televised, how many kids, and where would be taking our honeymoon. One man from my family’s Evil connections, thanks to my Great-Great-Grandfather Flake Fangs, stopped us with a proposition.

“So as your husband, Lady Fangs, will Mencil still remain as your body guard?”

“He will.”

“Then, how about this? We set up some stronger security systems for your land, let this guy train our new guys, and continue to serve your family like we have for generations?”

“I’m not interested. You guys are last resort, you know that. The Fangs aren’t…angels ugh thank llama, but to have openly seen ties to the Evil Organization would definitely frighten a ton of monsters away. Monsters I need to build the family name up and stronger.”

“Hey, hey! Your relative, Flake Fangs, was our emperor until his death. Then Maris took over and used us to get your family here. They used us for good and benefits, come on, we’re built into your blood. We’re the claws of the Fangs!”

“I don’t know if you’re just stupid or stubborn but my answer was no and when I say no, it’s no. Do I need to brand that onto your forehead!?”

This guy, he had some nerve. So what if my family and the Organization were interconnected? I was leader now, my word is law, and my law was no more of it. He was getting ready to try and persuade me, Mencil was getting ready to shove this guy into a tree, but then I turned my head and they both vanished.I saw this guy. This guy was just staring me down, like drilling holes into me. It was getting really annoying when he didn’t seem to notice that I noticed him. I know I’m gorgeous, powerful, and getting a glimpse of me was getting a glimpse of history in the making, but right now wasn’t a moment that I wanted attention. I loved attention, I loved having it all, but arguing with this guy wasn’t the best time. I examined him. He looked dirty, tired, he was wearing a pirate outfit, and he looked like someone that had seen too much of the world too soon. He looked like a…like a…
“Brute.” I huffed.

I clamped my hand over my mouth. Brute! Harnish! Oh my llama, plumbob! That was Harnish, my old friend, my first love, my first heart-breaker, Harnish Ledger! His eyes lit up as mine watered, and he came dashing towards me.“Momo!”

“Ha..ha!” I breathed, amazed that this man was Harnish.

“Uhm, Mammon, love…who is this man embracing you?”

“Oh my, how touching. Your future wife look mighty friendly.”

“Shut up!”

“Oh Mencil, this is Harnish! Harnish Ledger from so long ago! I’ve missed you!”

“Uhm, that’s nice. But…people are looking.”

“Oh! oh of course, let’s go somewhere. Let’s go to my home! We’ve so much catching up to do. Come on, come on!”

I rushed my fiance and old friend away from the park and quickly towards my home. Mencil kept protesting, Harnish just kept laughing.“Well, congrats on your engagement Momo!”

“Yes, thank you, we both thank you, now get out and leave us to plan our wedding?”

“Mencil stop being rude or we won’t have a wedding.”

“But Momo!”

“Don’t call me that! Harnish, how’ve you been? How’s life?”

“Well, as good as can be? My parents took me back and we fought the Brute community, but Brutes, well Brutes are Brutes. My parents went in, teeth bared, but they never came back. So I ran, how could I defend myself when I was as good as a Sim? I hid in a box, and when I came out the box was on a ship! A pirate ship! Jelly Beard was his name, and he took me in. He taught me everything I needed to know to survive both on land and on the waters.”

“Oh you’re a pirate. Big whoop.”

“Mencil! You know Harnish, Mencil’s a brute too.”

“Oh?”“Yea, I’m a reject brute. I served as a bodyguard for Sims. Goths, Landgraabs, you know the big names?”

“Wow. You’re not like any Brute I’ve ever met.”

“What do you expect? I’m a reject.”

“True. Well, where you from? Brutasia? Burskia? Brustania?”


“Oh…you are. I heard it’s lovely there. What do those purple birds with the red flowers for eyes do in the summer again?”

“They just swim…they get hot…so they swim.”

Styra came in, she stared at Harnish. Mencil looked at her, I felt him twitch.

“Mencil! I need your help lifting some heavy machinery. Come do that for me please, ok, thank you!”

“Excuse me.” Mencil left the room.

Harnish looked at me, and I felt something surge through me. I felt safe…warm…everything Mencil made me feel, I felt stronger with Harnish. He’d really grown into something…wonderful?I stood up from the sofa, my eyes never leaving Harnish. He mimicked me, a small smile caressed his face. I thought about when we were children, when we were so close and happy. I wondered what our lives would have been like had he never went away. It felt like he never left. It felt like all of the years without him were just bad dreams when he was standing here with me. Somehow, we were embracing each other. His hands were playing in my hair, my chin was resting in the warm crook of his neck. I thought about Mencil, what would he think if he saw us now. My heart twisted.

“Come with me Momo. Let’s run away, let’s go live on a ship.”

My heart quickened. I thought about that, about leaving everything, about just being with him and only him, just us. The Fangs!

“I have a responsibility, a duty. I can’t leave. I’ve a fiance, whom I love. Old friend, I still care about you, but Mencil and I are to be wed. I hope we can still be friends. I’ve missed you.”

“You’re in danger.”


“Bruskia is fake. I named random gibberish off of the top of my head. There’s no way Mencil’s a Brute. Even a Brute is a Brute, and he’s definitely not. He’s the same scent as the woman that took him away. I fear his plotting something, Momo, you’ve got to get away from them.”

“No! Styra’s been with me for years. I trust her as much as I trust you. Mencil’s in love with me, he’d never let anything hurt me.”

“Something’s wrong! You’ve got believe me, what would I have to gain by lying to you!?”I quickly let go of him and pried him off of me. I took a step back from him. I felt a pang in my head, it shook me a little bit. But how could Harnish say such things!? How could he accuse me of living in danger when he left me? And why was I still bitter!?

“You’ve got me.”


“You’ve got me to gain! You leave me, at 14. A young, impressionable age where I’m full on attached to you and run away to the sea!? You’re a pirate for llama’s sake. I know they loot and they plunder, how many females were there? Can you even remember?”

“No! No! There were…some but not many and I swear if I could, I wouldn’t never have left but that’s too late to change! Forgive me for that Momo, I wasn’t there. But I’m here now and I’m back to protect you!”

“Your place has been filled, you’re not needed! Get out of my house!”


“It’s too late to come back and try to fit into my life! There’s no room.”

“Mammon! Please, I promise you. I love you, I never stopped I swear. I just…I’m a man of my word. I promised to stay and protect, I’ll uphold the protect part! Please! Listen to me!”

He reached for my hand, pleading, begging. I yanked my hand away in disgust, I wished so badly for Mencil to return and see this, to save me.

“I am Mammon Fangs, and you need to get the llama out!”

I turned on my heels, evading his attempts to grab me, and stormed to my room.“I was a fool to trust you! You let another man in this house? And her old flame no less! Her first love! You idiot, I will kill you.”

“Styra please, please! Just give me one more chance! I’ll marry her, we’ll have a kid and I’ll have him sign over the Fangs to our family!”

“My family! Mencil, I hereby declare you disowned, you no longer have the rights or access to the Yipperky name.”

“No! Please, just one more! Please, please!”

“Idiot! I’ll charm her. I should’ve done that from the get go. Charm her and have her sign it over. Then, kill her. I’ll kill her in-front of you, that’ll teach you to ever disobey orders again! How could you let yourself fall in love with such a low form of life!?”

“I…I…I love her! Ok there I said it! We can do this without violence! We can work it out, maybe we can join the families!?”

“You admit it!? Ugh that’s sick. You’re sick. Do you even know the woman you’re marrying? There will be bloodshed to make the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s blush before she ever willingly signed a joint agreement or any sort of contract that took some power from the Fangs!”

“I can get through to her, I know her, the real her!”

“Does she know the real you!? You know she only fell for you through the charm. You idiot, llama, fool! How much in love is she? Had you never fed her that charm to speed things up, you think you’d have the rings? Ha! Pathetic! Oh..she’s coming. You, trap her in her room. I’ll handle it myself, as I should have.”


I was standing in my room contemplating everything. Not even 10 minutes ago, I was happy and fuzzy. Harnish had come back and I was thinking about how life was wonderful, how complete I felt, and how we had so much catching up to do. But here I was, throwing him out of the house because he was bad-mouthing my fiance. It felt so odd, considering…I loved him. I still loved him. I was pacing around, trying to make sense of it all when Mencil ran in.“Mencil?”

“We’ve got to go, and I’ll explain. Grab everything important, we’re leaving!”


“I’m not a Brute! I’m a reject warlock. My sister, Styra, is a witch. Our plan was to come in and take over the Fangs because…Styra hates rejects and hates that a reject family has so much power. She’s going to kill you now, come on!”

“Oh my llama. Harnish was right! Who the plumbob are you!?”

“I’m still me! I’m still Mencil, sworn to protect you and love you! I’ll die before she gets to you, I won’t let her get to you! Please, let’s go now!”

“I don’t want to die!”

“I know, please! I’m sorry I lied to you, I’m sorry we charmed you into the loving me. And that drink, no accident. I’ll repent another time, now we’ve got to go!”

“I…I trust you. Ok, help me!”I looked into Mencil’s eyes. There was nothing but truth in them. I couldn’t believe it, all this time I really was in danger. Harnish was right…he was still protecting me…but Mencil…

“I love you. On my own, I know I do.” I stated.

Mencil turned to me, a look of relief on his face. My heart twitched again. I searched myself as fast as I could while I ran around gathering papers, Mencil helping me. The charm…I don’t care if I was still under it or not, Mencil was here and I needed him now. I needed him to get me out and safely. I still had feelings for him but I’d weigh that against the pros and cons when I wasn’t worrying over my life. I’d look at him now and again, and he’d look at me. I trusted him, I had no choice. I loved him, I had no choice, but it wasn’t because of the charm. I promised myself that.

We were just about ready to make our escape, when Styra burst in.“Oh my plumbob, really!? Yet another betrayal? So I guess he told you everything?”

“He told me everything. You’d better give up on your path of power.”

“Oh? Guess that means I’m fired now. Oh well, I’ll kill you either way. It would’ve been great to have whatever power and wealth your pathetic little family managed to gather. But as long as the Fangs end here, I really don’t care!”

My heart quickened. If Styra was the witch, then I really had to watch myself. Logic and magic were eternal foes, and one always trumped the other in certain situation, it was like the flip of a coin. I wasn’t in the mood to find out which one got tails today. I heard Mencil yell as she waved a finger.

“No you cursed witch! Kill me, spare her! You’re mad at me! I’ll die before I watch Mammon be harmed by you, I’ll kill you before you harm her! Sister, dear.”

“Big words, tiny mouth. Don’t forget your place, maggot. And do not forget who I am.”

“I’m making a new place, and it’s right by her side. You’ll have plumbob to pay if you hurt the one I love, I swear it!”

“Oh shut up. I’m tired of you. All of you. Rejects should just be killed at birth. I’d never have had this problem had you never fallen in love, let alone existed!”

A flash came from her finger tip and struck Mencil dead in the eye. He froze, standing frozen in rage. She paralyzed him!? He didn’t blink, flinch, breathe or squeak. It was as if she put him on pause.

“Mencil!” I cried.

Styra turned her glare to me. A smirk graced her lips, fear surged through me. I willed with all of my might that Mencil break free of her spell and jump into action.

“Why!? He’s your brother! I’ve done nothing to you!”

“Oh you’re one to preach about freedom, especially the freedom of family members. Think of it as me bettering my family. To kill you, both of you!”She flicked her finger and a terrible fire ran through me.

“Stop it! You’re not bettering anyone. You’re vile, evil!”

“You flatter me! Scream some more, scream! It makes me feel stronger, I love when insects cry!”

I bit my lip, if I were to die, then I’d not give her that satisfaction. I looked over at Mencil, my heart broke for him. I wouldn’t let him see me in agony, if he was able to see at all. He fell in love with a strong woman, a powerful woman. That’s who I would die as, a strong woman. I closed my eyes and hoped for it to end quickly.When I opened them again, the pain was gone. Styra was knocked out on my bed, and Mencil was holding me. I looked around, wondering if I was alive or dead. I saw Harnish, I saw his eyes were red.

“Hey Mammon, it’s ok now. It’s all over.”

“Mencil? What…what happened?”

“Harnish broke in. It was terrifying! I thought you were gone when you feel over, I thought I’d lost you! He took her down, he saved you, me, us! Mammon, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!”

I reached a hand up to stroke Mencil’s face. I was still in my daze, terrified as I began to remember that searing pain. I stared at Harnish, amazed.

“I’ve called the cops. Styra will be deported and dealt with by the magical organizations…but they told me that they’d been informed already…Mencil will explain.”


“Mammon, love. My sister anticipated something going wrong. She informed higher-ups that if she were to be called in for, that a Brute would be going with her as well. Since that’s what I’m registered as…I have to go…”

I clawed at Mencil’s shoulders. What the plumbob! Why did it seem like every man I fell in love with, that promised to forever stay with me, was ripped away from me!?

“Don’t go! Don’t go! I’ll get you out of it…I’ll use the Fangs, the Evil Organization even!”

“Mammon, you’re only powerful in the reject world. The normal monsters will ignore you. I wish I could stay…I swore it…”

He leaned his head on mine and we began to cry, holding onto each other.“What’re you two goofballs crying for?”

I raised my head. Harnish. He saved me, he was right all along, he loved me and in my mind I felt like it should be him. I should be embracing him, thanking him, holding onto him, but I was with Mencil.

“I only see one Brute here. I’ll go.”

“Harnish! No!” I gasped.

Harnish, go in Mencil’s place!? I shook my head, trying to find a reason he shouldn’t go, but I couldn’t. I didn’t come to me.

“It’s ok Momo. I promised to protect you, that includes your heart. You love him, so he should stay.”


Generation 7 Chapter 4: Hitched

I hadn’t said a word since he came in through the doors. All the feelings I had anticipating his arrival, were whirling around now. I was afraid that if I did say something, it’d come out wrong and I’d shame myself. I listened to the hum of the machine making our drinks…wait, why? I hadn’t offered him a drink, I didn’t even want one. I looked at the package I opened, I didn’t even like this flavor! I tossed the package back to where it was and glared at the machine as it made enough for 5 to drink. It beeped at me when it was done, and I put the cups on a plate. The silence was something horrid now, maybe I could throw a cup at the wall. That would certainly break all silence and be a sure fire way to begin a conversation.“So you’re a bodyguard. Must be nice guarding all kinds of sims and monsters.”
I balanced the plate of cups and stared at them, as if it was their fault I sounded so stupid.

I heard him chuckle, my spine crawled with embarrassment. Most got red cheeks, felt hot, or smile in a goofy way, I just twitched like I was freezing.
“Yes. That is what I do and it is what I like. Would you like help with that?”

“No.” I said curtly.
I half dropped, half placed the beverages in front of him and grabbed my own cup. I looked into his eyes for a second, I turned my head away sharply and went to my seat.

“This smells wonderful.” He smiled as he inhaled the drink.

“It smells like a llama to me.” I huffed as I took a sip.

“…Then why’re you drinking it?”Shocked, I quickly spat the liquid back into the cup and took it away from my mouth. It didn’t help, that foul taste was on my tongue now.
“Did any of your clients give you beverages?”

“Yes, many times. I remember the Goths trying to give me Nectar of the Dead. Good for sims, bad for monsters.”

“Ah. Just the scent of that can get you drunk as a swamp monster.”

“Sim are strange creatures. They’re like us…but more squishy, vulnerable, and think they own the world.”

“So you basically had to babysit a squishy glob of a life form?”

“Yes. And they’re more bold in their attacks. Monsters are covert and try to destroy from the inside out, Sims just go in screaming and charging.”

“Ah.” I sighed.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes…I just,” I sighed “you aren’t who I thought you would be.”“I’m sorry about that.”

The bodyguard Styra had been speaking of, was not Harnish. Instead, she was speaking of Mencil Yipperky. He had a…happy and bright face. He looked like he’d be naive of the world, and not someone you’d think of as a bodyguard. I could see that as bad or good. Bad, I’d have more attacks against me. Good, those that mean to do me harm would foolishly walk in and be stopped where they stood.

“It’s fine. As long as you do your job correctly.”

“Oh yes mam! As a Blub it’s my duty to protect.”


“I meant Brute. This drink’s really good. Making me go all tongue tied.” He began to gulp it down.

“You don’t look like any brute I’ve seen before.” I hissed.

I thought of Harnish and his family. They looked very much like werewolves but Mencil, looked like a phantom almost.

“I’m a Brute reject.  You don’t expect me to look like one would you?”

That was true. I looked away, I was just not my usual self today.

“Fin you’re hired. You’ll sleep on the sofa out there, you’ll always be alert or so help me you’ll find yourself in jail. As my employee and a guest in this house, my word is law. Understood?”

“Yes, ma’m!”

With nothing left to discuss, I left the table but Mencil stood up.“With all due respect m’am, Styra informed me of your previous bodyguard. I assure Ms. Fangs, until you dismiss I will never leave your side.”

I stared into his youthful, bright eyes. They were sincere, I could tell. I felt my face grow warm and my spine tingle. I looked down and smiled to myself.

“See to it that you fulfill that promise.”“Mother this is your son’s wedding.”

“Yes, yes. Because if the media were to take photos of an awfully decorated hall, they’ll think the Fangs have no taste. I had to take over preparations. Yes, yes that too, of course I picked her dress! It’s her wedding day, I won’t allow her to make a fool of herself or the family. No, just her parents. Her cousins don’t need to be there.”

My mother had called me. The wedding was tomorrow and she was distraught, I think, to learn that the only thing the bride had part in with the wedding, was being the bride. I explained to her how we could look like we lacked taste and shacked up with just anyone if she were to throw an ugly wedding. This only upset her more.

“I don’t know why you’re so upset, it’s not like it’s your wedding.”

“Hey Mammon!”

My assistant Styra burst through the door. She was panting and clearly excited.

“I’ll call you back mom.”“What?”

“Ok, you’re going to get real angry at me…but I think Mencil likes you!”

“Where are you getting that from?”

“I was sort of hiding under the kitchen window…”


“Yes…but I heard how he spoke to you. That was the voice of a man smitten!” She cheered in a sing song voice.

“Even if that were so, I won’t get romantically involved with the help. Now leave me, I must prepare for tomorrow.”After the wedding, which was wonderful if I must say, the bride and groom returned to the house to gather their things.

“I know that wasn’t the wedding you wanted…if you’d like we can have a secret one? Just the way you want it.”

“I don’t care about weddings anymore, I don’t care about planning them either. I’ve got what I want, you, my husband.”

Alissa avoided me the whole time, I was annoyed at her for that. Here I had thrown her a wonderful wedding, allowed her to marry my brother, and I’d done all I could to have the press see this as a wonderful family that all got along. Levi thanked me and that was it. I guess I had to understand that after having been able to do whatever they wanted for so long, they had to get used to my control. Still, they were beautiful to see.People asked when I was going to get married and had I found that wonderful person yet? They were hard to avoid and harder to answer but I managed it. It was still a wonderful night to me. I couldn’t wait until I was able to experience what Alissa had, the wonderful love she had and just being a wife. Of course, I may be short on time for that. As heiress, I had to produce children. There were many families that would gratefully give me a son to have as a husband, but I still wanted to find my own love.

Generation 7 Chapter 3: Game

“I’m sorry it’s taken me 5 months to get back to you, I’m usually very busy you know.” I sighed as I dropped myself into the seat opposite a nervous and annoyed woman.

“It’s ok. I’m just happy the wait was shorter than half a year…”

“Cute. Now, how about we play chess?”


“I hope you’re repeating me to show you’re ready and understand, and not that what I say is questionable.”

“Uh…I just thought we were going to talk…not-”

“So you questioned me and we haven’t even begun. This isn’t looking good in your favor. Here, I’ll explain.”

I leaned to my side and rummaged through a box, pulling out the bags of chess pieces. I set them all up, she stared at me like a fish waiting for food.“Chess,” I started “is a beautiful mind game. You broaden your own mind, learning new strategies and how to be one step ahead of your opponent. You must learn your opponent, learn their mind. We will be chatting over this game, I will be reading you. Your moves will reflect your thoughts and what you honestly are thinking. So, you may lie but the pieces will let me know the truth.”

“I wouldn’t lie to you! I waited this long, why would I need to!?”

I raised my right index finger and waved it at her, discontent on my face.
“I know, I know. You love Levi and want to marry him, but he is my brother and therefore leader spare. If I were to die, it would go to him. So to get my position, all you need is my death and Leviathan. I’ll be extra cautious and through with this all. I will not permit you and my brother to marry unless I deem it secure and safe. Now, my assistant over there has been recording our entire conversation, even taking down our actions. When you blink, she types it.”“uhm, ok. Ok, I’ll cooperate with you. I love your brother, it took so much for you to agree to us being a couple. I’m not giving up now.”

“Watch out Ms.Mammon, this one’s serious.” My secretary called.

Styra Kipplekurp. She came to me one day, I think I was 22 at the time, that would make it 4 years ago actually. She presented herself as an extremely fast typer, superb organizer, one with photographic memory and always aware of things. I closed the door in her face only once before I finally saw just how valuable she was. My files were perfected in organization, record keeping became wonderfully quick and she always knew where everything was. She said she was a reject genie, I suppose it had to be true because she was nothing like any genie I’d ever heard of or even seen before. When I asked her how she heard of me, she only said that the Fangs name was now common knowledge on a global scale.

“Uhm, what’s your name, note keeper?”

Styra hit a button and looked at me. I wagered between the pros and cons of letting the woman before know my secretary’s name. I waved my hand, I gave the “go ahead”.

“I am Styra. I’ve been Ms. Mammon’s secretary for 4 years now.”“So Alissa,” I sighed as I moved my piece “why do you want to marry my brother?”

“I love him and want us to finally be a unit. I want to connect my soul with his.”

“What is it about him you find endearing?”

“Well, he’s always looking at other monsters and wanting the happiness, love, money that they have. So he’s always working hard towards something, whenever he climbs higher than before, he sees another with something even better, so he starts working even harder. I know he’ll never slack on anything.”

“You find his jealousy of others to be an endearing quality? Well, we didn’t call him the Prince of Envy for nothing I suppose.”
She accidentally knocked a chess piece of her’s over. I stared at her as she went to retrieve it. I couldn’t much decide whether or not she was intimidated by me, or afraid I’d find out something she didn’t want known.

“If Leviathan were to become heir upon my death, what would you assume to be your responsibilities as his wife?”

“I would tend to you grave maybe, twice a month. I’d cook meals, I’d make sure things are clean and presentable. I would help him find appropriate attire for formal events and I’d make myself scarce?”

“Why are you asking me something? And you’re wrong. Behind every great man if a great woman, as his wife your job is to stand directly beside him and work hard, if not harder. You would make sure he is presentable, make sure he’s able to communicate properly to his audience, make sure he’s healthy, make sure he’s not ignorant. You must watch him and keep him in check. This is a reoccurring thing with the spouses of the Fangs. They all have deeply benefited the leader, some saving their lives, and in turn, the family.”

“Those are everything I’d have to do if you were to die and he become leader!? But that sounds less like what a wife does and more of a mother!”

Alissa gasped and clapped a hand over her mouth. I took notice that her elbow knocked over her queen.

“Now, as a mother in general, how would you be to my nieces or nephews?”Allison sighed and stared at her queen. She looked paler and pulled and arm around her waist, bringing the other to her mouth.

“I cannot have children.” She muttered.

“Why not?” I questioned.

Her records were not available to me, legally I couldn’t view them. She was not a Fangs and therefore out of the scope of my power.

“I…I had a hysterectomy.” She shook her head and her shoulders stiffened.

“Of choice or from a medical condition?”

“A condition. When I was 15 I had cancer there. Everything was removed, everything.”

I picked up her queen piece for her, returning it to its original position. I ran my tongue over my teeth, thinking of this. If I died, she’d be useless. There was always Beezlebub, but he’d be Levi’s spare. I couldn’t change the set up either, no matter what I could do, Levi would always step in as heir upon my death. He’d have to have children, and a sterile wife would be useless. I looked at her again, so this was what was on her mind. She was probably very aware that the chances of me granting her and Levi the right to marry, would be close to 0 with her sterility. I soon got another thought, allow a mistress or sperm donor in the case of an infertile or sterile partner. That sounded right, they got their cake and children too.

“I’m not heartless. I’d rather you be alive and well, than dead. You will benefit my brother and Fangs. I grant you permission.”

She jumped out of her seat.“But!” I shouted, startling her.

I too got out of my seat and stood before her. Her eyes excitedly searched my own.

“In the case that Levi becomes heir, he is to take a mistress.”


“You’re sterile. Children must be produced, you cannot fulfill that.”

“Fine, just promise me something? Don’t die until you’ve passed on your title.”“Wow, you sure pissed her off.”

“She wanted permission, I gave it. She can feel however she pleases.”

“You forgot to tell her, Ms. Mammon, that all wedding relations will be under you call and decision.”

“She’ll find out. I will not grant them a wedding until I’m able to find someone suitable in ensuring my safety outside of this house. You carrying a gun isn’t enough.”

I’d been searching for a body guard since I turned 21. There was an assassination attempt during my stroll in a park, I managed to get away unscathed but I never forgot the figure of the man trying to kill me. I was reminded how unsafe the world was and how valuable I was in my journey of setting the Fangs family into a very good place, one history will forger applaud.

“None of the previous applications were to your liking?” Styra cooed, she clicked away on the keyboard finishing up what had jut taken place.

“4 were felons! It sounds safe to have a scary man that was incarcerated around, that’ll certainly drive others away. But at the same time, they can very kill the hand that feeds.”

“Are you looking for someone to replace that guy you used to call your “knight”, you know, what was his name?”

“Harnish Ledger.” I replied without missing a beat.

It had been so many years, I lost count. But every now and again I’d think of him, I’d wonder what he was doing, how he was, if he was married or a father.

“He never did come back. He should be 29 now.”

“You must’ve really loved him.”

“They say you never forget your first love.”
I pushed some hair behind my ear and made my way to the couch, Styra soon joined me.“Then you’ll love this! I think I’ve the perfect guy for you.”

“I’ve nothing else to look at, shoot.”

“Ok, have you ever heard of the Landgraabs, Specters or Goths?”

“Those are a very powerful family name in the Sim world! My dad was a sim before a zombie, he told me lots of things. Those were common names, I aspire to be like the Landgraabs.”

“Well, this guy, was a bodyguard for them all at some point!”

“What!? A monster for a bodyguard!?”

Styra nodded her head, a bright smile on her face. “He disguised himself as a sim, but because he’s a monster he’s so much stronger than regular sim! He protected all of them, he’s a certified bodyguard too. He’s perfect.”

“He does sound very promising. Fine, give me his information and I’ll contact him.”

“One flaw though. He’s a reject…brute.”

“Brute?” I gasped.

“Yea, you know, creatures that transform into terrifying things when they get angry? He can’t transform, no matter how angry he gets.”

I stared into space, was it…was the man Harnish? He and his family had left, to return to the Sim world, to fight for him to stay there reject or not. He was a brute that couldn’t transform, so was Harnish. My heart quickened at the thought of re-uniting with my old friend, my knight.

Generation 6 Chapter 9: Dessert

Time grew into days, days into weeks and eventually it was months. Things had changed, time had clearly passed, but I remained stuck on Gingorts. When I went to the mall, they informed me he’d been fired. They didn’t like him “canoodling” with a customer of the mall, me. So now Gingorts wasn’t employed as far as I knew, and he was probably still homeless.
He hadn’t taken my offer of stopping by for food whenever he wanted, I can’t believe I’d called him my charity case. I combed every beach in every bit of freetime I had. I looked into every cave, nook and cranny, looking for some sign of a being having lived there. I got so desperate I began to comb the sand for even a tiny piece of skin that may have fallen off of him, even hair. It had been 5 months now, and I found myself blinking into the twilight. I’d sat on that bench all night. Either I’d fallen asleep or just zoned out because I have no idea how I was able to do such for so many hours. I kicked the sand with my heels, I’d been hoping to spot Gingorts either coming or going, had I missed him. A silhouette caught my eye.

“I found you”Gingorts!” I hollered and dashed off towards him.“I found you!” I panted, trying to catch my breath.

He stood there, that same bored look on his face. I clutched my side, I’d gotten a stitch from running. I wheezed as I returned to my composed self, waiting for the cramp to go away.

“I see. So you finally caught me.”


“I’ve seen you hunting for me.”

“Eh? If you knew I was looking all over the place for you then why didn’t you come out!?”

“I liked the chase. I didn’t expect you to throw away a night to have a stake-out here though. I’ve been moving from beach to beach, I’ll go to jail if I get caught, you were lucky picking this.”

“How’re you doing Gingorts? I looked for you where you worked, they told me you got fired…I’m so-”

“No need. I’m great. Hungry more than usual, but great.”

“Why haven’t you come around? I was sincere in my offer.”

“I forgot where you lived.”

I looked at him, then burst out in a fit of giggles. He scratched his head, clearly not amused. That just made it all the more funny to me though, here I’d been worried he was off somewhere hating me, when really he had no idea which house I lived in.

“It’s the tiny house that looks abandoned, remember? But underneath is the mansion almost?” I wiped a tear from my eye.

“I’ll remember that.”

“I thought I’d chased you away, thought you hated me! That’s great, you just forgot where I live!”

“Sorry to have caused you trouble?” He scratched his head again, bits of sand flew from his hair, “how about we go somewhere? We owe each other an apology.”“Are you serious? That’s what it’s like to be a sim?”

“I’m not lying, sometimes it really feels like there’s a greater power that tells us all what to do!”

“And you guys don’t believe monsters exist? How can you possibly think such a thing?”

“Well I obviously don’t anymore. That zombie apocalypse really turned that around for me.”

“Your movies sound stupid too. We’re not that fearsome, just misunderstood.”

“Yea, being on this team now, I see the prejudice and hatred.”

“Tell me again, how on earth did you sims come up with Twilight as appropriate vampire and werewolf material? Dracula’s more accurate than anything to how they really are. Actually, maybe those Cullens are rejects that spawned more rejects and instead of coming to this island, became glorified!”

“Could be. I don’t much care for it. My sister did.”

“You’ve got a sister?”


“Is she…?”

“No. She got away.”Somehow, Gingorts and I found ourselves wandering about the park. He decided to push me on a swing as I questioned him about his life before his death. He’d just gotten out of high school, he had to repeat the 11th grade twice, when a lab in his town went up in flames. The next thing he did after take off his cap and gown, was grab a knife and gun. The whole town went in lock-down, and many died trying to escape. Gingorts thinks that they were making up an excuse to the outside world, and the civilians that knew about the zombies were going to die as the only ones that knew the truth. He’d gotten bit on his left foot, he offered to show me the fading bite marks but I declined. He told me of how his parents were dead the second the outbreak began, and how he did all he could to protect his middle school aged sister. The last he saw of her, was her climbing the quarantine wall. The next he knew, he’d been taken in by the zombie community but soon spit out and landed here.

Gingorts stopped pushing me and I slowed down, he made his way to the swing next to me.“What’s your story?”

“I don’t have one. I was born a monster, I’ve never been anything else.”

“No way am I buying that. You’re the Fangs heiress, there’s got to have been something in your life that sets you a part from everyone else right?”

I stopped swinging and rocked, trying to decide how to start my tale…let alone if I should even tell him.

“I’m inter-sexed.” I clapped a hand over my mouth, I was thinking! I thought out loud?

“Oh. Uhm, so you’re…” He struggled with his words.

“I was born with a bit of both sexes. I identify as a female, since that where my life seems to fit. But it took me a terrible struggle to get here, as Leeta. In high school, when I found out about my condition, I took my brothers clothes and chopped my hair off. I became Lee. No matter what I did though, Leeta was always in the back of my mind, always there, sometime looking over my shoulder just waiting for me to return to where I needed to be. I became Lee to help me find where I was meant to be, who I was meant to be. Misty, that girl who lived with us, dated Lee. It didn’t work out but it helped me to see I’m both Lee and Leeta, and that they can co-exist within me as the new Leeta, me.”

Gingorts nodded, so I continued.

“My family wasn’t really any help. They just stood by with whatever I wanted, treated me like a delicate egg.”

“An egg?” He scoffed.


“You’re spoiled.”“I’m sorry?” I blinked in shock.

“You heard me, spoiled!” He leaned towards me, “Pampered, sheltered, protected, fluffed and primed. Spoiled.”

“How so? I share with you, I don’t look down on others…” I began to ramble.

“Your family did you a good family service by ignoring your please and tossing you to the wind. It’s good, but that’s not how life works. When you’re down, you can’t have someone always hold your hand and pat your head saying “there-there poor baby”. I never got that, I got the grow up, buck up, or shut up speeches. Granted I never had such a life changing situation, but I’m telling you, you’re living in a sheltered and rose-tinted world. Stay there, or the wolves will chew you alive.”

I swayed in my swing just letting his words soak in, I smiled.

“Everyone but my brother has always told me those sort of things. That it’ll be ok, that things will fall into place. That I’m special, they shot down anyone who spoke ill of me, they really did treat me like a precious egg about to break. I know now, things aren’t always going to be ok, and some things take work. You just can’t sit back and expect the world to fix itself into order for you, you’ve got to push it some times. Right?”

“Exactly.” He smiled.

“Then I’ll get a job!” I hopped out of my swing.

Gingorts did the same, “You’ve got old money though right? What do you need a job for?”

“To see the real world! I know the walls of the Fangs, but I don’t know how you live. I want to see it, I want to meet the people of this island and I want that manual labor.”Gingorts grabbed my hands. I winced, fearing my scaly skin wouldn’t be good for his own fragile skin.

“That’s a wonderful thought. The queen bee, leaving the hive to see how the drones work.”

I smiled, I’m sure that I was blushing too. I felt his fingers caress my palms, that sent shivers up my spine. Gran was right, Gingorts wasn’t just a friend to me.I managed to get a job in the police force. I wanted manual labor, I got it. I pulled some strings, perks of being an heiress, and got Gingorts on the force as well, per his request of course. It was wonderful, when our schedules matched, we’d leave with each other and return to my home. Gingorts declined my offer to live in the house, he appreciated it but it didn’t suit him at the moment. Raquel and Daemon moved out soon after Misty, looking to start a life together of their own it seemed. I fantasized about Gingorts living with me. Me waking up to find him eating breakfast at the table in his pajamas, me catching him on trips to and from the bathroom in a towel, finding him sleeping on the sofa when he’s too tired to make it to his room…I loved it.

I looked forward to the days Gingorts would come over for food. He’d always stay and watch Tv with me, chat, play some chess, he’d just stay. I wanted him to stay, I hated when he went home, I always found myself longing that night would hurry and leave so Gingorts would return. He was younger than me, but he was so full of things that left me in awe. We could have very deep conversations on nearly any topic, but my favorite was speaking about our personal feelings on personal matters and him opening up new doors for new ways of thinking. Every conversation seemed to have an adventure for me, and a new method of self exploration.

Yes, I wanted Gingorts to stay. To stay with me, only me, live with me, love me. Well llama! It just popped into my head, love. When had I fallen in love with him? How long had it been? I stared at him, marveling at how I managed to grow such strong feelings for him in such a short period of knowing him. In my head, it screamed danger, you barely know him! But the rest of me screamed to shut up and love him. That was one of my downfalls, being so trusting of people and never looking for the bad, just to wonderful. But in this case, it didn’t seem to bad. I wondered, as I stared at him, how Gingorts felt about me. He noticed me watching, he smiled at me, but our gaze never broke.Just like our kiss. I’d kissed Misty, a few other boys too, but this was a completely new kiss. This was completely new territory. This was a man, this was love, I couldn’t believe it.

Right then, right there, I knew he’d stay. I knew that Gingorts would always be by my side, I knew exactly how he felt about me. I saw all of the fantasies become my reality, I saw our conversations going on for eternity, I knew my life would be wonderful from them on. Gingorts would make sure of it, in his own special way with his very special words.
Right down to the ring on my finger, I could feel it all over though. The love we had, I could only hope that those who were to come after me, my children and their children, would be able to find a love like this. It was pure, soft and sweet. I promised myself that this was a feeling that would never change, I’m certain Gingorts made the same self promise, and that’s what bound us together. For eternity.

Generation 5 Chapter 6: Oh Boy

There was something so plumbob magical, not to be corny or anything, when Carlos got down on one knee during Roxanne’s wedding reception. I stared at the diamond he got me, wondering how long he’d saved for this engagement right. How long was this planned? Was this something he’d been dreaming of?I stared at it, dazzling, mesmerized by everything. The love I felt, the love I had, the excitement, the reality, everything! I heard what guests had stayed for the reception clapping.

“I’m doing this because I love you…” Carlos smiled, he looked very shy.

I moved my free hand to my extending stomach, I continued to stare at my ring anyways. Then it hit me. Roxanne.
I waited for the opportunity to bring it up to him, how could he do that to my sister!? That time came in the car ride home.

“How could you try and overshadow Roxanne?” I pouted to him. “This was HER big day and you stole it.”

Carlos sighed and shook his head, “It was her idea. I talked to her one night and she was rambling off like she always does. But she insisted I propose to you at the reception.  Right then, right there. She even went around telling every single guest that she had a super big surprise for one of her sisters and it would make their hearts melt.”

My jaw dropped. There was something fleeting now, some sort of feeling of ew came over me. M sister organized my proposal? Leave it to Roxanne to find a way to make it about her. I was both relieved that her big day wasn’t ruined, creeped out that she added into her big day, felt weird that Carlos didn’t do it because he wanted to well I mean he did but my sister told him to do it. I rolled my head and let it bonk on the car window, no use in fighting this. Stress wasn’t good for my baby.

All was fine. Carlos and I agreed no big fancy weddings, and we’d wait until I was back to my per-pregnancy size. We’d been watching TV, chatting about the trash reality show, and I asked if he’d like a drink.

“I can get it Midge! You just rest!” Now that I was full term, Carlos was over protective.

“I’m pregnant, not dying.” I huffed. I stood up.“Aaw Midge! You peed! I’ll go get some towels to clean it up.” Carlos sighed as he slid off of the sofa.

I looked down at my stomach. Sure, the Little Fangs had this irritating tendency to kick my bladder and make me pee but this was different. I’d felt almost, like a pop. Did I crack my back? I rubbed my belly, then grabbed it as a sharp pain came over me.

“Carlos!” I bellowed, sounding much like an evil entity.

He jumped and stared at me.

“Get me to the hospital. Time these things for me.” I ordered and waddled away once I was able to.

Carlos stared at the puddle left from the start of my labor. “But but…that’s pee” I heard him whine.

I twirled around so fast I thought my giant stomach would keep me spinning. I could feel the annoyance on my face, I smiled a wicked smile at him.

“Sweet Dragon of mine. Surely, oh hoho, surely you are not trying to imply that this pregnant woman doesn’t know when she’s in labor? Surely you’re not hinting that the pregnant woman in labor who plans on becoming a doctor, thinks she’s in false labor? Carlos, sweet heart, I’m going to be bringing life into this world. Sadly for you these are not Braxton Hicks.  Sadly for you, my contractions are getting close, this is going fast. And if you don’t help me I’ll be planning your funeral very soon.”

He certainly did move a lot faster after that and rushed me as fast as he could to my desired destination. I knew he was scared, he didn’t want to mess up being a father or having to watch me go through labor. I think I’m correct when I say I was far more terrified than he’d ever have been at that point. The labor was fast and it wasn’t soon before we had our child. And their twin.Carlos and I were in total shock when, after Daemon popped out, I was still in labor. I thought I had broken or something and my body would be stuck in this process forever. But they informed me that I was having twins. The ultrasounds had never showed two babies, never even picked up three heartbeats! Just mine and their’s combined it seems. 7 minutes later, Leeta joined the family.

I walked out proud with Daemon. I looked at his skin, his soft and squishy baby skin. I saw Carlos in him for sure. Daemon was aptly named in my and Carlos’ opinion. He peed the second he was born, dead in the doctor’s face. He peed again while the nurses checked him over. When they placed him on my chest with his sister, he peed. The kid was a peeing machine! After Carlos and I wiped the tears from our eyes as we enjoyed his first feeding, he sneezed. Newborns will sometimes sneeze or cough after feedings, but he shot everything right back up in our faces. We knew right there would be our struggle as parents.Carlos walked out with our baby girl, Leeta. The doctors were amazed at her, they’ve seen many hidden twins and triplets, but Leeta was special in another way.

“It’s Right? ” They floundered around. I ordered Carlos to follow our babies wherever they were taken. I’d seen one too many ‘baby stolen from hospital’ stories. I’d be plumbobed if I were to find out my babies had been snatched, and the kidnapper had better hope the law caught them before I did or they’d take their last breath in agony. Carlos listened but when Daemon went one way, and Leeta went the other, my beloved had no idea where to go. When they brought Leeta back, they announced she was indeed a girl. That was odd to hear, she was indeed a girl. A mother’s worry took over when she was put on my chest and I unwrapped her, just to check. Looked like a girl to me, what was their problem?

We all went home, and Carlos and I dove right into parenthood.As much fun as it was being a mother, it was tiring. The whole house rang with cries of the babies. Everyday, it seemed their lungs got stronger and they got louder. There was no rest, there was no more personal time. Even when I took baths I had to drag one of them in a carrier to stay by the door, just so I’d be ready. Carlos and I alternated, splitting one baby between us just to get the job done better. He was tired, you could tell. He was starting to get chubby again, as that was the least of our concerns, I said nothing. I’m sure he noticed but he didn’t need the extra stress. I always enjoyed the time the children slept, it was relaxing.

“Stars are nice. The babies are all tucked in, quiet, and dreaming of the day they kill us.” Carlos joked from behind me.

I chuckled and smiled to myself as I walked out into the yard. The crisp night air was welcomed and well received.

“Multiples run in my family.” I shrugged. “They survived, somehow we will too.”

I heard Carlos behind me, felt his arms snake around my waist and he buried his face into my hair.

“We should try to sleep when they do.” He murmured.

I nodded and relaxed into him, gently swaying as we enjoyed what peace we could steal from the night.

“I-I’ve got a present for you.” He said gently. Curious I turned around and saw him holding a ring.

He gently grabbed my left hand, and slid that ring onto my ever waiting ring finger.“I thought hard about this. I thought about you, the situation and everything going on. We’ve got twins, the only wedding we’d get with them is when they’re maybe 12. I don’t want to wait that long, I know you don’t either. I also know you’d rather our children be there than not at all. I know you want to be a doctor and that takes a lot of time. I don’t want to keep you from that, I’ve got the twins under control now. I’ll call help if I need to, but Midge. I don’t want to wait any longer. I love, everyday I see you my love just grows. You’d waited long enough for me to propose, and still it was Roxanne’s idea to. I felt guilty about that. So this is our wedding Midge. Here’s where we say our vows. Here’s where I proclaim to you my undying devotion, loyalty, love and attention. If you’ll have me as you husband.”

I stared at him. I stared at my hand. I looked to him again as my vision went under water. I smiled and nodded my head like a goofball. “Yes.” I sighed when I found my words. I took my hand and placed it over his.“I have no ring for you, Carlos. But I’ve got my heart so I’ll give it to you, I’ve got dreams so I’ll share them with you, and I’ve got a life that I want to live with you. I don’t need a big fancy wedding, don’t want it anymore. This here, was all thought out by you. Everything was orchestrated by you, this is all the perfection I ever craved.” I smiled to him.

I knew right then, right there, that I’d never ever again doubt if this was the man for me. I’d never think of another life, this was exactly the one that I wanted. That I needed. Our first kiss as husband and wife was one I’d never forget.

The twin’s birthday was exciting. We’d decided to hold it in the secret lab we’d found so long ago, simply because it was spacious as could be.Daemon, being the oldest, went first. The little dickens tried many times to stick his hands in the tiny candle we’d stuck in the cake. Just like the rest of my family, I knew he had the power of fire. He was probably drawn to it, I immediately knew we’d have seldom nights of being able to have the fireplace on anymore, but even though we could control it, it still burned us. Holding my handful child as far from the flame as I could, I helped him blow it out.He was certainly rather mature looking toddler. My heart sunk some. No more tiny baby toes curled up in those tiny baby socks, no more tiny baby coos from his swaddled baby self. Now we had a rather large and mischievous toddler on our hands. He managed to knock down some cake, I’ll never know how that happened.

Next was Leeta.I stared out at the family I’d invited. I hesitated with Leeta a little. Here I was, holding my daughter, helping her into the next stage of life. I felt a bit jealous. Had my dad held me and my sisters to our cakes? We probably didn’t even have cakes, probably grew up on our own. But I hate my dad so even if I was held, that’d taint the memory. But I looked at my mom.I wondered how she felt. The woman that didn’t even give birth to us, just had my sisters and I removed by her choice. She didn’t want to hear our heartbeats, she didn’t keep the ultrasound pictures, she didn’t want to know our gender or weight or anything. She was so hand off with her pregnancy. It hurt me then, to realize the woman I’d come to love had only been a mother once. The only motherly thing she’d done was take my sisters and I in when we ran away from our father, protect him from us, put us into school and move us here. I felt Leeta wiggle as I stared at my mom, Maris Fangs. She’d apologized to us many times for having abandoned us for her selfish reasons. I thought I’d forgiven her! But as I held Leeta, I couldn’t understand her anymore. How come she couldn’t have shared this with us? She was all for holding Leeta and Daemon, she played with them, fed them, cuddled them. Was I jealous? Was she using my babies, as do overs? Was she trying to play mom of the year by being grandmother of the year? I leaned to the fire with Leeta and helped her blow it out. I loved my mom, she wasn’t a bad person, but she lost her chance to take care of babies an toddlers and children. I wasn’t going to allow her to live vicariously through myself to make up for what she’d given up. I had to be a mother, these were my babies to protect.
Leeta was adorable. You could certainly tell she and her brother were twins, but that bothered me. She was such a mannish looking toddler. I loved her with all a mother could love, but even I couldn’t deny she looked just like Daemon. I was happy to see my hair on them though. With Carlo’s skin and what looked like his ears, I worried if any Fangs genes had made it into them at all. Daemon had my mother’s eyes but that was her.

My career was going great as was my motherhood. Every free second I had was spent with my children and husband.“Your mom wants to take the kids for a vacation.” Carlos said as he played with Leeta, careful to avoid the stick she was wielding.

“You said no?” I hoped.

“Yes, but this is the third time this week. Why’s she so persistent on taking our children to places without us? OW.” Leeta clocked him nice and hard on the lip.

Daemon was actually behaving. He was very determined on getting the triangle block into the circular hole. Whenever I tapped to the proper hole, he waved the block at me insisting I stop. “She wants a second chance at motherhood?” I guess.

“But still. I mean, that makes sense, but she really can’t take away our parenthood. And the kids love Nana…” Carlos started.

“The kids love anything with a face right now Carlos. I’m not comfortable with her taking them for trips without us. They’re too young and she’s too much of a party goer. I don’t feel comfortable.” Finally, Daemon found the right hole and moved onto the square block. Smashing it into the triangular hole.

Leeta wailed away on the xylophone. “Oh no. Trust me, I feel the same as you. I just want to do what’s right for them. I mean, when they’re older we can’t do much.”

“We’ll do what we can to protect our children until they’re big adults and on their own.”“There ya go lil fishies! I wish I could join your school. Everyone’s friends, they don’t care what each other looks like. I hate school!”

“What’s yer problem sis?”

“I wanna be homeschooled!”

“What for? Id hate to be stuck in here all day. This house is soooo boring.”

“The kids are mean! I’m nice to them and they still pick on me.”

“Punch them in the face.”

“No way! Ladies don’t fight.”

“Oh plumbob, you made me lose focus now I have to start all over.”

“I hate that language!”

“Here play with me.”“So what’re ya gettin picked on for Leeta?”

“Everyone keeps saying I look just like a boy.”

Generation 5 Chapter 5: Telling

2 months had passed since I’d walked into the bathroom and found that test. That pregnancy test, with its two pink lines. Midge had tried to flush it I guess, since the toilet was overflowing. I’d kept it, for whole two months. For a whole two months I pleaded silently for Midge to tell me. I began to hope maybe it wasn’t her test but I watched her stomach slowly begin its expansion, sure the baby bump was barely there but Midge knew. Every so often her hand would linger on her stomach, holding the miracle inside. I began to get worried, was she going to give it up for adoption, was she hoping for a miscarriage…was the baby mine? I hated thinking that, I loved Midge but I couldn’t wait anymore. I had to move.

“Carlos!” I heard fingers snap. “Hey! Hey Carloooosss?”

“Midge?”  I snapped back to reality.

“I said thanks.” She smiled, her eyes concerned for me. “It…it smelled uh..great.” She faltered.

I picked up what leftover food there was. I’d made hamburgers for dinner and when she’d come in as I was cooking the meat, Midge ran out. I had just put the patties on the frying pan and the meat had begun to sizzle. Midge put one foot in the door, turned heel and ran out covering her face. It was her pregnancy I was certain, that made her more sensitive to the odor.

“Oh. Of course! There’s more if you’d like.” I smiled as I made my way to the fridge.

“I know…” she responded, furrowing her brow. “Are you ok?” She asked gingerly.

I nodded and stared into the fridge, when had I gotten here?“You’re acting odd.” She snapped. “This could use some nectar-”

“NO!” I yelled. Midge jumped and stared at me. “…the nectar ruins the flavor…” Really I was alarmed. Nectar’s no good for babies.

I watched Midge take her seat and grab a  mug of some warm Caramel Cream Milk.

“Good.” She sighed, Midge was eating caramel a lot. I began to wonder if that was her pregnancy craving, so I decided to make her that drink. “Please, I know you. Tell me Carlos.” She ordered.

I just stared into her large green eyes, I had no idea how to even start to tell Midge. What was I feeling? How come this was hard?I sighed and sucked it up, Midge deserved to know.  I put my hand on her shoulder and gave her a peck on the forehead as I reached for a mug myself. Her eyes never left me, they widened as I took my time. I felt bad, I was really making her worry. I felt even worse with what I needed to tell her. I sighed as I took my seat and mustered up the courage to speak.

“Midge…” I began.

Then the phone rang. Midge, already in a bit of worry, hopped up from her seat and lunged for the phone. “Got it!” She shrieked as she moved for it.

“Hello?” I heard a high voice on the other line, “Roxanne!” Midge cried.

I silently cursed the horrible timing. I really needed to tell Midge, 2 months was already too late. I should’ve said something from day 1. From the second I found out, I should’ve said something.

“A wedding!?” Midge cried. “Of course I’ll be a bridesmaid! Size 10. Yes, 10. No. No. No.” Midge sighed. “No. Well yes. Uhm what? Why would you?” I heard Roxanne’s high pitched and hurried voice on the phone from my seat. Midge glanced at me, her eyes wide. “No. I mean, I don’t know…no. Two. Don’t! Please! Because I don’t know! Just because…I did! I didn’t look at it. Because! Yea I know…No I’m not. No, that’s way too soon. That’s not how that works…”

I strained my ears a little more. Roxanne was talking a lot, from what I heard someone was getting married. I guessed it was Roxanne, Betty was still touring.  I swear I heard the words how long, but couldn’t even guess what context that was in. I sighed and began to chug my mug. Midge kept glancing at me every so often, either Roxanne or myself was making me uncomfortable.

“Yea? No one. You can if you want…well now that you mention it…I don’t want to be! What? No, never! Ugh!”

I finished my drink and put the mug in the sink turning around to Midge.

“Is everything ok?” I asked. My typically taciturn girlfriend was rather chatty, even for her sister.

Midge jumped a bit and cupped her hand over the receiver, nodding at me. “Roxanne. She’s getting married.”

I faked a smile and moved to her. “Oh let me say congrats!”

Midge, without skipping a beat, put the phone back to her ear. “Rox, I gotta go Carlos says hi and congrats!” She tossed the phone back on the wall, shimmied past me and picked up yet another mug.I stood there, trying to register what just happened. I turned to Midge as she sipped away. She lowered her mug and smiled at me innocently.

“Where were we?” She smiled.

I noticed my jaw was hanging. “What was that?” I asked her.

“What? We were talking and the phone rang. No more interruptions.” She smiled sheepishly.

“You had no problem speaking to her before I wanted to…what’s going on?” My voice was a bit sharp. I didn’t mean for it to be but I was tired. I was so tired of worrying, wondering and Midge not telling me anything.

“Carlos, what the plumbob is wrong with you!? What crawled up your llama? She’s my sister, I can speak to her without you being all up in the conversation!” She snapped back. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but I was making a left.

“Midge you don’t tell me anything! I have to constantly hound you!” I was upset.

“Maybe I don’t have to tell you everything Carlos! We’re dating, we’re living together, where’s my space!?” So was she.

“Great! Now you tell me! Fine, I’ll be in the living room.” I said this full of sadness. I turned and made my way to the sofa.

I heard Midge slam her mug down to follow me. “Oh my llama aren’t you such a martyr! Just gonna sit there and take the heat from the big mean girlfriend!”“What is it with us Midge?”  I asked.

She sat down, her anger fading. Curiosity and concern replaced the mad scowl she once had.

“I don’t know…” She sighed.

“No. That’s a lie.” I inhaled deeply. “We aren’t upfront with each other. We keep things to ourselves, placing the burden of truth on each other and ignoring our responsibility to ourselves and relationship…”

I saw her shoulder stiffen and then sag. Her eyes darted to the floor, then to my knees. Her hand slowly made its way up her body, resting on her stomach.

“I’ve been off. I’ve been craving space. It’s not right, I love you…I just…” She started, but was unsure of what to finish with.

“I wish you’d told me. I would’ve backed off.” I consoled her. I saw her fingers twitch on her tiny baby bump. “I haven’t been the best boyfriend…these past two months.” She looked at me, fear in her eyes. “I don’t know why Midge. I don’t know why I didn’t speak up. You’ve been scared haven’t you? You’ve been stressed and worried and feeling alone huh Midge?”

“What the llama.” She whispered.

“I found the test Midge. It’s positive. Why didn’t you-” I was cut off.

“I’m pregnant!?” She screamed. “You found the test? I flushed it!”“Midge!” I tried to calm her down. She was looking at me funny, she was rambling. “Midge! Please-”

“But if you knew I was pregnant why didn’t you tell me!?” She yelled.

“What!?” I couldn’t believe it. Girls are the pregnancy news breakers. I was supposed to be the one finding out!

“I flushed it Carlos. I didn’t look at it. I was too scared!”

“So what Midge!? You just figured you’d find out you’re pregnant once you go into labor!? What about prenatal care!?” I was worried. She may have been scared but that’s no excuse to ignore your health and safety along with the baby’s!

“What’s the matter with you! Why’d you keep quiet!? What’s your excuse!?” She gasped. “I didn’t cheat on you. This baby is your’s Carlos.”

“Good to know! Finally you tell me something about the baby!”

“You thought I was cheating!? Carlos what the llama goes through your scaley head!? I had birth control you know? I just dumped all the pills down the drain-”

“You what!?” I was alarmed. “You planned this, chose to ignore it, and all while keeping me in the dark!? How couldyou Midge?”

“No!” She screamed. I realized right there how loud we were, how this wasn’t a conversation. “They fell by accident Carlos! Every single thing up to today is an accident! I didn’t mean to get pregnant, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I don’t know what to do anymore!” The silence was louder than we had been. She was huffing, I felt guilt.

“This is going anywhere. I so sorry I left you alone in this. I’m here now Midge. I’m by your side.” I soothed her.

It worked, I saw her calm down and search my face. I hung my head.“Stress isn’t good for the baby. I shouldn’t have yelled. I should’ve had a better grip on my emotions…”

“Me too.” Midge sighed. I reached for her hand, the one on her stomach. “I didn’t mean to ignore this, our baby. It’s just…easier. It was.”

“I want this baby to have a good life Midge.” I rubbed her hand.

“You want this baby?” She asked slowly. I looked at her, was I burdening her?

“I want what’s best for you and us Midge. This is our baby, but it’s your body and I love you before anyone else.”

Midge squeezed my finger. “You’re right, it’s our baby. We have to decide together. We have to. Keep our family.” She decided. I smiled and nodded. So we were keeping the baby.

“My mom’s a good mom.” Midge sighed. “But she’s a better friend. She didn’t know anything about us, she didn’t even give birth to us. I won’t ignore this baby again, not for a second.”

“Can your mom come back here to watch the baby?” I asked. Midge’s eyes widened.

“No. Baby’s need their mommies…” I saw sorrow on her face. “I’ll go into the hospital tomorrow and resign.”

“No.” I stroked Midge’s hand. “You’ve journeyed too far, you were denied so much in life. I’ll be the stay at home parent. I don’t believe in daycare so-”

Midge threw my hand off of her and stormed towards the fireplace. “Stop that! You’ve given up way too much for me! I can’t ask anymore of you!”

I chased after my pregnant girlfriend, to calm her down once more.Still, Midge didn’t stop once I’d caught her. “You gave up the military in college for me! You gave up eating unhealthy foods, let me put you on taxing workout routines! You’ve been with me since high school, you’ve given up seeing what’s out there for me! I’m no prize Carlos and now we’re having a baby!”

“What’s any of that matter?” I smiled at her. “I’ll give up my hearing for your happiness, I’ll give my organs to see you smile, and I’ll be a happy blind dragon as long as you keep laughing.”

Midge put her hands to my face, rubbing her thumbs on my ears. “Will our baby have scales? Will our baby have your eyes? Can it have my hair?” She asked as if in a trance.

“How about tomorrow we go baby shopping?”

Midge nodded and smiled.

At the Baby Barn, Midge was a mess. She knocked over the stuffed bears, she got her hand stuck in the train potty, and her knee got lodged in one of the crib’s bars.

“We’re not getting that. It ate my knee. It’s not baby safe…” She giggled when I finally got her free.I wrapped my arms around her, gently placing my stomach on the baby bump.

“Being here makes it feel more real, doesn’t it Midge?” I asked, slowly swaying with her. She nodded and smiled.

“I told Roxanne you’d need that maternity Bridesmaid dress. She’s more excited about becoming an aunt than a wife now. Midge giggled. She’d had me, more like I volunteered, tell her sister that she actually is pregnant. Roxanne made my ear ring for a good hour with the holler she’d given out. She said she’d had a feeling Midge was pregnant by the way she was acting on the phone. “A sister knows these things. Especially triplets.” She’d told me. I just agreed with whatever, Roxanne knew Midge and was able to ship in the dress. When I asked when the wedding was set for, my jaw dropped. She said 2 months. I know wedding planning can take more than 2 months, but Midge assured me that it was Roxanne. It could be done in a week if she wanted.

“Carlos?” She asked.

“Yes Midge?” I asked, smiling as a heavily pregnant woman waddled in, her significant other behind her covered in shopping bags.

“Can the baby have my name?” She asked. She scrunched her face, worried I’d be unhappy. I just smiled.

“You’re the heiress, everything gets your last name. It’s the name I’ll take you know.” I kissed her forehead.

“I know.” She smiled. “But only take it because you love me? Not for the baby?”

“I promise there’ll be no other reason but love.” My heart soared. We hadn’t talked about marriage, this was the closest thing to it. It was fun, to dream we’d be together forever, but to talk about it was wonderful.

So when I proposed to her after Roxanne and her newly wed husband Shawn, at Roxanne’s idea of it being cute and romantic, I could only hope she’d say yes.

Gen 4 Chapter 4: Repossess

Nightmares are nightmares, and I hated them. Being a monster, you couldn’t really have a fear of your own kind. Sure you could have a nightmare of a bug monsters eating you once in awhile, but they always coughed you back up for a good ole chat. No, my nightmare this time was that little voice in my head. The one that nagged me to do right, do good. The voice I muted out. This time, it wanted to be heard.

“Such a pathetic little sight eh?”

“What do you want this time? Show yourself!” I yelped in the darkness. There was a light always shining on me no matter where I turned. But I was engulfed in the dark, I saw no source of light or the voice. They say you can do whatever you want in a dream, they’ve obviously never been in one of mine.

“Yelling at your subconscious? Well, I’m not here to eat you.” It cooed.

I spun around some more. The voice sounded like it was everywhere.

“Stop that, you’ll only get dizzy and more freaked out.” It snapped.

I heard clicking. It came from everywhere. I saw nothing. When I turned once more, there she was.

Or rather, there I was.

“Paging Dr. Fangs.” She whirled her finger in the air.

“Y-you’re me tonight!?” I gasped. I never confronted myself before.

“No I’m not. I’m myself, just what you would’ve been. What you should’ve been, actually.” She looked very smug.

I felt very confused and my heart was in my ears.

“You see Maris, you can’t ignore me now. You know it right? You were such a bully in high school. Always by Gliste’s side to break some hearts, belittle anyone, and give the teacher’s a hard time. And when people retaliated you threw in Bork for extra measure.”

I shook my head. “So what? I was a teenager! That’s how we were!”

The Dr. shook her head now. “Nope. That’s how YOU were. You knew that you should’ve been a nice girl and yet, you knowingly forced yourself to be mean. It stressed you out so much you even convinced yourself there was no point in becoming a doctor after a mean remark by a boy!” she giggled. “That was your second mistake of life. You could’ve atoned for everything by saving the lives of the very monsters you put down.”

“Why me!?” I bellowed. “Why not another doctor!?”

“Because you were the only one that would’ve advanced the field and been remarkable!” Her voice boomed from every direction and hit me like a wave. “And now mistake number 3, you’re throwing out your life.” She pointed to the ring.

I looked down at my hand. I remembered how I was sleeping next to a man I couldn’t even stand and that this was his ring on my finger. I hated that ring so much.

“Do you think, Maris, that you deserve the toss your life into cruise control?” she cooed.

“I’m doing what the Fangs need. They need me to have a child to carry on the name.” I snapped at her.

“No, no, no.” she sighed. “The Fangs need strong leadership, a kind and strong heart, someone with direction, someone with a purpose, someone able to give their all for what those closest to them need. What I see right now is a spineless, selfish, frightened woman with no sense of direction and no purpose. He doesn’t even love you, and you don’t love him.”

I heard her heels click on nothing as I stared at my hand longer, letting those words seep down into my soul.

“Take off the ring.” She said.


“Take off the ring!” now it was an order.

I grabbed at my hand and tried but the ring wouldn’t budge. I put more effort into it, but still nothing. In fact I was starting to hurt my hand but I was terrified. I yanked at the ring. It didn’t twist, or budge even a little bit. It was as if it hand become one with my very own flesh.

“No. No! This is MY dream, mine, I control it!” I yelled at the ring. Still nothing.

“Ahahaha yelling at the ring won’t make it run away you know.” The Dr. snickered. “You control nothing. You never even controlled yourself.”

“It won’t come off.” I whined. I threw my hands over my face as the tears formed. “It won’t.”

“Well. That’s a pity.” she tsked at me. “I guess you’re doomed.”

“I’m not doomed.” I replied. “I’ll get it off! Somehow, just not right now.”

I heard a soft giggle. “That’s the spirit. Fangs women have always had a way of getting what they want. If you want to be free and have control, you’ll get your chance.”

I spun around to face her. I saw a copy of my face looking at me, but in her eyes was strength and self assurance. My eyes didn’t look like that, did they?

“You’ll know how when the time comes. If you mess it up, you’ll see me return. If not, expect self hatred.”

I woke up.

Fabian was gone.

I don’t know who or what kind of being feels that the right thing to do, is to leave your soon to be ex fiancee’s house without saying goodbye. More so in the early morning. I couldn’t help but feel like maybe Fabian was aware that I was on the path of becoming a single woman again. Had he run away so that i really was doomed to have this ring on my finger forever? Maybe this wasn’t the way to atone myself? What the heck, why was I taking a dream…no a nightmare…so seriously for? I felt a bit foolish with my worry over that as I knocked on his apartment door. He didn’t come out.

“Fabian?” I called. “Fabian!” I pounded on the door. A neighbor came out of her own apartment and she didn’t look too happy. Who could blame her?

“He’s not home!” She slammed her door.

“How does-” I stopped myself. I was about to tell her off, maybe say that slamming your door makes more noise than me trying to get hold of Fabian but I had woken her up or something so instead I said, “Sorry.”

I pulled out my cellphone and dialed him. It went straight to voice mail. I was getting very paranoid that he was 100% aware of my intent to not marry him. Unable to get a hold of Fabian, I shuffled back home. What was I going to do? What was there to do? I felt so helpless and lost and suffocated. The air was heavy, too heavy for my to breathe in but I did it. With nothing else left, I decided to not listen to Fabian. I was going to party.

I threw on my wedding dress and moseyed on down to tHE bLUE lIGHT. Why my wedding dress? Because I was rebelling. Fabian told me to marry him, and he told me not to party. I felt that by wearing it as I did so, made my statement of I’m not your’s, very clear. I even left my ring behind at home. As I was sipping on my first cup of nectar, the boys swarmed to me like bees. Had Gliste been here they would’ve gone to her but I was alone. Apparently that was the same thing as telling everyone hey I’m single come talk to me. One guy had tried to slide over next to me, nonchalant, and then proceed to flirt with me. I told him I was actually a male, I was just dressed in very good drag. He hopped out of that seat faster than light. I heard some snickers from some guys behind me. He must’ve told everyone in the club what I said to him, no other guy even attempted to hit on me for the rest of the night. Yet I still couldn’t enjoy myself.

I dubbed this guy, lovestruck puppy. He scowled at everything. Everything. He seemed to hate life in general with the body language he used. But he followed me everywhere in the club. When I came in he’d been leaning on a wall, scowling of course, but when he saw me he twitched the corners of his mouth. I wasn’t sure if that was a smile or not but I hadn’t come here to flirt with guys. It was more of a mission to say I was free, or going to be once I found Fabian. I danced downstairs for awhile and came upstairs for my drink, he followed me. He tried to put in some distance but I could see him clearly when I looked behind me. When I sat down for my drink, he sat facing me from another bench. When I went to the bathroom behind me, I saw his eyes watching me from behind his glasses to see where I was going. Who wears shades in a night club? I thought. When I came out he was still there. Feeling flattered by how loyal he’d become to me in just a few minutes, I left. I wanted to see if he’d still follow me.

So I ended up here. It was pretty far away from the club but my feet moved on their own. I was supposed to get married here. It was a lovely park, very gorgeous and would certainly accommodate many guests. I loved it when I first saw it, but now for some reason, it was even more breath taking. I heard a shuffle on the red carpet behind me and a sigh.

“Hello.” I said.

“Hey.” He replied.

His voice was raspy and light, almost like he had lost his voice but was forcing himself to speak.

“Isn’t it lovely?” I asked him. I heard a chair creak and turned to see him sitting. I decided to join him.

He watched me as I took a seat beside him.

“I’m supposed to be getting married here.” I pouted.

“Are you now?” He looked around the park.

“Yes.” I sighed “But the problem is I can’t find the guy who asked me to. I need to dump him.”

The guy perked up, his ears twitched and his fangs glinted in the dark. “That’s a funny thing to say…”

“It’s a funny thing to follow around a girl but be a gentleman about it.” I teased.

His face made no movement, he didn’t even blink. Great, a stone wall.

“I was watching you. You looked mad as anything so I didn’t want anyone to jump you or you to go after anybody.” He cracked his neck. “You’re the Fangs heiress, it’d be bad if you did.”

“Great. Everyone knows me.” I waved my hands. He mocked me, but not in a flirting way. “Well….thank you.”

“What for.” His voice had an edge to it.

“For watching me…you mind walking me home? I may turn over some cars if I go alone.” I smiled. He didn’t, but did did walk me home.

I was alone now. I was back in the room of nothing and everything but it was like I was watching TV. I didn’t, or I couldn’t, see myself. Instead, I saw him.

“To tell you the truth. I followed you because I’d been watching your family since day one. I saw Linger dying but Panic saved her. I saw Seether struggle to find love and Tinsel save him from Snowelle. I saw your mother fight for you and your siblings, I helped her out because I was strong enough by then and because she helped me.”

He sighed and hunched his shoulders.

“I don’t know why I’m saying this, you’re not going to remember a thing about this dream, but I am an imp. A pure imp. Once that comes to life from the thoughts filled with hatred and malice that gather over 1 million years and form a pure imp. Your mother contributed some of the thoughts needed to bring me to life, so I gave her the very short lived power of electricity. I’m not filled with hatred or malice myself, but I don’t know love. And I can’t. It’s a sad thing.” he signed.

He straightened himself up and looked peaceful. Almost like he was trying to show kindness or a smile.

“But I know of your predicament, so I wish to help you. I admire how the Fangs are able to overcome anything, I think I’d like to be apart of it. I’d like to help you to free yourself. A warning though, just don’t forget. I am an imp. We’ll meet again.”

“Listen to me Maris!” Fabian pleaded.

“Nah I did before and I was miserable. I don’t want to marry you. I don’t like you. I don’t even love you! Take your stupid ring and give it to someone that’ll actually be able to stand being around you.”

“Maris you’re crazy from per-marriage stress.” He tried to brush hair from my face but I shoved his hand away and point my finger at him.

“Don’t touch me. Don’t ever come here again. We’re through, I’m aware of what I’m saying and I’m happy as plumbob that it’s being said! Get out of my life and good bye!”

His face didn’t show an inch of sadness what-so-ever. He took the ring from me and left the house, calmly. He didn’t seem to care of mind that I just broke up with him. I didn’t know what was going through his mind and I didn’t care. Just as long as the marriage was off.

Even though I’d gotten rid of the biggest trouble I had, another one took its place. I was pregnant. I couldn’t have children now, there was just no way I could be a suitable mom at all. I knew I needed to have kids to carry on the name, it was a duty of an heiress, but those children would just have to come along later. I felt that this was one of the things Dr. Maris had said in my nightmare, I couldn’t give these kids a good life so let them have a great one with some one else.

“I understand it’s an odd request doctor. But please understand, it must be done. I beg you.” I was on the phone with my doctor, discussing the baby plans.

“I…I understand Ms. Fangs. It will be done.” He replied.

“Thank you.” I breathed. “Thank you so much.”

I had requested that I be put under when I went into labor, and have a caesarian section. I asked them not to let me tell me the gender of the baby, weight of the baby, the health of the baby or even if there was more than one. I was to go in, be put under, and leave without any knowledge of what new life they pulled out of me at all.

And when I went into labor 7 months later, that was exactly what happened.